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im meant to have a midwife appointment this arvo but it has be cancelled so now i have to wait til thursday at 5pm (nz time). im really hanging out to hear the babies heartbeats.

kez - DD only turned 2 a week ago but has been doing the 'terrible two' thing since the beginning of the year gggrrr ssome days she is an angel other days its like she has been switched with a monster and constantly throws tantrums. apparently they get a lot worse before they get better *sob sob* lol
Hi Everyone

I cant wait i have my scan next Tuesday I can't wait and definatly hoping to find out what we are having

Kez - Yes I have a 2 year old going through the terrible 2's and also a 3 year old going through the terrible 3's lol With my 3 year old she never hafd the terrible 2's I thought woo hoo that was lucky well not so much because now she is 3 it is the worst I swear she is 3 going on 13 lol So I have to going through it at the mometn and driving me insane. Havn't had any punching but plenty of back chatting only since she has been at her new pre school so i think she picked it up there. I'm hoping they both grow put of it soon but i dont think DH being away is helping either

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Yes I can tell that my ds is now 2. He get's into things...quietly. I take him to the loo when I go as he often tries to help himself to the milk from the fridge. Of course it ends up all over the floor. I think that it's where they decide they can do everything for themselves. What fun! LOL. Enjoy your 2 year olds, I certainly feel that I'm chasing mine.

My youngest is just 18 months and I can tell you I think he has hit the terrible 2's already he is into the tantrum throwing and hitting grr doesn't help his 2 older brothers fight and he sees them hitting so he thinks it is ok.

I am 15 weeks today and have unfortunately managed to pick up the flu as the weather here has snapped to really cold at night and early morning. I am now definately over my morning sickness yay just waiting to find some extra energy.

Hope you are all well and will chat again soon


Good to hear everyone is doing well and for some the ms is easing off a bit.

My DS is 21/2 and some days I feel like sending him to his great grandmothers. Not listening throwing toys everywhere and not picking them up, back chatting the list goes on.

I can't remember who started this thread but I was just thinking, not sure if you have thought about it or not but, when people find out what they are having, maybe you could put the sex of bub beside their name? Just a thought I had.

I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow morning. Thats pretty exciting. I can't believe I'm almost 17 weeks, the time is flying by. I see my Dr next Wednesday and she will give me the referal for the scan so I will do that the following week. I'm hoping to find out the sex of this one. Secretly hoping I get my girl lol but won't be dissapointed if it's another little boy.

Sorry double post.
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Hi Guys,

Just a quick update to let you all know that we decided to book in for a 4D and Gender Determination Scan 2 weeks ago and last night we had our gender one. I can't believe that the doctor at our 12 week scan was right...we're having a girl!! I'm so excited because i had secretly bought 3 little onesies in pink....phew smile

A quick question to those that already have children and new mums to be, are capsules a good investment or should i go with a convertible car seat?
I went to Baby Bunting today and the sales girl was really surprised that i was looking at a capsule as well as a car seat. She said that they don't really sell many capsules these days.
Has anyone had both and did you find the capsule convenient or a waste of money?

Thanks for you help and can't wait til my 20 week scan.

Take Care
Tam xx

hiya i am due 14 october

my last baby was stillborn at 33 weeks my precious girl serenity

this will be my 5th child living but my 7th pregnancy one other was a miscarriage

fingers crossed afraid and excited all in one

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would drop in and see how everyone is going. Had a quick read back and WOW everyone is starting to have their 18 Week + Scans, super exciting. I am having mine on 19th May so I will be 19 + weeks by then but it was the earliest I could get grrr hehe But we won't be finding out what we are having, it will be a suprise.

Tamika - I just had a convertible carseat and just bought extra head supports and it was more than enough, most will come with newborn inserts aswell for extra padding and to make sure they don't move around. Most people I know, if they have gone the capsule have just hired that for 6 months and then just bought the car seat.

Well catch up soon everyone !!!

was Bubbagirlsmama

i had my first specialist appointment this morning. she did a quick scan to make sure everything is ok and it is smile both babies are very active and one was cheeky enough to moon us lol didnt see any dangly bits on that one so me and my mum think it might be a girl lol will know for sure in about 4 weeks smile

tamika - i hired a capsule with DD and it was a waste of time. she couldnt fit in it by 3 months as she was 2 long and i also found it hard to carry as they are too heavy once bubs is in it. plus i never felt that it was secure enough in the car. this time im just getting convertable carseats (need to buy 1 more as i still have DDs one) and ill just use the pushchair whenever we go out (will be easier any way with having 2 new borns and a toddler)

Yesterday morning woke up and went into the bathroom to discover i've had a booby leak already!!! Has anybody else had this?
For DD i only had a convertible carseat and was thinking of getting a capsule but i don't think i will now seeing as though they are heavy to carry. Ill just stick to what i've got.

Has anyone else been needing to go to the toilet during the night? i go before i head to bed then once or twice during the night and then first thing in the morning. And im absolutly busting eachtime even though i've had nothing to drink in between going. Im hoping it dyes down soon because the nights are starting to get absolutely freezing down here.

Anyways take care all


double post
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