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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Congratulations Mel on the arrival of Chloe, glad to hear that everything went smoothly for the birth, being a big baby that was a good birth story to share.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes for my Dad, he is still in hospital, he was going to come home yesterday but unfortunatley was bleeding again so they have kept him in for another night, I am hoping that he comes home this morning and doesn't have to have another operation, (apparently it's a waiting game to see if the bleeding heals itself internally or not) I guess it's bad timing for my pregnancy and his op but it was the only time the surgeon could operate, he had to wait 2 months as it was, cause the surgeon was the only one in Australia that had enough experience to remove the really large polyp that he had.

Well as for the baby I had massive leg cramps yesterday and nausea as well, I was completley out of it as well needing to sleep all the time, not sure if that means labour is on it's way anyhow I decided to get the motivation to start packing my labor bag which is half done... I know know I better get it finished..

Labour dust to all who want it,,, including me I am so over being big now that's for sure.


Wow Mel, Congrats on the birth of Chloe. Glad everything went well.

I to have the advent manual pump and I love it.

3 weeks today and I will be holding my bubba. Can't wait. Car seat is getting installed next week. Hair done next Thursday, pedicure next Friday and waxing the Friday after and then I am all set.

Going out for luch today. So better get a move on to clean this house.


PS Kris hope your dad is doing ok

Hi ladies

Well - its my last day at work today and Im so pleased. We are heading off to Sydney / Wollongong for until Tuesday and then I can finally start to get things organised at home. By this time with my last pregnancy everything was ready and waiting. This time Im just dragging the chain LOL ... Nesting certainly hasn't kicked in here!

Mel - big congrats on the birth of your little (or should I say big) girl. I hope everything is going well.

Anyway ladies - I wont be on for a few days ... I expect to read some birth notices when I get back LOL!

Labour vibes to those nearing their dates.


Hi still waiting here for my bub to arrive..
Good work Danni with the twins and feeding..want be long and your Dh will be wanting them to sit still again..

Congrats Mel on your lil Girl, beautiful name, If my bub was a girl she was going to be called Chloe, but we are having a lil boy... Have a list of names to take in with us..
Thankx for sharing your birth story..

May be this weekend some one else may pop.. i might go out for a if that helps..

No M/s this morning so was happy bout that..
Goodluck ladies..

Congratulations Mel on the arrival of Chloe! Wonderful news!

My bub seems to want to stay put - 37+2 today. Saw doc on Tuesday, said bub isn't engaged yet but that second bubs often don't engage till the last minute. And I've tested positive for strep b, so have to head to hospital as soon as things start to happen to have the anti-biotics. Very disappointed, as I wanted to stay home as long as I could, but obviously bubs health comes first. Hopefully the rest of the birth will go to plan!

Having lots of low down pains, usually at the end of the day, and a lot of back pain too (hoping that bub isn't posterior - Tannah was but turned over at last minute). Have been leaning over the coffee table at night time and getting hubby to massage my back - good practice for him for the labour!

Baby dust to all! Hopefully there'll be a few more babies born over the weekend!

Hi all,

Mel- Congratulations on the birth of Chloe, what a good size for being 3 weeks early, gosh wonder what she would've got up to if she came on time!

Sounds like their might be a few more in the next couple of days with all the niggles and pains going on. Hope Im one of them!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Amelia xxx

Well I don't feel so lonely now being the only one who has babies. You girls need to get moving and pop some out. LOL

My DSD is being a pain in the neck AGAIN, she doesn't pay for anything and she was asked to pay for 3 months of registration on my little run about car, (mitsubishi Colt) and she is cracking up about it so I said I wasn't paying for it and it can run out of rego, I told DH he was NOT paying for it cos she lives at home, gets everything paid for works part time, we get nothing for her and she has her hand out everyweek for money. DH even pays her phone bill of course he put it on a plan for her and she rings up over $100 a month. NOT HAPPY> So now I told DH she can walk to work if she doesn't pay for rego. I'm sick of her wanting everything handed to her on a silver platter. She is apparently leaving at the end of JAN now, it was Xmas now its Jan, I can't wait. I told DH she has to learn to pay for something cos I'm sick of it.
Her and her friends went to a party on the weekend so she booked up one of our Taxis to bring her home so not only did I have to pay for fuel for the car I also had to pay that driver......... I'm so mad, does anyone agree kids get too much for nothing or an I being silly.

Take care

Hey ladies, haven't been on in so long as this time around i have had a really rotten pregnancy and still getting worse. have been having contractions since sunday as i have an irretable uterus caused by a uti so basically i wont know if i am really in labour until my waters break. and going by my track record with my other kids my waters wont break till bubs being delivered which means no time to get to the hospital and to make matters worse i tested positive to one of my group b strep swabs so i need the antibiotics asap when i do go into labour.... will read through the posts and write more later.

Becka, Allysa, Lyndon and bump

Hi all.
No bubs here, but lots of time in the latent stage it seems, DD did this and came at 37 wks, doing all I can to come early, it's driving me insane.
Had a physio appt yesterday been told not strictly not to pick up DD who's 23 mths, very hard not to, she's 9.7kg, only small, but alot more work than the 2 boys. Still got sick kids, colds & conjuctivitus galore in my house, not fun.

Mel congrats on the arrival of ur daughter.

Those asking about the TENS machine, I used one for DS#1, and it really is more of a distraction thing than anything, it worked for a couple of hours for me, then I became too stressed.

All the best for everyone

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the advice on the TENS machine Lizz. My Due date is 18/11 and I can't get in till the 9/11 to get it, so let's hope I can "wait" till then.
I'm 37+3, but who's counting right!? Had another midwife appt yesterday and baby is about 2/5's engaged in a good spot which is reassuring. I thought he might've moved as I was feeling hiccups around my bellybutton instead of my pelvis area where I'd felt them b4. I'm excited to meet the little man but also getting a bit scared of the whole labour thing now as it looms closer. Feels like I've got massive cankles but the midwife said I've got "moderate" oedema, gosh, I'd hate to see severe!
Good luck to everyone,


hi ladies smile

well im still here !!!! no sign of bub comin anytime soon....

the heat has been killing me!!! i went and got a bag of ice and ive been making myself slushies with the blender, i think its the only thing keeping me sane atm lol

Leasey- i totally hear u with the nerves, i havent been nervous at all the whole pregnancy until the last couple of days ive been getting worried bout the pain and all. but im sure we will all be fine smile

wishing everyone a safe and easy labour!!!
tara xoxox

hello mummas and bumps smile happy halloween lol its so hot here if i didin't look like a whale i would've already walked down to the local beach lol
DANNI- Happy Birthday!!! grin have a fantastic day!
LIZZ- I hope the kids get better soon, its such a horrible time of year to not feel well too
LEASEY- understand completely about the cankles lol i feel like the width of my ankles is the same from my knees all the way down to my toes sad its horrible. im starting to get more nervous again but i'm definatly agreeing with Tara, im sure we will all be just fine smile
TARA- Thats so exiting your due tomorrow! you might get to claim to be the first of the month if you go on time!
Have a great day everyone!!!
love catie & bump xoxo

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