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I totally agree with mum shell, well said! According to sales ladies, i needed nappy dispensers and special bins for the dirty nappies to go in to, a basinette, a swing, a million sheets and blankets, for example I even did without a baby bath at all when I had DD1, we used the laundry sink and when she was too big for that she went into the normal bath. Even a baby bag is not really needed, any large shoulder bag will do the job. The baby shops are also a rip off alot of the time!

Someone mentioned something about taking aspirin, I'm just wondering why?
Also does anyone have very low blood pressure for your pregnancy? Mine was 90/59 today and I've never seen it that low in my whole life! Its normally about 118/78.

Posted by: Cassie71
Someone mentioned something about taking aspirin, I'm just wondering why?

That was me. I had a whole heap of blood tests done around 12 weeks to look for different things because i've had high blood pressure of and off through previous pregnancies and also had cholestasis last pregnancy so they wanted to see if there was any underlying conditions. i came back with a few things 1 being positive ANA protein this can cause differnt issues like miscarraige, blood pressure probs, placenta not working right stuff like that so they put me on low dose asprin to try and stop any of that i have to take it until 34 weeks

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Ladies,
I have to have my glucose Intolerance blood test tomorrow but when I spoke to the hospital apparently the process has chnged now. From reading others posts, i understood it to be one blood test and from there you just wait and see before taking it further. Well I have now been informed that they have scrapped the initial test and I now have the whole thing done at once. So I will be at the hospital for over 2 hrs and have to have 3 blood tests each with one hour intervals as well as having some awful sweet drink. I have needles so I am a little daunted by this process. But like I said to my hubby if I am prepared to go through labour than how painful can 3 blood tests be!!!

Also, just wondering if my name could be booked in against the 9th October? We are keeping bub's sex a surprise so we are still on the fence in the girls vs boys list!

Oh one last thing (sorry) I finally felt bubby kick over the long weekend!!! Yay! I am now so relieved as it felt like I was never going to feel it's little movements. I am now finding myself hanging out for those little reasurrances during the day!

Hope all mummy's to be are feeling well and coping with the onset of the cooler weather!

Jackie xx
Cassie71, I'm also taking asprin each day to prevent getting another clot. Have been advised to take this until 36/37wks

hi ladies!
Would love to join you! We have a 20month DD (Charlotte) and are expecting #2 on 7th October. We didnt find out what we are having - wanted another surprise!
Hope everyones pregnancies are going well?

Jewels I know how you are feeling. I was made redundant at the end of March, can't get any Govt assistance and it's terrifying to think about how we are going to cope with a new mortgage, car etc, let alone a baby when my redundancy pay runs out. Unfortunately that is around the end of July. So basically I am just going to swallow my pride and accept help from my family when the time comes that we need it - like the other girls said, you will get a lot of lovely gifts in the next few months. It's a hard thing to do but don't be afraid to be specific when people ask you what you need! Hopefully the Government will be a little more generous when there are three of us.
I too am taking baby dose asprin daily (1/4 tablet) but this is because of my blood clotting factors whilst pregnant. It is really important to note that Asprin in normal pregnancy is dangerous, however sometimes there is a medical need that you should take asprin. Generally, Asprin is not used for low blood pressure. Make sure you keep your fluids up don't over do things!
Hope that his helps.

OK, I'm definitely not taking aspirin, I don't need it smile
I'm a little concerned about the low blood pressure though, I've made more of an effort to stay hydrated since Wednesday but had a massive dizzy spell earlier today while standing at the kitchen bench.
Don't overdo it is funny:-) This is my 3rd bub and the 1st (DD) hasn't turned 3 yet so some days I have to keep going regardless of trying not to overdo it.....oh to have a nanny:-)

Hey all

It's been so quiet on the forums this weekend... I can tell i'm truely bored when i spend most of my day looking at maternity clothes and checking forums on the net hehe!!!

Anyone else feeling bubs kick on the outside? Our princess was wriggling the other day and i felt a slight flinch on the outside so I got hubby to rest his hand on my tummy and she kicked out really hard... we were both nearly in tears.

I've felt some other little kicks/punches this morning, but hubby is sleeping as he is on nightshift so he is missing out.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Neets x

hi girls,

Neets - i know i am bored too, trying to get some bargains off ebay, and the baby shops on line. checking out the forums, facebook and fixing my

bubs movements i get heaps of kicks, punches and arm or legs brushing against me however hubby can't feel it yet or claims he can't.
she is also forming her routine when i go to bed at 10pm she'll go crazy then when matt gets up for work at 3.30am, then it's every four hours during the day..she's actually going crazy right now.

had my gyno appt on Thursday, she is measuring really funny. at the scan was saying a week behind but we know that she is def due about 25-28th Oct as we did a 7-10 day early preg test. but according to my uterus size it's only measuring at 17 weeks. so i went off for some bloods, going to see a dietician next week to make sure i'm eating properly which i think i am admittingly i could drink more water than what i do. and in another 3 weeks i'll have another scan.. gyno told me not to worry as i usually only have small babies. but the concern is if i go too early. both hannah and ava were 2 weeks to nearly 3 weeks early and has warned me that this one could come even 4 weeks eary. so he doesn't want me to be too concerned atm. my placenta is looking very healthy and that's the main thing.

well off to check out general. catch up soon.

evening ladies

i had my specialist appointment on friday and im already measuring at 28 weeks sad no wonder i feel like a heffa at the mo although everyone keeps telling me i look too small to be carrying twins lol

im booked in for a growth scan at 28 weeks but i have to remember to book in to finish my anatomy scan this week or next (baby brain is extremly bad at the mo so im bond to forget again lol)

i dont feel much movement during the day but come 5 o'clock they start tag teaming me lol DP has been able to feel them kick for a few weeks now and my mum was stocked to feel twin 1 move this morning smile
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