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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss


Hope everyone is feeling well, I don't feel pregnant at all which is kinda good but I do find it a bit unnerving sometimes if that makes sense.

My last baby was 4.3kg hence why I am keen to have a somewhat smaller baby, we are planning to find out the sex as soon as we can- I am way too impatient! Would quite like a sister for my little girl but equally happy with a boy as well. At the moment we are calling the baby 'Pickle' but only because I can't think of anything better and Tinkerbell is a rather feminine!!

Mum to Matt- I can't believe what pressure your partner is putting you under, it must be really hard for you. Be strong and remember that you can do anything you want to- sometimes when I'm feeling down I don't think I can achieve anything but when I'm OK again then I feel strong again so keep focused on your photography business. Hope it works out OK for you.


Thank you to everyone. I have had a big sleep today and I do feel a lot better this afternoon. We have been friends for quite a while now and I always thought we had something great. We did have what I thought was a great friendship. I really didn't think a baby would come between us. When my sons dad left me, him and his brother hit the roof and wanted to track him down so he is being a hypocrite and doing the same thing. I don't know if we will get through this, I can only hope we can. I have had so many cries over this last night and today, I don't want to do it anymore. I could never have an abortion unless there is something seriously wrong with it and he knows that.

On another note, my back is soo sore. I can't remember having these aches and pains so early with DS. I haven't really been feeling too sick so that is a good thing, only if I don't eat enough or too much. i just hope that all this stress isn't going to do anything to the baby, I don't think I could handle loosing both of them.

Michelle - I hope things are better for you soon with the babys dad. He must still really care about you, as he did say he didn't want it to ruin your friendship. Is this his first baby? Sometimes men do freak out a little, but he needs to think about your feelings before advising a termination. I really hope he gets more excited once he sees scan/images. The most important thing at the moment is you and your baby, so don't let him cause you too much heartache and stress, it will be his loss if he chooses not to support you. It sounds as though he does care, so I'm sure he will come around.

My lower back has been sore too!! It is crazy the symptoms I am having so early, when none of this happened with my son.

I had my scan this afternoon!! YAY smile We only saw the sac, but I was relieved to see it. The measurements came to 5 weeks, which is exact from my dates. They have told me to go back in another 3 weeks so they can hopefully se the I really need to??


Thanks Baileysmummy. He DID say that he didn't want things to change between us, but last night after i told him that im not terminating he told me that this will end our friendship. So I'm a bit confused.

I'm the same with the symptoms. I don't think I had any until at least 12 weeks if not later, oh except for bad morning sickness which hasn't been too bad for me this time around, thank fully, maybe this ones a little girl... tongue at the moment I'm calling it Little Bean, my son was noodle lol weird I know.

How great about the scan, was it an internal one at 5 weeks?? I love having ultrasounds, the best thing I did with DS was have the 3D one, that was amazing. As to if you need to go back or not, I would talk to your GP and see what they think, if it was me, I would just so I could see it. Glad to hear everything went well.

It's only he'd still be in the initial shock. Just give him some time. A baby is a big thing...but don't let him reduce your happiness of being a mum again smile

It was an ordinary ultrasound. I would like to see bubs growing in a couple of weeks....I just had so many with ds I'm a lil worried about it. He was diagnosed with heart defects - a vsd & corrected transposition of the greater arteries at 20 weeks. We chose to continue with the pregnancy after being warned he could die in utero & then might not survive after birth without immediate surgery. He had open heart surgery at 3 weeks old (3 months in hospital) and is now a healthy normal 3 year old. You can see why I'm a little scared this time!! I've promised myself I will enjoy this pregnancy tho, without the stress & heartache smile


baileysmummy05 - I can see why your a bit worried this time. Thats must have been really hard to go through. Glad to hear your little man is going so well

I had my ultrasound this arvo and got to see our little bean. I had a normal ultrasound first and they could see the sack but no baby but because my bladder was EXTREMLY full squishing my right ovary they decided to do an internal. We could see the little bub and just see the heart beat. the measured me at 5weeks 6 days which is pretty much what I though. They are also going to recommend going back in a few weeks to double check the heart beat as you couls just make it out looking at it but the computer could not quite pick it up.

Is everyone going to do the 12 week Nuchal translucancy screening?
I will definatly be doing it. With DS I did not do it as dates were mixed up and missed it and at the time frame.
Then when I had the 21 week scan his nuchal fold measured thicker than should be and we ended up having an amnio at 22 weeks because we had no 12 week scan to compare to.
Luckily he was a healthy little boy with no problems but I definatly do not want to go through that again especially since DH could be away overseas with work at the time of the ultrasounds

Michelle I really hope bubs dad comes around and supports you.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Oh..I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see and hear my babys heart beat for the first time. But I forgot how uncomfortable ultrasounds are with a full bladder!

I'll definetely be having the 12 week scan, I really really can't wait to have a 4d scan done smile


Baileysmummy, I can understand why are you are scared. Your poor little boy. He sounds like he was a little fighter.
Try not to stress, I'm sure this bub will be fine.

How exciting seeing the heartbeat. I can't wait for my first one.

Hi, i am new here, my name is Morag i am 38 and i have just found out this morning that i am pregnant with number 5 i have 4 children Sean 14, Samantha and (Jessica my angel in heaven)12, and Megan 7, i am re married so this is my husbands first baby, i am due October 17th, I am sorry but i don't know what HPT means or BFP means, or does the HPT mean Home pregnancy test? if so my doctor gave me a preg test last month when i had a test with her so i used that.

We have been trying for nearly a year so this is very exciting for us, not sure how i am going to break the news to my family!! I am a bit nervous to be honest.
Hi ladies,

My name's Karynne, I'm 35 and just got pregnant with baby number 1. I am due October 13 and pretty excited that this round of IVF worked. hope it's okay to join this thread.

Was in the IVF trying to conceive thread but need one for future as well.

Hope everyone having a great weekend.

[Edited on 07/02/2009]


Congrats Morag and Karynne on your pregnancies and welcome to the thread I will add you both to the timline now.

Morag - HPT is home pregnancy test and BFT is big fat positive
Good luck teelling family I hope your kids will be excited. I havn't told any family yet

Karynne of course is ok for you to join the thread. We are fetting heaps os mums due in October now.

Well i'm feeling pretty good so far today but not looking forward to later today though as it's suppose to get up to 44 degrees in Penrith (western Sydney) today.

Hope everyone is well

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Thanks Jess's mum, wow that is hot, we are in for a warm one too, but other parts of the country are in for very hot days like 35, i am in Wellington.

Can you maybe list the abbreviated words for me, i have no idea.

We aren't going to tell anyone for at least a month just in case, but i have been feeling sick the past 3 days so that may be a good sign all is well lol
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