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I am 29 and I am pregnant with my second baby due in mid April other wise earlier if she doesnt turn and plecenta preavia move away from my cervix. I have a son who is 8 and he is my rock. I have endometriosis and had cervical cancer and still was able to fall pregnant!!! HAHA to all those doctors who said it would never happen again. Sorry, but needed to get that of my chest...

Any way, I had quite a problem with my son and with breastfeeding because I have inverted nipples... can I succeed this time around or should I just go straight for the formula???

Does any one else have this problem or know how or what I can do about it? I was thinking of getting breast pumps but will this keep a good flow of milk?

I also live in Chancellor Park on the Sunshine Coast and don't really know that many people any more. I am an odd one because I am still the only one of a group of friends with kids... I am also the only one in the family out of brothers sisters and cousins who have had kids... what is wrong with every one??? Or is it me???

So many questions... so little time!!!!

Sunshine Coast, 9 & 8y.o boys, girl 12days old

hi there,

its my first pregnancy and i have one nipple that goes inwards, is that an inverted nipple

as this is my first pregnancy id like to know also cause im wanting to breastfeed and id like to hear of a solution if there is one for this.

congrats on the pregnancy and all the best.

shell g mum 2 b

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