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Hey i'm 32 weeks pregnant and i'm getting kinda worried or well not worried but maybe just conserned.
I think i'm starting to experiance the early contraction (forget what it's called!)

My stomach constantly feels like it's being squished; and sometimes painful. It lasts for a few minutes at a time. It's been going on for about a week now and It just feels really odd.
I get pain inside my vagina kind of like the baby is kicking me there :/ Maybe it's just because it's getting bigger and getting ready but being a young mum it's kind of hard to ask questions and get straight answers.
My dr's don't really understand english very well so i'm kind of at a point where I just want answers. It's so hard i'm always asking him questions and getting answers that are completely unrelated, i'm not allowed to change drs because it's a public hospital and basically you get whatever is given.

So can someone help me out with my problem? I just want to know if anyone else has had these problems and what it is?. I don't feel like it is really an alarming kind of thing but I'd just like to know.

Mother of Zachary Michael. 11/05/06

I guess that really wasn't much of a clear description.
Basically I feel like my stomach is being pulled inside out and tossed about really roughly.
Inside of my vagina feels asif it's stretching or being pulled (obvious I know, but I didn't realise i'd ever FEEL it).

Mother of Zachary Michael. 11/05/06

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