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hi girls,

can't remember the last time i posted but i do daily checks to see how everyone is going..

Sarah - that's awesome, hopefully your contractions have started for you..

well i had a midwife appt thursday night. and bub was 4/5 descended. she said 3-4 days. well today is day 3 and besides running to the loo every 15 mins for nothing there is no obvious sign that she wants to come today. tomorrow day 4 would be nice, it's my uncles birthday it would be nice if she came to share her birthday with him as i share my birthday with my great aunty (same side of family)..

otherwise if nothing has happend by next thursday the day of midwife appt they will try and do a membrane sweep. which then she guarantee's me 24-48 hours which will hopefully come on my due date..

my car - is not costing me as much as i thought it would. the oil leak was silly just the pressure switch which cost $30. but then they had to replace power steering cables. so thankgod i put it in. got my mobile mechanic coming out next friday to do my struts and front brakes. yay!!! hope i have had this baby by then and sitting at home recovering by that time... hubby will be on holidays from then too.

hubby on leave - how long are your hubby's having off??. mine can only take a week. he does have 3weeks up in annual but needs to save 2 weeks for over christmas and new years break. factory is doing a compulsary close for 3 weeks and they only get paid for 8 days. hubby works a 7 day roster, don't ask how it works but, he doesn't really get a day off (sunday's he works 5am-10am). but he has a shit load of sick leave so if i have trouble and can't cope by myself with the 3 kiddies he will take some extra days he has promised!!.

[Edited on 18/10/2009]

Sarah I am so glad it was just your show when I read your previous post I was worried so I am glad it's all good - hopefully this means bub it on her way real soon.

Lana my husband has taken 2wks leave and gets another week of carers leave so that'll be 3 weeks in total but if I need a ceaser (not likely) he gets 6 weeks carers plus his 2wks holidays. He has also taken 5 wks off over xmas.

I am concerned about Erin - just read status update on Facebook does anyone know if she and bub are ok???

Sitting around at home! Waiting still alot of spotting going on. Nothing seems to be going otherwise a litte back pain. Im hoping tonight is the night! Little bugger she is taking her sweet time.

Hope you dont need to get a ceaser!! Finger's crossed.

Well back to resting for me hoping for a big night:( xxxx
Marni - I am also really concerned about Erin, from her facebook status and the comments that are after it.
Erin I'm thinking of you and your family and hope that you are ok.

Dh has 2 weeks off work he goes back thursday and is doing higher duties when he gets back os doesnt want to take anymore time I hope i cope alright with 4 kids.

we are also moving in december and he has about 4 weeks off then so that will be good

Congrats to everyone that has had their bubs and labour vibes for everyone still waiting

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009


Congrats to all the new mummies smile

Our little girl is 2 weeks old now. I had a pretty emotional day last Monday, I got a call from the hospital saying there was an abnormality from her heel prick test & we needed to have another blood test asap. She has hypothyroidism, which is a defiency in producing the thyroid hormone. She is perfectly fine & a scan showed she does have a thyroid gland, it just isn't working properly. She is now on a thyroid hormone replacement tablet daily. It was pretty heartbreaking after what we went through with our son (heart defects & surgery at 3 weeks old), but I'm so glad it is treated so simply.

Lana - My df hasn't been able to take any time off work since we had bub. He owns a diesel/mechanical shop, without him there the place doesn't run & no money is made. He now takes our son to kindy in the mornings tho, so that helps me alot.

Marni/JSC - I'm worried about Erin also from her facebook comments. I really hope things are ok with her.

Good luck to everyone still waiting for their bubs!!! smile


I'm worried too, and can't get back on to facebook, problems connecting. No problems with any other sites so it must be facebook playing up or majorly busy.
Sarah, maybe your bub is waiting to make sure there are enough staff at the hospital before she makes her arrival? My hospital runs on minimal staff over the weekend so I'm glad my bub has not arrived yet but as of tomorrow it is a different story! I still think I have a few more days to go signs and I think I imagined losing a bit of plug!
Erin if you come on here, we are all thinking of you worried sick and just want to hear from you. xxx

ive just seen erins fb status as well. very very worried. hope everything is ok, erin.
I too am worried for Erin!! Hope everything is OK xx

Congrats to those who have had bubs and goodluck to those still waiting smile

Mahli is 3 weeks tomorrow! Can't believe how quick the time goes once they arrive, if only pregnancy went that quick lol.

Marni - I had no great signs that I was going into labour, I did get the energy burst though and actually vacuumed the laundry walls (after the rest of the house had nothing left to do lol). With my other girls there was really no big signs either smile

Sarah - Sounds like ou are getting close! How exciting, hope bub comes soon for you xx

Well I have finally had some action! After swinging on swings, a long walk, caster oil and sex things got a happening!

5 hours of pre-labour starting at 10pm and a night in the hospital I'm now home as it's all stopped! Thankfully I am 4cm dialated so it wasn't all for nothing.

I have to go back in the morning to have my membranes ruptured but am hoping it'll start before then and we'll have bubs sooner!

Either way our baby girl will be here tomorrow (1 week early although I was booked for induction this coming Wednesday) - YAY!

Take care all, labour vibes to those of us still waiting xxx.


Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Still here! Nothing special happening yet! Getting a few niggles of period like cramps andlower back pain and im very tender bleeding is still there! Cant believe iv been bleeding since 4 am this morning. Im losing my mind! I just dont know what to do. sad

Jacqueline- fingers crossed for !!

Hope everyone is doing ok!! Hope We here from Erin too??
Thinking of you too Erin xoxo

Good luck tomorrow Jacqueline!!

Still no baby .... did i bit of reading today and 99% sure that i had a false labour. I just hope i dilated some and it wasn't all for nothing lol.

Sarah fingers X anyday now ...


Happy due date to me!!! It all feels so much closer now that I have reached the magic date but I know it could still be 2wks but the end just seems closer for some reason.

Feeling a lot of pressure and little niggles of pain so hopefull my body is warming its self up for the real thing - really hope I go some time this week but time will tell I guess.

Have OB appointment tomorrow - those who have reached 40wks did you get an internal done at your 40wk appointment and did you have to ask for it? I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow and not sure if I should ask for one or not - what do you think?

I am going to try to keep busy today - have washing to put away and ironing to do, kitchen to clean, want to wash down toilet walls (no idea why there just annoying me) finish making the bear I started for our little one and repurpose a jumper into a baby cocoon. I also have a great book that I'm currently reading which I'd like to finish and have a nap at some point.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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