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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

With Annalisa rounding our family out to 2 boys and 2 girls we have also finished our family. DH is getting a vesectomy and until that happens we will resume with the billings method.

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Hi All

My gorgeous little girl arrived on her due date!
I had a couple of big contractions at about 11pm Wed 21/10 then my waters broke about 11.30pm and she was born via VBAC on Thurs 22/10 at 05:33hrs.
She looked so little to me but she was 3.755kg, 51cm long and HC 35.5. I got some stitches out of it too which has never happened before but she is my last so I don't mind, except DH can't come near me for awhile! LOL.

Erin, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, there are no words to describe how unfair it is:-( x

Congratulations Ladies on all your bubs.

Oh Erin, my heart goes out to you. My story could have been a bit different too.

My mum lost a term baby, when I was 5. It impacted me so much that I named my first daughter after her. Mum only recently found the mass grave where they buried her. Take your time with grieving. Our thoughts go out to you.

Well she may have been 15 days overdue but it was totally worth the wait! I bought Penelope Jane into the world at 11.46pm Sunday 25th October weighing in at 4.39kgs or 9lb7oz. I started having contractions about 7.30am so was using heat packs and trying to be on all 4's as she was posteria while watching the V8's then at the start of the 2nd race headed up to the hospital.

It was a long labour and I had no drugs but we came home from hospital at 9am yesterday (the next day). She is such a little angel!!!

Congrats Marni, Cassie and Janey on the birth of your bubbas.

Labour vibes to Lana and Mel !!!

6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Bups-ISSAC-12.36am, 7lb 1oz
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
28/9 FR2BEC- Fiona-KATIE ANNE-8.18am, 3.624kg, 53cm long
28/9 K8y23i-XAVIER- 7lb 8oz
29/9 rach.dan-CAMPBELL WILLIAM HOWARD-10.10am, 8lb 11oz, 38cm HC
30/9 loulou78-JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 *alana*- Alana-CORBAN ROBERT- 4.30am, 5lb 1oz -TYLER CHARLES- 4.55am, 5lb 12oz
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10 Tedebare- Jewels-ELIZA ALICE-12.01pm, 3.410kg, 50cm long
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long
2/10 turtle2 - Tamara-LILIJANA MARGARET ROSE- 10.04pm, 6lb 15oz, 52cm long, 33cm HC
2/10 baileysmum05- Mel-JESSICA BREE-10.16pm, 9lb 8oz, 56cm long
7/10 JSCnBump- Erin-OLIVER SHANE- 1.02am, 4.1kg, 50cm long, 35HC
7/10 heidilijk- THOMAS RAY- 11.10am, 7lb 2oz, 49cm long, 33cm HC
7/10 KylesMaree - Kyles-TATE JOHN LONHRO- 4.11pm, 7lbs 5oz, 50cm long
8/10 Mish777-ABIGAIL ZOE- 4am, 9lbs 2oz, 52cm long, 37.5cm HC
8/10Naomi87- Naomi-ADRIAN JAMES- 7.52am, 6lb 4oz, 51cm long, 33cm HC
8/10SydneySwans- Deb-ISABELLE RUBY-11.03am, 3.62kg, 50.5cm long, 35.5cm HC
8/10babyuno - Ali-OLIVE HARPER- 2.91kgs
9/10mum to matt- Michelle-MAKAYLA JANE- 3.19am, 8lb 4oz, 49.5 cm long, 36cm HC
9/10 Zaralea - Zara-MATTHEW EDWARD- 9.13, 6lb 11oz
9/10 Stefs17- Stef-SEBASTIEN CRAIG EDWARD-2.30pm, 7lb 14oz, 51cm long, 34cm HC
10/10J Keegan- Jaymi-BABY GIRL- 1.45am, 3.56kg
10/10 Firsttimemummy-MARLEE JEAN- 6.45am, 7lbs 3oz
14/10Samantha Kelly-KRISTA LENORA-JOY- 2.04am
16/10mum shell-HAYDEN THOMAS- 8lb 11oz, 53.5cm long
16/10JazzysMum-MITCHELL GARTH- 8lb 3oz, 56cm long
17/10Erin1sttimemum - Erin-LUCUS COLIN-2.04pm, 8lb 5 1/2oz, 54cm long, 36cm HC **Angel Baby**
17/10amielou83-MATILDA MAY- 7lb 10oz, 53cm long
18/10My Girls- Karen-EMMA LOUISE- 1.06pm, 9lb 10oz, 52cm long, 34cm HC
19/10sjcshadwich - Sarah-CHLOE ELIZABETH- 11.24am, 7lb 14oz, 51cm long, 35cm HC
19/10JMG0102 - Jacqueline-ANNALISA LILY- 5.32pm, 8lbs 1oz, 55cmlong, 35.5cm HC
20/10Jazminsmum - Kez-LOGAN JOHN WILLIAM- 6.09am, 8lbs, 53.5cm long, 33.5cm HC
22/10Cassie71 - Cassie-SARAH JUNE- 5.33am, 3.755kg, 51cm long, 35.5cm HC
22/10MarniT - Marni-SIDNEY CLAIRE ANNE- 6.10pm, 7lb 3oz, 50cm long
25/10Janey-PENELOPE JANE- 11.46pm, 9lb 7oz

Hey hope everyone is finding mum hood a joy smile Hope all those bubbas are easily settled too !!! Our lil hayden is sooo beautiful he slept for 6 hours straight last night !!!! we call him the "hippy baby" cause he is just soo relaxed and laid back. ? because he is a libra ???????? How is everyone else finding the libra attitude ?

Hubby and i are considering vasectomy but am not 100% sure. We always said we wanted 2 kids but i just feel it wont be the end of the world IF we have another, and with 2 boys you sometimes think hmmmm what if we have another ???? I recon we would have ANOTHER boy anyway, can just see us with boys, boys and more boys, they are a delight!!!!. anyway, after 3 kids DEF vasectomy !!! I suppose if we are not 100% sure if vasectomy is the path just yet maybe we should wait ? My husband is also in defence force, so they would sort it outif thats what we decide... I might do the whole mini pill thing for the next 6 months ...

Everyones babies here yet ?


Heya All

Our little Pilbara Princess arrived 2 days early on Saturday 24th October at 12.21am!! Audrey Leigh weighed 3.29kgs and is 48cm long with a head circum of 34.5cm.
She is just beautiful!
It was Murphy's Law that I would go into labour on my son's 13th Birthday - he was initially very unimpressed by the thought, but as the day wore on and my contractions stayed sparodic he became more hopeful that he wouldn't have to share his birthday.
In the end my OB and midwife were fantastic and let Audrey make her own way down the birth canal with the contractions (hence delaying her arrival) and we held off "pushing" until after midnight - 20 minutes later she made her grand entrance!!
I'd like to say that my DH was an absolute rock throughout my pregnancy and birth and their is no way I could've done it without him!
I truly hope everyone is well and babies have settled into their new lives.
Well done October Mummies!
Neets xx
[Edited on 27/10/2009]

Hi all, I am still waiting on the arrival of my little girl I was due on the 24th but she just doesn't want to budge! I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get an induction date. I really don't want to be induced though! Who else is still waiting?
I'm still waiting to have my baby boy. I was due on the 22nd but still no signs. I have a midwife appt on Thursday to discuss induction. I also don't want to be induced, i want to experience the suprise of contractions/waters breaking etc. But not much time left to make us October mummies. I'm still hoping to make it in October without being induced. Fingers crossed for you that you don't have to be induced either.
Hey i was due on the 23rd bubs stil not here, having some pains now i hope its labour they seem to be getting stronger so fingers crossed if not i have an appt with my midwife 2mrw she sed she wud do a streach and sweep 2mrw to see how thngs go hopefuli talking about induction too

Congratulations to all the new mums!!! And good luck to Mums still waiting smile Sending labour vibes your way smile

We are still deciding which contraception to go with, DH wants to get a vasectomy but I am just not sure so have said I will get the mirena until we are absolutely positive we don't want any more children.

Hope everyone is well xx

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