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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Congrats Pippa on Phoenix Catie and Tara fingers crossed

10 days today. Single digit figures tomorrow omg.

Had obs yesterday still haven't gained any weight 8 weeks now. The fundal measurements haven't changed for the last 2 weeks but he is not worried. Had another scan and everything is ok. Last appointment next week.

Having carpets and lounge suite cleaned now. Can't wait until he is finished so I can put dd to bed. Waxing tomorrow I changed it from Friday just in case.

Anyway better go

[Edited on 10/11/2009]

hi everyone, went and saw the doctor yesterday, he was great and very reasurring. i am offically due this friday so 3 days to go. he gave me a stretch and sweep and said that i am 2cm dilated but only have a 20% chance of going into labour after he did that. you never know i might but i don't think so. if nothing happens then i will go back and see him on monday and hopefully there will be a bit of progress and they will be able to book me in to break my waters. i'm ready for this baby to come but am getting a bit nervous as i have my high school reunion this saturday and then my mum is going away on the 19th for four days. so if they don't have any room to book me in before then we are going to wait until the 23rd which is ten days over and they don't want to wait any longer then that but if she comes while mum is away i will manage but i was hoping that she would be here to be one of my support people. i'm measuring 43cms so baby is still growing well but should start to slow down now hopefully, after my first two big babies i was hoping that this one might be a bit different because of the different father but i guess it's me that makes big babies. i can tell you now, there is no way in the world that i am going back for another one. 3 is plenty.
hope to read about a few more births soon, including my own.
hi everyone grin
CONGRATULATIONS PIPPA!!! i love the name Phoenix too! how lucky are you with a 3 1/2 hour labour?!!
well the november list is finally starting to get a bit more healthy looking lol

SHAN- the AFI is the Amniotic Fluid Index test, the CTG is the Cardiotocograph. pretty much they explained it to me that at 10days over they need to do an ultrasound to make sure there not too much fluid round bub and to put me on the moniter for like half hour or something. im pretty sure its just to make sure there is no bad reason why bub hasn't come yet i suppose smile and BC is birth center smile
i think if my MIL was like any other NORMAL MIL it wouldn't be too bad, but she just drives me nuts and no matter how many times we have told her, she still thinks she will be in the birthing room.... ahhh no!
I did however get DF to tell her she cannot stay at our house when i get home from hospital for a week or so, i just want that time for me dean and bub. he's only having 2 weeks off work and thats all he's gonna have for a long time so i just want to enjoy it smile
anyways im off to eat some food im so hungry hahaha
luv catie xoxo

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is travelling along well. Havent had time today to catch up on posts - except I do see that congratulations are in order for Pippa on the arrival of your little man.
Im about to head off again to see my niece for her birthday - just wanted to give you an update on me.

Im feeling a bit disheartened today. I had my midwives appt (38 weeks) today and asked her to check me to see if anything was happening down there. My cervix is completely shut! Whilst she did it she noticed I was leaking a bit of fluid so sent me to the hospital to get it checked out. It turns out that I have a small leak. They have put me on antibiotics and I have to go back to the hossy tomorrow for a trace and then again on Thursday for another trace and an internal. If nothing is happening they'll then decide what to do. Im hoping they will just leave me on antibiotics until I go into labour naturally, but now there is a chance that I may have to have another c/s.

I was feeling really positive up until today sad

Im still 2 weeks off my due date so I don't think I'll go into labour by myself.

Anyway, Im off to sulk some more. I'll keep you updated!


Hi All

congrats Pippa on the safe arrival of your lil one smile

well i went to docs today. everything is still the same apparently. he's making me wait till monday to be induced if i havent had bub by then.

its so frustrating, i was thinking and hoping that he would induce me sometime this week, now i have to wait another 6 DAYS!!!!

so unfair!!!

Bec- thats a shame bout the possiblilty of having to have a c/s. chin up, hopefully it wont happen.

smile ladies smile
tara xoxo

Tara - you poor thing, i cant believe they are making you wait that long before they will induce you! hopefully it will happen way before then.

Bec - hope that you are ok, i guess the good thing is that they found out. I really hope that all will be ok and you will get your VBAC.

Catie - That's definitely fair enough that you have a week with just you, your DF and your baby especially while he is on holidays. When i had my DS my DH had 3 days off, the wed i had my c/s, thurs and fri and had to go back on the mon as it was his works busiest time of the year. My mum brought us home from hospital. I completely understand about you wanting just the 3 of you home and about not having your MIL in the birth room with you.

I have my next OB apptment tomorrow so will see how it goes.

Congrats Pippa on the arrival of Phoenix! And on a nice quick labour!

No baby here yet sad 39 weeks today... and it's stinking hot... I would have to be massively pregnant during the hottest november in 100 years *rolls eyes*

Saw ob yesterday, bubs is still only 4/5 engaged, but he said thats normal for second bubs. Still having heaps of niggles and pains as it's moving around... got another appt next tuesday to see him, but sooo hoping bubs arrives before then! Have done this weeks groceries, so there's food for hubby & DD, so there's no reason not to have the baby... so come on out baby!!
If it's not here by next tuesday, i'll be pushing ob for s&s or something to encourage it!!

Anyway hope everyone is well, and coping with this ridiculous heatwave!

Congratulations Leasly and Pippa on the arrival of your babies, I bet you are both glad that they have come out!!!

Bec, you sound like you are in the same sort of situation i am in, I want to go naturally and am now just over 39 weeks but nothing is happening and I only have until this Friday to go naturally otherwise I am booked in for a C-section. I too am disappointed that I most likely will have to have a c-section but at the sametime a friend of mine said just remember Labour is usually over in day or so but you will have your gorgeous baby to cuddle each and everyday so what's more important.
Try not to stress and who knows you may get your wish afterall.

Anyone else seem to be getting bigger still, the sides of me are now filling out and I can hardly walk, more of a waddle really.

I feel for all of you in the heat, I experienced that last week but only for a day and it was not nice so I really feel for anyone living in Adelaide at the moment with 39degrees each day this week so far, I really hope you have air-con!

Hopefully the next time I post on here I will have my baby in my arms.

take care everyone


Afternoon ladies.

I hope everyone is coping in this heat. Thank God for airconditioning LOL!

Thanks Kris - I've been preparing myself for having another c/s. In the end its having a healthy bub that counts, I've just had my heart set on a VBAC. Its now just wait and see with fingers crossed. I hope something starts happening for you too. Why aren't you able to go over your due date? I was told I will have up to 10 days past my due date to go into labour and then they'll book the c/s.

I had an argument with my mum the other day about people coming to visit once baby is born. My grandmother and my aunt have both told her that they will be coming here (from interstate) when I get home from hospital. I told Mum my thoughts on the matter and she got the cranks with me for being rude?!?!?! I understand they're excited but holy crap - i'll have just had a baby and I really wont feel up to 'entertaining'.

Well - I had to cancel my pregnancy massage yesterday because I was stuck at the hospital all day, so today I went and had a pedicure. I was hoping the massage chair may have bought on some contractions LOL! No such luck!

I was back at the hospital today to have bubs monitored. I was only in there for about 20 minutes because she said bubs was absolutely beautiful and tracing really well. I have to go back in the morning and they'll reassess me. Fingers crossed they're prepared to keep me on antibiotics and let me go into labour naturally! I can only feel a little trickle of fluid every now and then so its not a major leak!

Anyway ladies - sorry for the long boring post. I'll let you all know what the Docs decision is tomorrow!!


Hi Everyone

Big Congrats to Sal, Mel and Leasey on the births of yours bubs.

But where are the rest girls??? lol We are in November are we not??? lol

Any way had my two weighed today Zak has put on 390 grams in a week and Kyra put on 270 grams so I must be doing something right breast feeding them.

It is still currently 40 degrees here in SA. Dh wanted to go skiing on the river on weekend I told him he would fry, and I wasn't coming to drive the boat for him.

I think all you girls should try a warm bath, sex, nipple stimulaion, rasberry tea anything to bring these babies out. lol
Good luck maybe today the 11/11 at least no one will forget.

Bring on those babies Girls


The reason why I can't go over or wait until 40 weeks as such is because DD was a large baby 4.28kgs and I had her at 39 weeks and I had a massive hamorrage after the natural birth which required a blood transfusion. This time round my Ob does say that the baby won't be as big but to be on the safe side to make sure I still have him at 39 weeks otherwise waiting until 40 weeks he will be probably over 4kgs and my body doesn't really take to birthing big babies naturally. I also made the decision not to be induced this time round as this was another reason why I hamorraged, so my only other option if natural labour hasn't come on by Friday is the C-section which I can't stand but don't want to hamorrage again if you know what i mean


[quote] I also made the decision not to be induced this time round as this was another reason why I hamorraged, so my only other option if natural labour hasn't come on by Friday is the C-section which I can't stand but don't want to hamorrage again if you know what i mean Kris- does being induced mean that its more than likely you will hamorrage? if so is there anyway to try and prevent it, cos if my bub hasn't come by monday im being induced, just want to be prepared BTW has anyone heard from Diana? its been ages since she been on... love to all xoxox

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