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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

hi everyone! hope your all doing well smile
well its nice to see that more babies have been born!!!
Congratulations to Diana on the birth of your baby girl Caylee Zahara! nice name! grin
Congratulations to Jodie on the birth of your baby boy CJ!
Congratulations to Kris on the birth of your baby boy Jayden Daniel!
Congratulations to Alybel on the birth of your baby boy Adam!
And congratulations to anyone else i may have missed!
Our lil Kayleigh is a week old tomorrow, i can't believe that 7 days have gone by already smile She is doing really well and i love her to bits!
Can't wait to hear some more birth notices!
Take care ladies and babies!!
luv Catie & Kayleigh xoxo

Hi all,

Baby news from me too - had our little girl, Jamisyn Charli, on sunday 15/11 - 8pd 1oz. Natural birth, very quick - first mild contraction at 6.30am, waters broken by doc at 11.30am, was only 4cm dilated then, and she was born at 12.15pm! We are both well.

Haven't read all the other posts so congrats to any other november mummies who've had their bubs!!

Evening ladies.

Just wanted to say best of luck tomorrow Jane! So jealous that you'll be holding your bubba soon!

Welcome to the world baby Adam! Such a big boy!
Wow Blonde Liz - Jamisyn was in a hurry to meet you!

Had my Doctors appt today - she offered to do a S&S which I of course said yes to - no such luck. Baby is still high and my cervix is still closed. I don't think this bub wants to come out and meet us any time soon.

I have another MW appt next Tuesday so hopefully something will start to happen by then. I think Im going to resort to sex LOL!

Have a great night ladies.


Hi, i'm very proud to announce :

My lil boy Kalan was born Tuesday 17th..
weighing 9 POUND 1." 4.10KGS
36.2CM H/c.

I seen the Dr on Mon for my checkup he gave me an internal and said my cervix had thinned out and said that wouldn't be far from arriving he said it would be mon night..
Any way all day monday i felt like my period was comming..
And 10pm monday night contractions hit, i rang hossy they said wait an hr if im not in pain cause i didnt think he was ready any way i rang back at 11pm and said i was comming in to get checked and i was 7cm dilated already by then..
and at 1:54am Tues morning he was here.. i had the gas to get me through it from bout 11:30pm uptil i started to push..His Daddy watched his arrival and cut his cord..
He is just beautiful and has a head full of thick black hair.. more then my other 3 had and dark as mine..
We very happy..x0

We stayed in hossy over night came home 6pm Wednesday...

Big Congrats to the other mummies

Tara congrats on lil Rhlee.

Kel hope you have had your lil bub now.

Catie congrats on Kayleigh

Congrats DianA on your lil Caylee

Congrats Kris on Jayden.

Alybel congrats on your lil Adam.

Blonde Lizzard- congrats on Jamisyn.

Wow - Congratulations everyone on all the births, gosh some of you have had some very big babies!!! Sorry just a quick post. I am overdue and have been told they wont induce me until im 12 days over. Not happy at all!!

Well good luck to everyone who are still waiting, and everyone else hope your bubs are being good for ya!

Amelia xxx

hi everyone smile
congratulations blonde lizzard on birth of jamisyn charli! i love her name its gorgeous!
congratulations twilightfan on birth of Kalan! hope you are both doing really well!
Bec & Amelia - labour dust to you if you are wanting it! hope things start to happen soon for you!
i hope everyone is keeping nice and cool in this heat, i took kayleigh for a walk this morning it was nice when we walked out the door, i was only gone for an hour, but poor lil bub was so hot when i got her home sad i reckon its defintly hotter here in melb today more than yesterday...
oh, i've had to swap from breast over to electric pump that we had to hire from chemist, so kayleigh is on bottles now.. i wanted to try for longer but my nipples are sooo damaged. my mw checked them yesterday again they grazed and still bleeding sad sorry if tmi
luv to all xoxox

Well back at home after the birth of LUCY ELLEN on 16 Nov. Induced but the Dr still didn't make it, gel at 8am, no pains till 12.30pm mild every 5 mins. Water broken @ 1pm, drip on lowest dosage @ 1.30pm, still 2cm. pains from then every 5 mins, STRONG at 2pm (I need an epidural NOW please!!). 4cm @ 2.20, no epidural as pushed at 2.30, she was born at 2.47.

Hubby FREAKED and had to leave the room as I lost control and screamed! Such an easier delivery this time and recovered so well.

Lucy is gorgeous and should have reddish hair like William. 2nd baby is so much easier - William got a bug Tues and threw up so he's a bit off colour still (and a little rough with her unfortunately).

Sorry about the disjointed post, typing is hard while breast feeding!!!

Congrats to all new additions!!!!!!!

PS - I've forgotten SO much but its coming back - like the smell of breastmilk nappies!

Hi everyone,

just thought I'd let everyone know that our little girl, Rebecca Ellen, arrived on her brother's 2nd birthday 11/11/09, 3 days early. She weighed 3.03kg and was 49cm long. She is sleeping 3/4 hours at a go overnight and loving her boobie milk!

Congrats to all the other Nov mummies who bubs have arrived and hope all the others arrive safely and soon!


Congrats to all the mummy's.

My little bundle is still baking, 6 days over due today, going to the hospital tomorrow morning for a trace. Doc thinks I will have her tonight, I am so hoping so. Either way I'll be at the hospital tomorrow and we will be working out what is going to happen next if I haven't had her. I would like labour to start on its own tonight rather than being induced, but if it has to be done it has to be done I spose.

Good Luck to the rest of us who haven't 'popped' yet.

Morning ladies

Big contrats to Kel and Jen - Seems like Ellen is a popular middle name LOL! Jen - love the name Rebecca (but I am biased LOL - its my name hehehehe).

Trina - I really hope things start happening by themselves for you.

Nothing to report here. Still 4 days till my due date but I really dont want to go over. I have an MW appt on Tuesday so hopefully my cervix will have started to open and she can do a sweep!

Take care ladies.

Labour dust to those still waiting.


Congratulations to all you new mummies...I'm so jealous i'm now one day passed my dew date....saw OB on Thursday he checked my cervix said I'm 2 cm 100% efaced and could feel bubs head right there he did a stratch and sweep...two days later and still nothing is happening I've had a few contractions here and there but they never amount to much..its really frustraiting and it doesn't help that my father inlaw has rang every single day for the past 2 weeks to see if anything is happening...I know he is just excited about his first Grandson but its making me feel like a failure.

Ayway sorry if TMI just needed to vent (hubby says he can't wait but he still doesn't ubderstand)
Thought I would let you ladies know that Jane (mummytoalhali) had her baby boy yesterday.

Rogan Patrick arrived safely by c/section at 3.37pm weighing 7lb 50z (3340gms). All is well.

Sezz - no need to feel like a failure. Sometimes these babies have other ideas ... Hang in there - he cant stay inside forever LOL!


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