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Hey Tamika,
How did you go at the doctors? Was your pg confirmed?
I have made a observation about our tickers.
I think I am due on the 6th Oct and you think you are due on the 7th Oct.
My ticker says 4 wks & 6 days and yours says 4 weeks & 1 day ????
Are you going from the 30th December? (First day of AF).

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all feeling good,I know what you mean baileysmum and boycentral about lifting and exercise,can get little twinges.I read that our ligaments soften when pregnant,so could easily pull something,so best to be careful lifting children.My DD wants to be picked up and I am alot more careful because my body gives me signs.

I have been feeling like I'm 7 months pregnant these days!I just cannot get comfortable when sleeping,keep waking up to go for pee and my lower back bothers me.Strange because I didn't have any of this with last pregnancy.MS and tiredness has really set in but thats a good thing I guess,shows all is going well.Is anyone else having trouble sleeping,like I mentioned?

I am in the midst for looking for a midwife.I don't know where to start.A friend had recommended her midwife but is away when I'm due.I have a list but suppose I would love to find someone that I get on with and who can relate to and is thorough.Have you girls booked your LMC yet and any advice on how you chose yours would be great.

Boycentral- how do you do the wedding ring test on your tummy,have heard of it but never tried it,would be a bit of fun!

Jude xox
I am feeling so yuck today. I had bad MS with DS the whole way through so Im hoping this one isn't the same. But as someone else said MS is a good sign that everything is going well.

I have had some cramping, sort of feels like mild period pain. I wasn't convinced I am pregnant so I bought another test when i went to the chemist this morning. That one is a definete BFP, a very dark line which come up straight away.
I've had pains in my groin, has anyone else had them?
I'm really excited about this pregnancy because I am going to be going through it with someone and not on my own again. Bubs dad is still in a lot of shock. At first he wanted me to get rid of it but I think he is coming around to the idea. He was really worried about money. We aren't together but I will see how we go, I don't think our friendship will be ruined because of this.
Anyway I had better go and hang these sheets up otherwise they will never dry.

I hope everyone is feeling ok.

hi everyone hope all is well

Im Ash...
i found out a week ago im pregnant with my first...
i really didnt think it would happen so quick... i had only been off the pill for 2 months and we were seeing if nature would take it course and it has... im glad it happen so quick i couldnt handle the am i or not days again...
bf is very happy (cause he thinks its gonna be twins cause it runs in the family)... im at the happy but very scared stage still but i know i wont be scared for long...

is there any chance i could be added to the timeline???
im due 1st oct


[Edited on 03/02/2009]
[Edited on 03/02/2009]
Hello Everyone

Good luck testing Carolyn.

I also can't wait until the first trimester is over too. With the lifting other kids or with anything just try not to over do it.
I still life my 3 kids and the eldest is 3yo. If it is a bit twingy down there I take it easy and will try not to lift them.

Boy-Central - I will have to try thering test tonight see what it says.

I finally went back to the GP and got my blood results today and i'm definatly pregnant. My iron leveles are a bit low but I was starting to get sick when the blood was taken.
I booked into the midwife clinic at my local hospital today, so excited have my first appointment on 24th march so i will be 12 weeks then

Michelle - I have had some cramping on and off like not often but I could be doing somthing and then feel it all of a sudden. But nothing really painfull. I'm glad bubs dad is comming around and hope you can maintain a friendship for bubs sake.

Hi Ash - Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the thread. Oh the possibility of twins that would be exciting. We are all here to listen to any fears or thought that you want to share. You will probabaly find other people going through the same feelings.
I will add you to the timeline now

Well better go after my novel and do some house work

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I'm glad the cramping & groin pains are all normal!! smile My little man is 3 now & I don't remember feeling like this so early in pregnancy, I feel much further along! When I got my blood test ordered from the dr last week, I was also booked in for a dating ultrasound on Friday smile I know other women who have had them early, from my dates I know I am 5 weeks on Friday. Is anyone else having/had an early ultrasound?


Is anyone else having/had an early ultrasound?

I opted not to have a early ultrasound this time as my blood test results seem to coincide with my dates. I however will be having the NT scan between 11-13 wks. Looking forward to that!

Hey Ash, are the twins on your side of the family or your BF's side?
My DH has 3 consecutive sets of twins on his side. His sister had twins, his mums sister had twins and his mums mum had twins. They say they only run on the females side but my best friends sister had twins and they have no family history of twins at all. Good luck!

Posted by: baileysmummy05
Is anyone else having/had an early ultrasound?

Yep I'm going for one on Friday because i'm not 100% sure on dates

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Have fun girls getting your ultrasounds. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Is it just me or has the last week dragged, hehehe.

I have been feeling like I'm 7 months pregnant these days!I just cannot get comfortable when sleeping,keep waking up to go for pee and my lower back bothers me.

Hahahaha and I thought I was the only one feeling like this. I keep telling myself, Kathy you are only 5 weeks, don't over react, LOL. I think I have a mild case of insomnia. Maybe too much going around in my crazy head. Even though we have been TTC and this is our 4th child, it still takes a while to sink in.

Is it just me or has the last week dragged, hehehe

hell yeah i just keep hoping no AF before i do the HPT on Valentines Day. Wish me luck all. I wanna know now but i promised DH we would wait just incase i was getting ahead of myself

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