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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

hi everyone
how are you all feeling? i havent been on here for awhile been pretty busy. hope all is well with everyone looks like lots has been hapening. i am 19 weeks now have next ultrasound next tuesday cant wait but we arent going to find out keeping it a surprise!. have started to feel baby move now its so weird but awesome to experience. is anyone else having trouble with names? we can find a boys name we like any suggestions. i have started looking into ideas for nursery but i have no idea ohh decisions!! well better do dishes yay!!! hope everyone is going well and hope everyone scans go well that are coming up soon hopefully you can find out if its blue or pink!!
I felt my first kicks today!!! so a little muscle spasam in my belly....really amazing to feel this finally....have felt the butterflies but not the kicks until today.

Becsta - I agree boys names are difficult - we really like Rhys, Conner, Beau and Ethan. As for the nursery we planned ours around white walls then blue, red, yellow as accents as well as the Ikea baby stuff from the Barnslig's all coming together and is very exciting.

My Grandad passed away last night, DS was up all night crying even tho we didn't find out till 5am, I think he knew before we did.

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Naomi - my thoughts are with you - it's uncanny how sometimes little ones know these kind of things before we do.

Hi All my bubs due Oct 4th,this will be number 5 I already have a 10 yr old daughter Baeley,Harvey 5,Zander 2,Levi 1.Should be interesting with the 3 little ones,has any one else had three under three and made it out alive haha



My Name is name is Sarah im 21 weeks pregnant due on the 14th with my second bub. I have a 20 mth old little boy named Joel who is a delight although some day a pain, which he is allowed to be i guess hehe.

Today at 4 pm i have our 20 wks ultrasound nervous, anxious, excited all of these emotions and then some. We are finding out what sex we are having so we can tell our son if he is having a sister or brother to look after.

If it's ok i would liek to join this group? Look forward to follow all you loving ladies though pregnancy and hear your stories.

Welcome and Sarah. Goodluck with your scan today Sarah and finding out the sex.

Naomi- sorry to hear about your grandad, i lost my pop about a month ago, thinking of you and your family, take care. (((GBH)))

Anyone got any good tips on TT? I have a rough idea on what to do but i can't put it in to practice if that makes sense. Jaz is very stubborn, i've been encouraging, praising her but she would rather pee on the floor, which she thinks is great. So frustrating!!

Anyhow take care everyone


Hi Everyone

Wow i havn't been on here much latley it's hard to get the time with DH away and the 3 kids running around. Just found out DH will be away an extra month so he is away with work 5 months total now and not getting back until late august. grrr so annoying

I have updates the timeline with people who have PM'd me but it's too hard to keep up with all the posts that come on here so if you want to be added to the timeline or your babies gender added please PM me and i will update it

I have another appointment with the OB at the hospiotal tomorrow i'm kinda getting sick on it. I've been going every 2 weeks since 10 weeks and will be that way the rest of the pregnancy until it's weekly.

Has anyone else been out on low dose asprin during pregnancy? I have been put in this for then last 2 weeks because if some protein found in my blood.

ok i will stop typing this novel now sorry


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Well i had my doctors appointment today and they have informed me i have a low lying placenta. Great ! The doc seems to think though for a young healthy women it will fix itself but i have to have a scan at 32 weeks and it is not at least 3cm from the cervix i have to have a c section - WORST NIGHTMARE EVER.
Got to see bub again today and see it hiccuping which was cute smile

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Hi im sorry to hear that you mite have to have a c section. Finger's crossed for you that bonce back with flying colurs! Nothing Wrong with having one. smile

Well time is ticking away for me and im nervous as all hell.

WooHoo I get to see bump tomorrow smile So excited but still unable to convince DH that I NEED TO KNOW!!! Hoping to get some good pics again so I can get them on the computer and zoom and check it all out lol.

Wow there are some new people joining up too CONGRATS to you all xx

Can't wait to see just how many boys/girls there are once we are all done with our scans smile

Hope everyone is feeling well smile

congratulations to everyone who has found out what the are having smile and the ones who are keeping it a surprise you are amazing lol im too impatient to wait til the birth lol

i get to see my babies again in the morning smile i think i have the first appointment which hopefully means no waiting around yah lol

over the last few days the babies have decided to start tag teaming me with their kicking and OMG does it feel freaky lol but it is good to feel them both at one time so i know they are both ok smile

hope everyone is feeling good smile

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