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september 2009 babies!!!! Lock Rss

hey everyone
my names rhiannon
i am due on the 23rd of september with my 2nd child
my first child (gisele) was born on the 31st of may 2008 making her 6 months now
looking forward to chatting to other woman due in september 09


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Hi Rhiannon,
My names Rachael, I'm due around 6th Sep with my 6th child, I have a 10yo daughter Becky, 9yo son Zach, 4 yo daughter Jasmine & 3yo identical twin daughters Taylah & Paige. So when I say 6th I'm hoping there's no number 7 in there. I'm new to huggies so I would love to chat and compere notes, as we haven't told anyone our happy news yet! All the best Rachael

Hi Rhiannon,

Congratulations! I just found out tonight i'm due late September with my first. Its seems so unreal at the moment smile

Good luck smile
Hi everyone
I am due late Sept with my 2nd, we have a 3.5yr old girl. We have been TTC for 5mths so this has made our year. Not sure if a 4yr age gap is going to be a good/bad thing so we will have to wait & see but I think it will work out well.
Not looking forward to the next few weeks, I got very bad morning sickness from wk 5 to wk 32 with my DD so fingers crossed it isn't that bad, hoping acupuncture helps.

Kristy, QLD, 4yr old Olivia & 4mth old Charlotte

Hello ladies my name is Trish im 23 with 2 beautiful bubs Lockie & Molly i was expecting a baby early this month but sadly i suffered a ""missed abortion @ 16weeks sad but it seems ive been giving another try YAY!!!!!! im due late september im looking forward to getting to know you all smile

Hi Trish,
Sorry to hear about your loss, I know after losing a baby, that as their due date approaches, you start to have a case of the could have beens and that can be hard to cope with, so know others are thinking of you. I hope that you are feeling positive about this little miracle you're expecting. I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else on this thread that will be becoming mothers in September!

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Hi Rhiannon,
My name is Emer, and I due my second on the 29th of September, I have a 13th month old boy named Killian who has just started walking this weekend, so it full on in my house a the moment.

How do you get the little thing on the end of your message with the weeks and days.????

Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I am 31. My hubby is Dwain and we have a little girl called Mahala who is 2 years old (going on 20). We also have our 10 year old son (my step son) with us full time too. We have been trying for another baby since April 2008...and after suffering a m/c in July, I didn't think it would happen, because it through my cycle WAY out. But the first month that it came 'back on track' we conceived and now have our EDD 4.9.09. I have been REALLY feeling it...yesterday felt like a bloated whale. Nausea on and off, and luckily only 1 public vomiting session LOL. Roll on 2nd trimester!!! We are really hoping for a boy...but will be just as happy with a healthy happy bub, no matter the gender!
Great to see you all on here and look forward to supporting each other on our journeys this year smile
G'day Rhiannon,
I have 2 boys 2years 8months and we have just found out that number 3 is on the way which is due on the 23rd september too!!

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