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Jen's baby girl Lock Rss

Hi I'm Jen's hubby,
Jen had a baby girl this morning 0330h 26/02/09, 4045g 8p15oz, Length 55cm., both mother and baby doing well
thanks Gavin

Joel 7,Jeremy 5,Jamie 2 & Julia

thats great news. congrats. glad to hear they are both doing well.
cant wait to hear more details and her name.

well done Jen

Big Hugs xx

Yay congrats to you all.

Big hugs and can't wait to hear more. Wow she was a great size and length wasn't she!!!

Take care

Congrats to you both and your boys on the birth of your baby girl! Can't wait to hear her name and birth story!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Many thanks for the congrats Nic,Cathy and Janine!
Yes she is my biggest baby...I guess she was a little over cooked!LOL

We are doing really well..came home from hossie today.She is so content..nothing fazes her..and she loves her sleep.

I have posted my birth story in our #4 thread.

Thanks again
Jen xx
[Edited on 28/02/2009]

Joel 7,Jeremy 5,Jamie 2 & Julia

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