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hi babyuno

I'm so glad you asked this question! This is my 4th preg, but 3rd child and I thought I had felt something a few weeks ago but haven't really since then. I've been going crazy thinking something is wrong and that I should have felt more by now. I think I read where one mum felt her bubs kick about 14wks and I'm nearly 16wks so I was kinda getting worried. Had to visit my dr last friday and he found the heartbeat for me so that was good. So maybe in a couple of more weeks we should start feeling more.

Anyway back to my dr visit, he wants me to take an asprin everyday to prevent getting a clot in my leg as I have had my vein removed a couple of years ago and had a clot then and since putting on more weight my leg has started to hurt again. I always thought you couldn't have asprin during pregnacy. I guess he knows best.

Hi all

I haven't been on for ages so I thought that I would jump on for a quick catch up. Well so far all is good i am having my 20 week scan on the 29th may and I can't wait because we are finding out what we are having. with my last 3 i had a feeling i was having boys and i was right this time i feel like i am having girl not long to we find out.

i hope that you are all well and everybody is finally over morning sickness. mine has finally left but i have been getting heaps of headaches has anybody else?

well have a great day.

Hi Everyone

I haven't really felt much yet either, a few little things but thats about it and thats usually when I bend over too much or lay on my tummy Bumble must get grumpy and sticks the boot in.

It could be where your placenta is also which will make baby harder to feel but try not to worry. Maybe they are just lazy Babies hehe

DF and I have decided that if this is a girl i will name her and if its a boy he will name him. He keeps threatening me with names like Rambo eeeek!! I have warned him that saying that once Bumble is born is not going to be funny so it would be in his best interest to keep those jokes to himself LOL

was Bubbagirlsmama

Oh ok Cassie71, I didnt think of that tongue Thanks.

Mygirls, that was me that felt bub at 14 weeks but havent really felt anything since.

Had my Dr appointment today and got the referal for my 18-20 week scan, so im having that next wednesday at 9, so nice and early. Hoping to find out the gender smile
I also have my booking in appointment at Nambour hospital on Monday, so it's gonna be a busy week. This is my second booking in appointment for this pregnancy. Can't remember if i posted or not about the one last Friday. Gympie hospital where I would have liked to deliver, can't because I'm 'too high risk'. But thats ok, I had a good birth at Nambour, just not a good stay.
My Dr is happy with how everything is progressing.

A friend who is also pregnant just gave me this weight thing. It's quite interesting. Its an estimate of what everything weighs so I thought I would share it with you ladies.

Baby 3 - 4kgs
Placenta 0.4- 0.9kgs
Amniotic Fluid 0.9kgs
Uterus 0.9kgs
Maternal breast tissue 0.9kgs
Maternal Blood 1.8kg
Fluids in materanl tissue 1.8kgs
Maternal fat and nutrient store 3.1kg

weight gain during pregnancy
.4kg -1kg in first trimester
0.4- 0.9kg per week in the second and third trimester.

These weights are all for a single fetus pregnancy.


My names Sera, I'm pregnant with my first baby, and apparently we're due on the 6th smile
Hey all

Congrats and I hope you are all feeling fab?! New to the forum.

Due with my second child on October 26th! We are delighted as this is my forth pregnancy in 4 years and its finally going well. 1st m/c at 12.5 weeks; 2nd ectopic with subsequent left salpingectomy; 3rd m/c at 7 weeks.

Neets x

hi everyone.
welcome to new ladies who are joining us.
Neets - You've had a rough trot, so glad this one is going well for you, you are due the day after me!!.

well i'm off work atm. i have muscular pain in my back, i woke up on tuesday and was unable to pull myself out of bed, i was to the point of tears and hubby too me to the dr. but turn out i've just been over doing it. makes sense i have just done a complete facelift to the kids room. painted walls, new beds, curtains etc..

still haven't had any movements, i have my next mw appt a week from tomorrow, excited to hear bubs heart beat again and then i'll be booking in for my u/s the week of June 1st -5th. thinking i might try the 3rd and take MIL as it will be her birthday & i know she is dyeing to to find out what our baby is..

i was very naughty today and went to pram warehouse and bought a breast pump, steriliser kit (Avent they had this awesome package with 10 bottles for $199 usually $235 ) how could i refuse that..

congratulations everyone its exciting all these babies due round the same time i'm due 6th of october with a little brother or sister for Ashanie(in heaven)and Logan
Hi ladies,

Babyuno - like you I haven't felt any fluttering yet!!! I'm 17 weeks also and thought I would have felt something by now. My obstetrician said first time mums - like me - often don't feel anything till around 20 - 22 weeks... Seems ages away...

Hope everyone is well and surviving the cold. It's been pretty cool her in Auckland...

I am going for the 20 week / gender scan on May 22nd and can't wait... Looking forward to hopefully finding out if it's a boy or a girl and give it a gender specific name...

Have a good week all.



Hi ladies,

Heidiljk - I too have been getting terrible headaches / migraines and for someone who never gets headaches it has been quite worrying. I had one a day for nearly a week and then they went away then came back again so I went to my GP who diagnosed "Pregnancy Migraines" He said it was fairly common for women to develop these during pregnancy. Not much fun!!!!

Hope you feeling better soon.



Hi Everyone

Sorry I havn't been on in a while I will update the timeline in a minute with the people that have PM'd me if I dont add you send me a PM as it's to hard to go through all the posts to find the ones I need.
And whoever mentioned about adding the babies sex to the timeline when we find out is a great idea I will start now but can everyone please PM me again it's hard to keep up with all the posts at the moment.

I had my scan on tuesday and we are having another BOY woo hoo. we already have 2 girls and a boy so it makes it even. Everything with bubs is fine. The placenta is only 2mm of being classed as low lying so that was a close call.

I'm starting to feel kicks a lot more now.

I have also been getting really bad headaches something i haven't had in previous pregnancies.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin congratulations on having a boy!!!
That's fantastic xo

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