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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

Thought we could start a thread for all of us due in October 2009.

My name is Erin and I have 3 kids Jessica 3, Stephanie 2 and Christopher is 7 months.

Did a HPT today and got a BFP and should be due about 3rd October I think I could be a few days off with the dates.

We only just decided to TTC#4 a few weeks ago so obviously at the right time

Hope to hear from others due in October

I will start a Time line so we know who is due in October Please PM me your EDD and First Name and I will add you to the list
If I have any details Wrong or you want something removed Please PM me


September 30th
Sez82nz - Sarah
Reberger - Allison

October 1st
ashie0987 - Ash
xtinabee - Christina

October 2nd
mcnamarababy - Emer
Mish777 - Mish

October 3rd
JSCnBump- Erin - Boy
juliet17 - Juliet

October 4th
shelz1003 - Michelle

October 5th
irisheyes - Jude
kiki10 - kyrralee
bronw1 - Bronwyn

October 6th
K8y23j - Katie
FR2BEC - Fiona
baileysmummy05 - Mel
Scribles - Nicole
J_Keegan - Jaymi - girl
Betty Boop

October 7th
KylesMaree - Kylie - Boy

October 8th
Lonni76 - Lonnie - Boy

October 9th

October 10th
Bryn's mum - Emma
mummacow - Tanya

October 11th
mum_to_matt - Michelle
benny007 - Bernice - Girl
BubbaGirlsMama - Alecia

October 12th
RM9698 - Rachel
KazzaLou - Karen
KA2A9 - Kylie

October 13th
babyuno - Alison
Princess_Bubba_Bump - Alissa
stefs17 - Steph

October 14th

October 15th
nel85 - Nel
psdcjw - Peta
gale2208 - Gemma
bil123 - Belinda
Jazminsmum - Kez
pixie_dreamer - Leah

October 16th

Bexy89 - Becky

October 17th
imasexymama - Barbie-ann

Otober 18th
Rach2281 - Racheal
Veitchy1 - Bronnie
Erin1stTimeMum - Erin

October 19th
Tedebare - Jewels

October 20th
chloe87 - Chloe
lisaxo - Lisa

October 21st
Turtle2 - Tamara
J*s Mumma - Lisa
My Girls
Excited1sttimemum2be - Felicity

October 22nd
1LittlePrincess 4Now

October 23rd
Isobel''''''''s mum

October 24th
ladymilo - Michaela

October 25th
Lana - Girl
beauty n princessa's mama - Eva
mel_87 - Melissa
JMG0102 - Jacqueline - Girl

October 26th
kerrisr - Kerris
Neetsy - Neets - Girl
fibe - Fiona - Girl

October 27th
Jaydens_Mummy - Tara
sunshine* - Claire
kylie7773 - Kylie
alana&deena* - Alana

October 28th
Binki82 - Nikki
Kyarndre - Alicia

October 29th
bump#4 - Sara

October 30th
labumuch - Tania

Waiting on dates
yldchk - Annette

The following members will be sadly missed from our thread
Boy-Central - Kathy
Mummy2Cody - Carolyn
holfin - Holly
Mackbaby - Cass
KP6B6C - Kim
mumofkayla - Stef
[Edited on 21/09/2009]

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Jess*Steph*Chris-Mum, I also did a HPT today, and got a BFP, and worked out that I am due the dame date as you, well depends on what website you use. I am off to doc in the morning to get it all confirmed and stuff. I was on clomoid, and took 2 rounds to work.
At the mo, the other half is stressing how we survive financially, as I earn the biggest income at present. Going to get very stressful I think, but there must be a way, cause lots of people do it.
Anyway congrats to us, good luck for the next 8-9 months!

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="80" alt="Lilypie Pregnancy tickers" /></a>

Hi girls!

I'm hopefully due 1st October. I've had a couple of let downs pregnancy wise before so am not getting too carried away too early.

I'm off to the doctors this Thursday and I'll be requesting a blood test to check HCG levels to make sure things are on track. Will probably ask to get repeated hcg tests to make sure things progress properly.

Last time I got to 7weeks and started spotting and a scan showed nothing at all. So I'd had a chemical pregnancy. The next day after the scan my period showed up in full force - like my brain had tricked my body into not getting my period.

Congratulations Jess*Steph*Chris-Mum & Angelindisguise on your pregnancies and good luck.


[Edited on 26/01/2009]

Congrats Angelindisguise. I am also off to the GP tomorrow to confirn with bloods etc.
I'm sure you will sort it all out financially, I guess at least you have some time to sort it out before bubs arrives.

SecretlyPregnant Congrats and I hope things all work out for you this time. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you last time and I hope that you will be joining us for this pregnancy jurney


Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Thanks Erin smile]

Good luck at the doctors tomorrow for both of you.

So do either of you have any pregnancy symptoms yet?

I've had the lower ab cramps and kindof sore breasts - they don't hurt all the time but get these burning stabbing pains in them here and there. Other than that I'm feeling pretty normal - although I have been getting dizzy here and there too.

Count me in too!

I'm due Oct 2 but will deliver some time in Sept as I will have to have a c-section.

Very excited about bub n0.3!!!

i will due on october as well.

i haven't check with GP but i already made appointment.

this is my second baby.i hope he is a boy because i already have one girl and she is 2 yrs old

very nice to meet you here. we can share all information and solve all problem related to pregnancy.
I've had a few symptoms I was feeling queezy Saturday and Sunday but nothing today. also a bit of crampy feeling down there and breasts are a bit tender.

Congratulations mummy_mia and AZE2BD and welcome to the thread.

I thought I would start a timeline in my first post so we know who is due in OCT so if you want to be added PM me your Due Date and First Name(if you want this included) and I will add you

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi all, just took a test on Saturday as I was a few days "late", was queasy, sore boobs and about 5 people asking me if I was pregnant in the past two weeks! It came back +ive.. Was a massive shock as this will be be my third - 2 DS's a 4 and a half yo and a 1 yo... Was definitely not expecting it!! Not sure when I am due, am guessing late September or October. Will go to the docs this week sometime and find out for sure!

Good luck to you all... smile
Morning Ladies, congrats to everyone on your BFP - so exciting.
SecretlyPregnant - I had no pregnancy symptoms except a missed AF. I had peroid like cramping in the weekend, but nothing out of the ordinary. Last night at about 2am, I had wicked cramping down there, it woke me up. Was so bloody sore, but was over in a few minutes, did make me a little nervous, as i thought oh no, here we go with AF. Off to the Doc today to get its al confirmed etc.
I text my partner yesterday and told me the news, think he was in shock, and kept saying how are we going to survive (he had a bit of debt), but nothing was said about it last night, I am just letting him get used to the idea first.
Anyway had better go get up for the day!
Oh and no MS yet, so hopefully it will stay away (yea right it will)
Hope everyone is feeling fine!

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="80" alt="Lilypie Pregnancy tickers" /></a>

I think you can safely rule me out of the equation again. I thought I'd take another test this morning to ease my fears but it came up a BFN. Still haven't gotten AF but I guess it's only a matter of time.

Good luck to all of you.

Angelindisguise - I hope your DP gets use to the idea soon. Is this your first?

Hopefully I will be heading to the doc this arvo. The weather is crappy at the moment and don't want to take DS out in it.

SecretlyPregnantNot - I'm so sorry to hear you got a BFN today. maybe you still see a GP to get bloods done. Some times the test can give a false negative. I really hope that is the case here

Good Luck and i'm hoping you will still be joining us

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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