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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Bups-ISSAC-12.36am, 7lb 1oz
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
28/9 FR2BEC- Fiona-KATIE ANNE-8.18am, 3.624kg, 53cm long
28/9 K8y23i-XAVIER- 7lb 8oz
30/9 loulou78-JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 *alana*- Alana-CORBAN ROBERT- 4.30am, 5lb 1oz -TYLER CHARLES- 4.55am, 5lb 12oz
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10 Tedebare- Jewels-ELIZA ALICE-12.01pm, 3.410kg, 50cm long
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long
2/10 turtle2 - Tamara-LILIJANA MARGARET ROSE- 10.04pm, 6lb 15oz, 52cm long, 33cm HC
2/10 baileysmum05- Mel-JESSICA BREE-10.16pm, 9lb 8oz, 56cm long
7/10 JSCnBump- Erin-OLIVER SHANE- 1.02am, 4.1kg, 50cm long, 35HC
7/10 heidilijk- THOMAS RAY- 11.10am, 7lb 2oz, 49cm long, 33cm HC
7/10 KylesMaree - Kyles-TATE JOHN LONHRO- 4.11pm, 7lbs 5oz, 50cm long
8/10Naomi87- Naomi-ADRIAN JAMES- 7.52am, 6lb 4oz, 51cm long, 33cm HC
8/10SydneySwans- Deb-ISABELLE RUBY-11.03am, 3.62kg, 50.5cm long, 35.5cm HC
8/10babyuno - Ali-OLIVE HARPER- 2.91kgs
9/10mum to matt- Michelle-MAKAYLA JANE- 3.19am, 8lb 4oz, 49.5 cm long, 36cm HC
9/10 Stefs17- Stef-SEBASTIEN CRAIG EDWARD-2.30pm, 7lb 14oz, 51cm long, 34cm HC
10/10J Keegan- Jaymi-BABY GIRL- 1.45am, 3.56kg
10/10 Firsttimemummy-MARLEE JEAN- 6.45am, 7lbs 3oz
16/10mum shell-HAYDEN THOMAS- 8lb 11oz, 53.5cm long

hi ladies

i was just wondering if any of you have had an incomplete plasenta if so what was the go i was told after i left hospital that i had one and that is all i have been told.

happy due date MarnieT!!!

Today I am 1 week and 2days overcooked haha. Feeling exhausted and am having so much trouble sleeping. Got all excited yesterday afternoon/early evening when I thought I was having contractions, but now they are gone sad

Thought it was really fuinny the other dsay when I jumped on my Wii Fit for the 1st time in 6 months and it said I was obese haha.

Hi all. I've just read up all your posts. It's all very exciting.

Our precious girl was born on 8th October just before 4am, by emergency c-section.

I'd had contractions on the tues and wed so I rang my ob. He said to take 2 panadol and go to bed. At 12.40am on the Thurs morn my waters broke without contractions. I rang the hospital and they said to get my carer out for my kids and ring back after she arrived. After I hung up I had 3 x 10min contractions and 1 x 7min and then they went to 4 min. My mum arrived and we left for the hospital. We rang them halfway there. My dh says that we arrived at the hospital just before 3am. I got the labour room and the midwife said they were very busy. I asked if I could change my wet soaked pad and clothes. Only to find that there was blood and meconium everywhere. So 2 midwives checked me and said that the baby had turned and was breech again. They rang my ob and prepared for a c-section. The ob arrived and they had me in theatre by 3:30am. It was all surreal, and I did definitely want my 4th child to be born naturally but that wasn't to be. All the staff were great and I wasn't worried. My OB says that the placenta had tearing and the baby wasn't a clear breech presentation, so he said 'the Gods were looking after you'.

We had a baby girl called Abigail Zoe, 9pound 2ounces, length 52cm and head circ 37.5cm. She is such a settled baby and I'm glad she's here. So I have experienced all sorts of deliveries now and have many stories to tell the kids when they are older.
All is well and I feel very positive!! Yay!!!

Hi Girls

Finally he is here! Our beautiful baby boy Mitchell Garth was born on the 16/10/09.

I had a stretch and sweep on the Thur 15th at my 40week OB appointment which she was reluctant to do but I just said to her that I was over it and I think she felt sorry for me. Anyway, it worked and 12 hours later I had my first real contraction. They started at 10.30pm Thur night and 15min apart. By 1.30am they were 10min apart and by 5.00am they were coming 3min apart and intense. I rang the hospital and told them I was on my way. It was the longest drive ever to the hospital as by then I was in a lot of pain with contractions coming hard and fast. I was admitted at 8.00am and our boy was born at 10.17am. No time for any pain relief. Very fast and intense labour, but so worth it. He seems a very contented baby so far and breastfeeding has been easier the 2nd time around for me thank god.

Hope all the ladies still waiting get to meet their little ones soon.

Oops, I meant to add that he weighed 8p 3oz, 56cm long.

And I had th
Waiting on news from Sarah now...any news??

nothing from me but I still have a couple of days to go I think smile

Morning Ladies,
congrats to all the new Mummies!! Such an exciting time! smile]

Our little guy is nearly 3 weeks old already, it's going way too fast! He's such a good baby, feeding 4 hourly during the day and 5-7 hourly overnight, so content. Had to take him to the Dr yesterday as his finger is infected, apparently it's quite common in newborns (called paranicia) I'd never heard of it before, so now he's on antibiotics (he's not a fan!) and hopefully it clears up in the next couple of days.

Loving being a mum of 3, so much easier to adjust to then going from one to two. Wouldn't know I had a baby 3 weeks ago, honestly feel 100% better than what I did when I was pregnant, already 'celebrating' with DH (lucky man!) sad]

Don't forget that there's a thread in BABY When was your baby born for us to stay in contact too!

Looking forward to more birth announcements...Sarah next I bet?

congrats to our two new mummies on the bith of your beautiful babies.

I am over it!!! I want this baby out - I told it just as much this morning - actually I told it that the inn was closed and it was time to move out and I got a swift kick and a wiggle LOL.

OB appointment today so we will c what he says....will report back after I've sat in the waiting room for hours - gosh I hate the hospital.

I told this bub exactly the same thing last night as I lay in the bath, and she went ballistic in there, DH thought it was the funniest thing ever watching my belly distort all over the place.
I have an awful feeling I'm going to go overdue too! Lets see what our doctors can do for us today.
Can you call ahead and see how late they are running and not turn up til then? Thats what I do every appt!

Our bub has also been given eviction orders, but she's a stubborn little mite! But then again i'm not due til the 26th hehe! So impatient to meet her and have cuddles!
OB has given me an induction date of the 2nd November, DH thinks i'll go this week - just in time for my son's 13th Birthday!!!
Went on a 3km walk yesterday and plan to do the same this morning... the sex thing didn't work for us!! I organised a romantic night for us - dinner & a hotel and DH didn't even click onto the fact that I had an ulteria motive hehe!
Labour vibes to those still waiting and a huge congrats to the new mummies!
Neets x

Still no posts from Sarah!!! Hope you are holding your baby now xx

Hope all you girls who are still waiting for bubs go soon smile

Marni - I thought after your cleaning episode you might have gone in yesterday!! Hope you had a quick Dr app today smile

Can't remember who said about going from 2-3 but man I am finding it hard! I am usually pretty organised and still trying to be but can't seem to get the knack of preparing 3! I only just braved taking all 3 to the supermarket on Sunday lol.

Just out of curiosity (I know its soon and all lol) but is anyone planning to have any more? DH is certain he does not want any more but I am just not sure lol.

Hope everyone is feeling well, new babies are sleeping and labour vibes to all the mummies still waiting xx

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