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Hey Girls,

Just thought i'd start up a new thread.. I tried to keep up with another one but it was too hard - the girls had been talking for a bit and had already formed nice friendships - so I thought i'd start a brand new one smile

My name is Renee, im 27 and married. Hubby and I have an 18 month old little boy 'Jackson' and im due on the 26th of Feb.

Hope to hear from you girlies soon x

Hey Renee,
Well you know me, but for others joining us, I'm Nic, 28, hubby and I have 3 kiddies, Alex is 5, Lauren is 3 and Matt is 19 months old. Bub is due 27th Feb, but I know she will be late!
Talk to you soon
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girls,

My name is Heidi, I'm 30 and hubby and I are due on the 28th February with our first baby.
I'm hoping he / she will be late as hubby works away and is due back on the 24th Feb and i dont want him to miss the birth!

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Hey there Nic smile Thanks for joining me!

And hi Heidi - congratulations on your first pregnancy!! What an exciting time and an amazing journey you have infront of you smile

Fingers crossed that hubby will be back in time - Where are you from?

Hey Heidi,
Congrats on your first bub hun! Fingers crossed your hubby gets home in time for the birth! hehe just sit with your legs crossed for a few days til he is home! LOL

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

congrats girls.

I'm Lauren i am 24 i have a 13 month old little rascal Dylan. Have been a sahm for 3 weeks now and still finding my feet haven't been with out a job i took 4 weeks off when my son was born.

I'm due on Valentines Day, i would really love bubs to come on Australia Day though that would be a nice birthday present for me.
I don't know what i am having.

That thread moves so fast its hard to keep up.
Hey Lauren,

Wow you have your hands full - I bet Dylan is gorgeous smile It might take some time to find your feet up try and enjoy it..

How are you feeling this pregnancy? Do you think your having a boy or a girl? Where are you from?

I found that the other thread was too fast, too hard to try and get to know the other girls - hopefully this ones a bit slower and we can all form nice friendships! When I had my little man I met a wonderful group of girls through there (including Nic!) and we still chat to this day - they are awesome x

Anyways, enough from me..

Have a great crissy girls


Hi all,

I'm Sarah (32) and my partner Mark and I are expecting our first, a little boy, on 27 February. Just over 9 weeks to go and I can't wait!!

Looking forward to getting to know evweryone.

Have a good Christmas!

Sarah smile
This pregnancy is totally different than with him i was sick all the way through and it wasn't just in the morning it was all day i would just have to smell food and i would be sick.
I am so glad that this one is better have had no morning sickness.

Dylan is a real mum's boy when im am around i am his world and he never wants to know anyone else. When i worked they use to take 2 hours to stop him crying. When Mum comes here he holds on to my tops with dear life.
How is your little man going to go with a little sister???

I think this time its a girl only because its a totally different pregnancy and the other thing with him i couldn't stand Farmers Union Ice Coffee this time i am having at least one a day.
My friends who have all had girls were craving that too.

I am in Adelaide.
Have a good Christmas i hope everyone has a nice time, even though we can't eat all the Christmas stuff.
My partner has got me a maternity bra.
Hi girls,

I'm in Adelaide.

Sarah - we are both due within a day of each other with our first! where do you live?

I'm starting to get excited about this baby - especially cos he / she is such a wiggle worm at the moment and I feel so much movement everyday.
I dont know what we are having, although lately i've been feeling very much "boy". At the start i was all about a girl but that might've been becuase i really wanted a girl but now...I was told on Monday that baby will likely be a big one as I'm measuring big already...oh well, it doesn't bother me as long as he or she is healthy that's all that matters! ((Its also made my decision about whether i want to have drugs or not an easy choice! LOL))

Hubby gave me the number of the logistics guy in Moomba / Innamincka last night so IF i do happen to go into labour while he's away I can call this man and get hubby on the next flight home...will just have to keep my legs shut! But from what i've read, the chances of a first baby coming early are pretty slim.

Have a great Christmas everybody - bring on the ham and bubbles next year!

[Edited on 24/12/2008]

Due Late Feb/Early March

laurenjoh - 14th Feb
Renee - solemn-angel - 26th Feb
Nic - Nearly4Lil"munchkins - 27th Feb
Sarah K - 27th Feb
Heidi - FirstTimeMama - 28th Feb

Thought I would do a little time line! Lauren can you tell me again what day you are due please?

The other thread was moving way to quick hey! I like ones that don't go so fast and you have time to get to know ppl (like Renee, she's just lovely!)

I ate so much for chrissy today! I had the ham and everything, but it was sliced fresh off the bone, and with my other pregnancies I craved ham and never had a problem! Lucky? Maybe!
Anyway I had my check up on Tuesday and only had put on 400g in 2 weeks! They think my bub is measuring small so they may want another scan done soon, which sucks really cause here it costs so much!

Hope you all had a lovely christmas!!
xx Nic
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[Edited on 27/12/2008]

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

HI all,

Heidi - I'm in Wellington, NZ.

We had a BBQ for Xmas lunch yesterday. There wasn't much I could eat which was really frustrating. Mum had cooked a ham especially for me but by the time everyone got to the table and it made it's way to me it was cold! I did sneak a little bit though. It's so hard being "good"!! Can't wait till Cletus arrives and I can get back to being a little more normal. I did manage to scoff almost a whole box of chocolates though.

I'm getting a little stressed out. DP is taking his sweet time with helping to get Bubs room ready. All he needs to do is to pull up the carpet and sand & polish the floor, then I can get in and do the wallpaper. He's determined to work as much as possible to have money coming in and doesn't see it as a priority. It's stressing me out that the room won't be ready with paint fumes etc gone in time!! And I can't do anything else until he's done his part. We only have 9 weeks left and he doesn't believe that Cletus could arrive any time. I've told him it's not like it's booked in to arrive at 10am on the due date! MEN!!! Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Sorry for the vent!

Sarah smile
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