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Anyone pregnant with twins!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

just thought I would start a new post, just wondering if there were many out there pregnant with twins, I have a 17 month old DD and im 16 weeks pregnant with twins, would love to share a journey with other mums pregnant with twins, or even mums with twins already that can share some light on it, and some handy tips are always great!
hope to chat to you soon
Cheers Renee

congrats on ur twins..
im preg with twins at the moment..about 29weeks gone..we r havin one of each..we only found out 10weeks ago at our 19week u/s..
i also have a 3yr old and a 16mth old..both DDs.
this pregnancy has been quite easy actually..compared to the other for the getting big pretty darn close if im not already full term size..
How have u been so far?

Hi, I have just found out I'm 12 weeks pregnant with twins. I also have a 4 yr old daughter, Sophia. Would love to chat with other mums going through a similar twin pregnancy to exchange ideas and thoughts. nicole

Nicole NT

congrats nicole..
i would love to chat.. i can only tell u up till almost 30weeks..
cose my bubs decided to come on monday the 16th feb...10weeks prem.. little
but they r doing good... i miss my belly.. i should still have it for another few weeks atleast... sad
how have u been?

hi everyone,

im laura, my partner and i are pregnant with identical twin boys, due 22nd of march not long now. congrats to all other mums and wishing u all the best with your pregnancy and births

chat soon smile laura
hello to everyone.

I am not pregnant with twins or pregnant at all but DH and I are going to TTC in April. We have a strong family history of twins and I have 4 sisters all of who have had children. There have been 9 babies born between us all and none of those have been twins (and only one of those has been a girl).

Just wondering if any of you ladies had any signs of hyper ovulation.... I tend to very painful period like pain with ovulation and am curious if this could be a sign of hyper ovulation. I woulnd't mind having twins, just want to be prepared for the possibility. I have two DS and we will be trying to tip the odds towards a girl. The pain with OV has increased since having my 2nd (he is 3 now). I have had an ultrasound and a laprascope and they can't see any probs with me. My mother carried twins twice so I know she carries the hyper ovulation gene and I could have it too.

Congrats to all of you and good luck.

Curious to here your stories.


oh... sorry.

Just wanted to add that my dad is a fraternal twin too, so I may have inherited the hypo OV gene from him aswell.

I have just read that hypo Ov can result in very heavy (soory if TMI) periods each month. One of the reasons I had a scope done was because my periods are usually sooo heavy and painful that they thought I had endometriousus(spelling?), but I don't turns out there is absolutly nothing wrong with me and no reason why I should be in pain alot of the time.

thanks for reading




I am very new to all of this smile I found out on Monday that I am having mono mono twins and they have the same sac. I am only 6 weeks and 4 days so its only early days. One has a strong heartbeat and the other didnt.

Not getting my hopes up too much for a happy ending tho as hard is that is to say!
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