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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hey Ladies

I thought I'd start a Nov 09 thread.

I did a HPT this morning and got a BFP after TTC#1 for 15 months!

Congradulations Tonee!!!!

Hoping to join you


HI girls!!

I'm Kym, look forward to getting to know you all during this wonderful journey!

Congratulations on your BFP's grin

This is baby #4 for us, We have Miss J who is 4 and a half, Master S who is 3 and Little S who is 18 months old grin

At this point it looks like this bub is due on around the 14th of Nov (The day before our little Master S turns 4 ekkkk)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day grin
Hi Liz - I hope you join us soon!!

Hi Kym - congrats on your #4!! I bet your excited!! If I get all nervous and full of questions, please be patient with me!! This is all so new and after so long of trying, its a little overwhelming.

It actually feels surreal. I mean the only thing I have to say that I'm really pregnant is a little stick with a cross and a line, not just two lines! I keep looking at it to make sure, you know! Oh that and my boobs are pretty tender especially the nipples! And (oh yeah this is sure to be the first of MANY TMI's!!) the nubs of my nipples are bigger too!!

What I do want to know about is, what do we do about fitness? Back in January I started improving my fitness as a distraction and have since lost 5kgs! I've even started running, well its more like a jog really! But I've registered for a 10km charity run at the end of this month but I've read that you shouldn't exercise til week 12-16!!

Hi Tonee <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

So excited for #4 but a bit nervous too lol, And it means new car so now we start looking lol <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Congratulations to you and your DH/DP on your BFP! I bet you are both just over the moon!

Totally get what you mean about it feeling sereal, I dont feel pregnant at all, With my other 3 I have just known but this one seems different, MAye because I'm tired all the time anyway lol lol!

Any questions hun ask away, Better to ask then sit and worry right lol!

Excerises is important during pregnancy but it is also important not to start a strenuos regieme while pregnant,

That link should give you some more info <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

chat soon

Hey Ladies!!

Well the blood test has confirmed it!! I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!
Between 4 and 5 weeks with a blood count of 142, whatever that means!!


I know my tastes have changed already. I went to my BIL for dinner and there was a Greek Salad which I normally can't stand but I went back for 3rds of the fetta cheese and capsicum! EVERYONE knows how much I can't stand those!!

I hope you're all having a great day!!

Hey girls!

Also preggers smile We have a beautiful DD Violet who is 17 months and we found out last week we are expecting number two - only our second month of trying, but I didn't Ov the first month, so we are very very lucky!!

Am about 5 weeks, and like you chickies I actually can't say there is anything different that makes me think I'm preggers. With Violet I had morning sickness from the day I conceived just about! But this time around I feel fantastic smile

Tonee I am a fitness fanatic! With Violet and this one, I just continued with a light fitness plan - I cut out high impact exercising (so gym, running etc.) and continued walking for 30 mins a day. I managed to keep my weight gain down, and lose the weight after she was born, so I think that if you continue on with a light program you'll be right! But as PP said, definately not a time to start a strenuous exercise and weight loss program or push it at all. If in doubt talk with your Dr!

Definately feel free to ask questions - we're all here to help smile

Anyway.. wish you all the best with your pregnancies! I hope we all have easy peasy ones smile


Morning Ladies!

Hope you're all doing fabulously!

I think I’m going off sweet food, no chocolates for this little black duck! I was talking to a friend this morning about how I ate the fetta and capsicum and she said that when she next has me over for dinner she’ll make me the best salad with all that stuff in it and my mouth started watering!! And it was only 8.20am!! haha
I'm starting to get weird feelings in my belly, not sick just different. And also little twitches in my abdomen, which is I'm assuming the muscles changing?? I dunno, I got nothing!!

After having a couple of days off, I’m back into exercising this evening. I spoke to my mum last night and she almost had a go at me for wanting to keep up my fitness. Just enjoy being pregnant she said. Well I will, but I also don’t want to be the side of a house either!! I had a chat to DH too and he agreed with me when I said that if I continue with some exercise for as long as I can, hopefully I can then get the weight off without too much resistance from my body!!
I mean I’m not going to run too intensely, maybe walking with spurts of light jogging. As well as upper body work with squats and maybe lunges. I’m just worried that if let myself go, I’ll really go!!


[Edited on 05/03/2009]
Hi girls smile

Congrats Jess on your BFP smile

LOL about your Mum Tonee, Most midwives and doctors will tell you excerise is great during pregnancy because it makes labour that much easier if you are fit.

I had some spotting last night which I am assuming was implantation bleeding, I see my DR tomorrow and I am also going to ask for a dating scan to be done in the next few weeks, Our last bub Skye was born by emergency c/s weighing 11 lb 9oz and I dont want them stuffing around with my dates later in the year, This time round I am desperate for a vbac, You'll probably hear me stress out about it in the coming months, I'm already sticking to my diet (gestational diabetes last time) so fingers crossed for a smaller bub this time!

Jada has prechool today so I just have my two little ones home and gosh its quiet!

chat again soon!
Hey Ladies

Kym, how did you go at your appointment today? Hope everything is going well for you.

Jess, how's things with you?

I'm thinking that maybe I should make an app to see my GP maybe??? My OB doesn't want to see me til I'm 10 weeks but is there still a need to see my GP? My OB gave the referral for the blood test and I feel healthy enough, I weighed myself when it was confirmed I was pregnant - 67.2kg!! Woohoo for those 5kgs I lost!! - but will I be fine till my 10 week mark? Or am I just going a little overboard?

I'm also offically off sweet food. Couldn't even have my banana smoothie I just made! Normally I slurp it down in a second, but after 2 little mouthfuls, it tasted like dishwater!! So out it went! Now its over to water and Salada crackers for me!! At least they're salty!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm salt!!!

I hope you have a great day!


Hi ladies smile

Saw the doctor today (not my usual one he wasnt there, makes me wonder why I bothered with an appt really lol lol,but the one I saw was really nice), She did a urine test there to confirm the pregnancy, gave me a blood test referal and a dating scan referal and then also the referal to see the midwives at the hossy.
Have to go back this afternoon and have blood taken (ouch lol).

I couldnt drink my milo this morning, It made my tummy turn in circles so I think ms is on its way sad I found that taking the kids out for our morning walk a bit earlier kept me from feeling too yuck this morning.

Tonee- Depending on how long wait for US are in your area maybe pop in and see your GP to get a referral for the 11-13 week scan if you are choosing to have it done, Just so you know that you have a date for the scan secured, Otherwise theres no need to see your doc before you go back to you ob.

Jess- Hope everything is going well with you

Better go, Go heaps of things to do this afternoon!

take care
Kym grin
Hello November Mommies..

I found out that I am (finally) pregnant just earlier this week (2 March). I am due 1 November 2009. I have been married for nearly 4 years now and we have been trying since forever! I always thought that I am not fertile or can't conceive for whatever reasons but 2 years ago I did fell preggie but it was ectopic <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>((( . Didn't even know I was pregnant and I was already 16 weeks! I didn't feel any pain at all but I do get blood spotting - which I thought was my period (instead of normal flow it just went for over a month). I wasn't keen on going to the GP but my husband complains hehehehe. So I did and found out the next day that I was actually pregnant and the next day straight into surgery <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>((. My gynea said "don't'll get pregnant in 3 months..easy..." yeah right... I was giving up trying to get pregnant, lost some weight, was just telling myself a couple of weeks ago that I should lose at least another 5kgs before I go and indulge myself with shopping for skinny clothes. But oh well... I guess I can still go shopping for clothes..maternity clothes... baby cot, baby chair, stroller, baby car seat, baby clothes, nappies, dummies, baby bottles, baby monitor, baby toys, baby changing table, baby this, baby that (the list go on and on). And now I realised that it is actually more fun to shop this way. I get to buy lots of stuff (my husband reckon that I am a compulsive shopper)

I am still a little scared now even though I am pregnant now. I will have my ultra-sound check next Friday (cross finger hope everything will turn out Okay).

See what I have to say new week! (hopefully it is all happy news)

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Little Pengie ( s nick name because he walked like a little penguin) @ Diana

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