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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

No offense to the lovely ladies in the August/September thread but I thought it may get a little congested over there by the time all the September ladies come through so I thought I'd start this one up and people can choose where they'd like to go.

I'm Paula (29) and DH is 28 . We have a DS - Dion - who is 23 months and I have just found out that I am pregnant with our second (EDD 5th September) after 8 months of TTC.

I am looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all.

Paula smile

Here is a list of our lovely mummies due in September.

Aug 30 - Sam (moggyluva09)

31 -


1 -

2 - Janiceilla (janiceilla)
Kylie (kyles-01)

3 - Jess (MummyandBubba) - Bianca
Linda (LCE30F)
Gemma (gemmarosedomajnko)

4 - Tanya (Butterflymum)
Nicole (nikkijam)
Sarah (MahalasMum)
Ang (Ang_21)

5 - Paula (dions_mum_is_paula)
Jenn (jennalex)

6 - Katrina (*Katrina*)
Rawinia (mamara)

7 - Tracey (TracenSienna)
Alexandra (lilithian)
Rebecca (braycon)

8 - Louise (louise_dudley)
Carol (danncazz)

9 - Lorenne (nozzy)
Jenni (Karl06Bump09)
Cherie (pink05)
Cherie (Cherie81)
Ashley (teen-mum-of-1)
Tanya (Gemmagirl)
Tracey (Tracey&Noah)

10 - Leah (mummof2)
Waireka (Yreks)

11 - Natalia (NatWithBump)
Yvette (stellastar)
Jacqui (jacquiVB)

12 - Sasha (Sasha_Lewis)

13 - Lia (liawrigley)
Donna (donnamc74)

14 - Tamara (Tamara05)
Leonie (alpha)
Bec (eddies_mum) - Ben
Michelle (posy)

15 - Jen (Cookies03)

16 - Susan (suz_80)
Ieshia (iySha)

17 - Vanessa (vanessabradleysmom)
Jess (olecranon)

18 - Julie (Pooparina)

19 - Brooke (cupid83)

20 - Charmaine (Charsey)
Christine (cbest)
Jacinda (jac_3216)
Paula (mummieme)

21 -

22 - Shell (n1shell)

23 - Kylie (pklover)
Laura (brettlaura)

24 - Rhiannon (rhiann0n)

25 - Mel (2boys&a3rdtocome!)
Rebekah (Bek81)
Shaz (shazwa)
Tania (mzthang87)

26 - Vivienne (aj180607)

27 - Amanda (amandamc)
Beth (hellobelly)

28 - Debbie (charliesmum07)
Mel (my_happy_kids)

29 - Emer (Killian)
Kellie (angelfire75au)

30 - Leigh (RL22)
Nessy (gawjuss.x)
Sarah (Sez82nz)

Mums awaiting dates....... (pheobz_crazy), stacy (staace21), (acw13), (mummy_mia), (tash112), (MissTrish), Kathy (Boy-Central), (VonnyRaniel), Jai (Fitzmaurice)

Our September Angels
April 2009, ~ (charlieroo)
23rd April, 2009 ~ Hayley (pryncess)
20th May, 2009 ~ Jenny (jennylee) - Matthew Johnpaul Dawson

[Edited on 30/06/2009]

Hey Paula,

I just wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATS to you and the family. I am so glad you got your long waited BFP after all the stress of it. Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck for your pregnancy and a healthy 9mths. And I bet Dion will be the best ig brother ever.

Congrats again Darl and it wont take long to get to where I am today (13wks), time is flying by.

Lots of love and best wishes
Amy xxxooo
I'm Katrina, I'm 26. Shane is 28. We've got a 2y/o daughter, Izabella and we just found out TODAY that we're pregnant with number 2 on our first month of trying! I have an appointment with my Dr this arvo cause I just don't believe it. It's not sinking in. The line was VERY strong, it was as strong as the control line. AF isn't due for another 4 days.

We miscarried before bella. Took 5 months to conceive.
Bella took 2 months and now BAM! One month. I can't even understand how that happens. It makes me feel bad to be honest that people, like yourself, try for so long (to me 8 months is SUPER long) and it just happens easily for some people. In all fairness I did use an ovulation kit but even that doesn't help people. *sigh* it's just not fair hey.

Anyway, YAY for us! LOL!

Im Leah, Im 22 and hubby is 23. I found out on Sat that I am pregnant again with #3. We have Hailey - 2 and Jaxon - 1 and we werent meant to be trying until feb but hubby thought that we wouldnt be as lucky this time around (Hailey was not planned and Jaxon was first month) and figured he was safe. It still really hasnt sunk in and Im happy about it but still sorta not too though coz in my mind I still had another couple of months to go. Am organising a drs appoint for asap.

Look forward to getting to know you all over the next coming months!

Big Congrats on your BFP's too!!

[Edited on 29/12/2008]
Hey all

Yay! So congrats to everyone on their BFP's!

I'm ova the moon, found out on xmas day so that was a nice pressie for me (24) and my hubby (25) :0) We've been tryin for 9 months after I stopped the pill which I'd been on for like 7 yrs, it definetly took longer than we expected!
This will be our first, EDD 2nd September.

[Edited on 29/12/2008]

HI Ladies well YAY for all of us!
I just tested today and got my lomg awaited bfp this will be our second bub making jack 16mths a big brother.
Paula it is loverly to see you in this thread congratulations!
Katrina, Janicella and Leah congrts to you all as well!
my EDD is around the 4th of sept I think have made a dr appointment but couldn't get in untill Wed arvo.
I'm Just so excited.

Congratulations to all of you!!!!!!!smile
I am hoping to join you all soon im waiting very patiently (or maybe not) to test for that BFP! I m/c 2 months ago so were ttc again and I have had the nausea,cravings, cant stop eating/then dont want to eat and been really tired as I was with my first pregnancy the only thing I dont have is sore bb and im worried that im not preg and that maybe its all n my head as last time my bb were painstaking sore and at the moment nothing.I really want to test early but I dont want to upset myself with a BGN. sorry im just going on.....

Best wishes to the rest of you and hopefully I will be joining you all soon.

Well I'm definatly pregnant! Tested this morning again just to make sure and used a digital test this time no denying it in words.
what are everyones early symtoms so far? mine
sorish but not too bad bb from day ofconception i recon.
hungry, craving, a little nausas but not much and tied! was very tired a week ago and coudl't figure out why lol. oh and have just started peeing more (TMI) lol.

Keira, your symptoms sound promising when are you due to test? good luck!

YAAAAAAAAAAY for all of us! I'm sooo looking forward to getting to know you all better. I post in the November 06 thread a lot and am great friends with those girls.

Keira I miscarried before Bella and we started ttc after I had my next normal AF so that was December. January we had no luck and then february we got pregnant with Bella! I had no symptoms. The only thing that made me test was I got a massive shooting pain in my nipple. That was it. I had no sickness or uneasy feelings and no other general signs of being pregnant. I had a MASSIVE 5 day bleed when AF was due but the test said I was pregnant. I thought I was miscarrying again but nup! She stuck! That's what made me test early this time. Brownish discharge I assumed was implantation bleeding (like with Bell) cause my period isn't due till early Jan. Good luck!

My symptoms so far are tiredness, little dizzy if I get up too fast, little cranky sad], pains in my stomach like wind and last night I was getting sharp pains in my groin while cooking dinner. I'm not thinking about miscarrying this time because it's not going to happen. It hasn't sunk in yet that i'm having a second child! OMG!

Did anyone try any methods of conceiving a boy or girl?
[Edited on 30/12/2008]

I haven't had many symptoms yet except my boobs are sore, which I never get! That and the 1 day of brown spotting when af was due, which is what made me test a few days later cos I thought it odd that af didn't show up after all even though I thought it would.

I've been getting some lower tummy cramps too - are these anything to worry about?

Seeing as you girls have had kids before, any tips on choosing a midwife? I'm a bit unsure how to go about it, I was just given a list of names and numbers..

Katrina, we tried timing BD'n on the day of ovulation for a boy, but that's about it.
[Edited on 30/12/2008]

I was getting tummy cramps before christmas.
I've had the miscarriage cramps and these felt more like I needed to do a big fart sad] or I ate too much.
I don't think it's anything to worry about just yet. Everyones bodies change differently. Maybe to ease your mind a little ask your Dr if you could get a scan. When I was bleeding heavily with Bell my Dr sent me for a scan at 6 weeks (bleeding started at 4 weeks) to see if they could find a heartbeat because miscarriage was a potential risk due to the miscarriage I had before Bell.
When they told me the heartbeat was strong and awesome I stopped worrying so much.
Is your Dr one that might do that for you?
Don't stress though, a few others girls have mentioned cramps and pains including myself so don't worry about it for now. You're pregnant!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Still have symptoms which is promising smile and its still 4 days till I test hopefully I will get a BFP!

*katrina*Sorry to hear about your previous m/c but its nice to know that I can still look forward to a healthy pregnancy.
the main syptoms I have today are being really tired even though ive just had 5 days off work and im super cranky, hungry and the slight pulling/cramping in my tum. My DH also reckons my bb look bigger today but their still no sore.
The only methods I have heard of for concieving a boy or girl is (tmi) that for a girl have sex with less penetration and a boy with more as boy swimmers need more help getting there.

Best wishes to everyone


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