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Hey Guys,

Kathy, i'm so sorry to hear of you loss sad

All went well at the doctor, he ordered blood tests, felt my tummy and made me feel like i was really was so exciting smile
I am a little confused though... i know when i ovulated and it was around 5 days earlier than it should have been. So by my calcs i should be due around the 7th Oct. However the doctor insists on using the ''normal'' method of calculation and tells me that i couldn't have OV that early and that i'm not due until around the 11th. I know 4 days doesn't really matter and believe me i couldn't care less, i'm just so excited to be pregnant at all, but i definitely know when i OV i didn't really like him insinuating that i didn't know my body.
Sorry, just needed to vent.
Anyway, welcome to all the new mums to be (and existing)
T xx

Baileysmummy - that is so cute Bailey wanting a sister and that they will like his toys LOL

Angelindisguise - I probabaly would wait to especially if you dont want his mother to tell the whole world.
I have told a few friends but no family yet.

Tamika5 - Glad the docs went good. It's normal for them to go by start of last period. I've never heard of them going by actual ovulation date. I guess bubs will come when ready anyway lol

Well I have my ultrasound this afternoon can't wait hopefully I can see a heartbeat

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi everyone, how are you all feeling today? Me, not to bad at the moment although I did have a sleep in this morning before heading to work. I tend to find Im very tired by the time I get home.....
Erin - good luck with the u/s today good luck....

I called my ob today as he helped me last year, and he wants to see me monday to do an u/s so fingers crossed all is good...

Hope you all have a great day and a good weekend, not looking forward to the 43 degree day here in Mlb tomorrow smile)
Hi Everyone

Good Luck at the Ultrasound today, how exciting for you, I loved seeing that little dot LOL pumping away with DD and can't wait to see it again.

I am going to the doctors today to get a referral for an ultrasound, i have no idea when AF was last year, either before, during or after xmas so I need to get a dating scan done.

Sorry can't remember, who said that their Doctor was going off ovulation date, but isn't it usually first day of last period. Also if you are not sure or happy ask for a dating ultrasound, they are pretty accurate at the beginning on what the due date will be.

I haven't felt sick or anything yet, woo hoo, started taking pregnancy supplements yesterday? I have gone with Blackmores this time, what is everyone else taking?

ETA: Nat is this your first bubs? It is pretty normal to feel that tired in the first trimester, with DD all i did was sleep in and then have a nap as soon as I got home from work and then two hours later i would be back in bed again for the night. It does change in the second trimester, its just your body changing!!
[Edited on 06/02/2009]

was Bubbagirlsmama

Hi how is everyone this morning? I just dropped DS at day care, I need time on my own.

I got a text from bubs dad last night saying that if don't terminate the pregnancy, that is it for us but he doesn't want that to be the end of our friendship. That was at midnight, I spent the next 4 hours crying and sobbing. I just don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm so scared and alone and I feel so empty. I'm trying to get a photography business up and running but I don't even want to do that anymore, I love photography but I just can't do it anymore. I just feel like I don't want to do anything because the one person I have trusted and cared about for so long has hurt me so much.

Sorry about the rant, I just need someone to talk to. I hope everyone else is doing ok

Oh mum to matt - that is terrible.

You need to do what is best for you and your family. What an awful situation he is putting you in. If he has been hurting you for a really long time, maybe it is time to say good bye and do what you need to do for you and your son and possibly new baby.

You should definitely continue to follow your photography dream, don't give that up, because the regrets later will be huge and its possible if he is being an arse now, he will still be one later.

I hope it all works out for the best!! Good luck xx

was Bubbagirlsmama

Michelle - What a horrible position he has put you in.

Personally like Alicia said do what is best for YOU and your son forget what anyone else thinks. If he wants nothing to do with the baby if you keep it than he doesn't really seem like the friend you though he was.

It must be a really hard decision for you to make and what ever you decide we are here to support you and for you to vent

Good Luck

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi all!! I am an older member (was PrincessBubba) but have not been able to use my old account for ages, thought I had better re join as I got a BFP yesterday, making me nearly 5 weeks and due 10/10. I already have 2 daughters 4 and 2, we were not TTC and I am yet to tell hubby our news as his Nan passed away yesterday and he has to travel for the funeral so I am holding out until Monday when he returns home. Not sure how he is going to react, I am over the moon though and happy our little family will be complete smile Look forward to talking to all you girls over the next 8/9 months smile Alissa

I should of added that I have not had a confirmation from the Dr yet but planning to go early next week smile

Congrats PrincessBubba, how exciting.

Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy.

October Babies is looking busy hehehe

was Bubbagirlsmama

thanks Bubbagirlsmamma, yes this is my first pregnancy, had ectopic last year, so thank god i have none of the symptoms i had then.... we are very excited... Im also taking the blackmores conceive well supplements....have now for about 1 year...good luck with the u/s today.....
and a congrats to Princess Bubba 1more....happy healthy 9 months..
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