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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

My Ob appointment went well - I went prepared today and took two magazines and today was the shortest wait I've had yet.

Bub's heart beat is really strong and steady and is very engaged but I could have told him that as I feel him/her sitting really low and making things really uncomfortable for mummy.

Had an internal done - that was an experience LOL - I am 1-2cm dialated and cervix is soft - I know that I could stay that way for a while but I feel a sense of relief knowing that things are working as they should.

Obviously doc can not predict when baby is going to come or labour is going to start so he has booked me in for induction next Wednesday - I feel like the baby will come before then but feel great knowing I have and end date - my only request was that I don't want a halloween baby.

Cassie good luck at doc's today - hope you get some good news.

Hope everyone else is well and hang in there it'll happen soon enough for those of us who are still waiting

Posted by: Princess_Bubba_Bump
Just out of curiosity (I know its soon and all lol) but is anyone planning to have any more? DH is certain he does not want any more but I am just not sure lol.

i really want 1 more but DP is not sure if he does - i think he is just scared that we will have twins again lol im hoping ill be able to convince to try for another 1 in a couple of years lol

good luck to all the mummies still waiting for their bundles to arrive **lots of labour vibes for you all**
Hi All

Well i am still waiting as well my official due date is tomorrow yeah! Had midwife appoint this arvy and she did a stretch & sweep. Boy do they hurt sad my cervix is very soft and babies head waiting there. She has booked me in with the doctor next week on wednesday and depends on what he says an induction on Thursday. But she said she really does not think i will go very much longer which is a good thing smile I have all my body parts crossed.

Hope all is ell with everyone else and bubs that are born are sleeping and feeding well. And to all us waiting lots and lots of labour dust

Hi ladies!!

Im here finally!! 7 hours in hospital, a beautiful baby girl later. Chloe Elizabeth Shadwick born on the 19/10/2009 at 11:24 am 7lb 14 oz 51cm 35 hc.

This was an amazing birth! It was so fast if you blinked you missed it. My partner was amzing! The bleeding i was having pre labour was my show it was really heavy! Ill pop in and tell you all the whiole story soone ven though there is nothing to it lol.

I hope everyone is doing well and good luck to those who are waiting!! Gosh it's truly worth the wait.

Sarah xxx
Congrats Sarah!!! Hope you are both doing well!! You must be to be home already smile

Hi Ladies

We welcomed Emma Louise into the world on Sunday 18/10/2009 at 1.06am. Huge bubba 9lb 10oz hc 34 length 52cm. Very short labour, arrived at hospital at 11.00pm and Emma was born only couple hours later and complete drug free labour/birth. We are now home, will post more when I get the chance.

Congrats to everyone else and good luck to those still waiting.

congratulations karen and sarah smile
just had a quick look on facebook but couldn't find anything, can someone please fill me in on what has happened to Erin?

Hey ladies.

I have just stumbled across this thread through my boredom.
I'm due with my first on Thursday, so I am just impatiently waiting now.

I hope everyone's bubba's are well & that everyone who is waiting to have their bubba are well.

Take care
still here in one piece - feeling really frustrated woke up really angry with my body this morning LOL - I so thought I was going to go last night/this morning - after my internal yesterday and I spotted a little then we did the deed last night so I totally got my hopes up as I was cramping all over the place but nooooo this baby does not want to come out.

I did get a surpryise this morning though - I lost my plug - not sure if it all came out but it was yucky but not all that exciting as i know d day could still be days away.

I'm tired of being tired and so freaking uncomfortable because bub is so low that the only thing I can manage to do is lie around which is frustrating as I really hate doing nothing.

Gosh I'm such a winger - sorry girls just need to get it off my chest.

Hope you are all well and hanging in there as well.

Congrats Sarah!

Marni - I lost my plug thursday morning & labour started friday at 2am....hopefully you aren't too far off!


Hi Ladies

Annouching the arrival of Logan John William!! He was born 20/10/2009 at 6.09am. Weighing in at 8pounds exact, 53.5cm long and HC of 33.5cm.

Love him to bits will come back on for his very long (but easier than Jaz) birth story.

Congrats to Sarah, Mish, Jazzysmum and Karen on the birth of their bubbas and congrats to anyone i've missed.
Labour vibes to cassie and Marni and everyone else still waiting!!!

Ill pop on tomorrow and update the arrivals list!!


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