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DUE IN SEPTEMBER ....... am i the only one????? Lock Rss

Hey all.........

i have 10 weeks to go till my lil man arrives in the world..........

it seems like i am the only one out here that is due in september ........ we got august and october babies..........

WHERE ARE ALL THE SEPTEMBER BUBS?????????????????????????????????????
hello young mum,
sorry to say but im not due in september but i was on the 18th!!!
i was led to believe that september was the busyest months for babys!!
im due in december with two others at the moment.
hows your pregnancy going tell me about your last few months cos thats were im coming into.
hopefully someome will pop up soon for you bye

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Young Mum,

Im due 17/9/04..

I have 9 weeks till my little girl pops out into this world.

How are you going?

I'm getting impatient for the big day to arrive and at the same time realise that I'm not ready yet!!!
which hospital are you going too???????

i am due on the 19th smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

i had my check up yesterday i have put on a whopping 22.5kilos.......

I am having a boy........ we have picked the name to be


have you thought of any names????

and i know what you mean..... im becoming impatient not only for the due date but my maternity leave date........ i have 1 month left til that
Hi Young Mum,

I'm going to the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne. Which hospital are you booked into.
Your baby's name souds beautiful
I've decided to call my little one
Angelique Rosanna ...
I've put on about 20kg but have not gained much weight in the last trimester.

I'm due on the 17/9/04 .. 2 days ahead of you.

I know what you mean about maternity leave. I plan to stop in my 38th week. However, I'm already struggling.
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