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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Just a quick post from me Lincoln Trey arrived on his due date the 26th at 802am after a 6 and a half hr labour weighing in at 9lb 6 oz and 51cm long.

Morning.. Kalan is 2wks 2day, and has put back on his birth weight and some..E.C.H.C are really happy with how he is growing, and looking..
Weight now -4320gms
Head C.- 36.7cm
Length. - 54cm.. So his also had a growth spurt and lil head has also grown.. His a good lil boy sleeping well and feeding well. getting spoilt by family and friends..
Good luck Ekki, hope u have gone in to labour by now if not all the best with your C-sec.
x0 Leah

Eviction Notices need to be sent out now to everyone still waiting come on babies move. I wonder when my little man would of made an appearance if he was not forced out.

Have had a few bad days. Ended up at drs yesterday with a uti and infected scar that has started to open a little bit and sorry tmi thrush and constipation. The joys of c/s. Who in there ringht mind would honestly chose one. So I am on antibiotics and it might effect Rogen a little bit. Might make him a bit unsettled but I have to be on them.

The MHN came yesterday and weighed the little man he has put on 60grams since we got home from hospital. Not worried because he is feeding every 4 hours during the day and 6-7 hours overnight.

Dh got a call from work today and has to fly to Adelaide for a meeting tomorrow. So much for having 6 weeks off. So it will be very interesting. I am flying solo. I have aranged for one of the mums at school to pick dd1 and ds1 in the morning and bring them home in the afternoon. DH should be home by about 5.00pm so not that bad.

ANyway good luck ladies and remember it is all worth it in the end


Hi all,

Well I've finally got my act together to come on here to announce the birth of my baby.

Emily Florence was born Sunday 22nd at 1.40am weighing 3650g or 8lb 1oz and 53cm long.

I had a 4 hour labour, and about 15-20 minutes of pushing, no stitches or anything, which I am pleased about, as my first DD gave me some bad vaginal gouges (she presented with her hand next to her face). Luckily it was at night and hubby was at home, otherwise he would have missed out completely. The owrst part was travelling to the hospital in the car while having contractions 3mins apart.... Not at all comfortable.

Emily has put on 480g in the first week, and is going really well.

Hope everyone has had their babies by now, .....McMum.....

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Hello everyone,

Would love to announce the arrival of our two babes:

ADDISON LEE 5lb 11oz & RHYS JAMIE 5lb 5oz on the 24/11/2009.

We arrived home from hospital with our two bundles today.

Getting used to the broken sleep again!! They are both so good babies. They are breastfeeding like champs & in between they sleep or just lay there looking at each other. Both have past their birth weight too. Glad to be home with my family.

The birth was crappy as I though it would be, as I had to have a C-Sec. I waas trying to be positive & strong but when I was wheeled into theatre, with the spinal block in, not feeling anything from underr my boobs down the water works started. It was pretty emotional for me. I got a quick look at the bubs before they were taken over to the doc for a check & then passed back to me all wrapped up for a little cuddle & some photos & then they were taken to special care & spent a few days there. They weren't sucking & had low temps. But they are all good now & we are glad to be home.


Hi ladies

Apologies, I haven’t read what’s been going on lately, I just got home from hospital - but I’m excited to finally be able to post our birth announcement!

IT’S BLUE!! Tate Anthony arrived on Sunday 29 November (4 days past his due date) at 8.37pm weighing 8pd 2oz (3700gm).

Unfortunately I didn’t get my VBAC and finished up with another c/section. I started having contractions at 4am and went to the hospital at around 8.30am. Long story short, I laboured all day and did not dialate even 1cm. Tate was posterior and had managed to wedge himself into my pelvis in a funny position!

Bub and I both doing well and big brother is very excited.

Will read up on everyone’s posts later when I get a chance!

Big congrats to the other ladies that have had their bubs!


hello everyone!!!
quick post for me today... big congratulations to everyone on all the new arrivals grin
evryones choice of names are so beautiful!
BEC - congratulations on lil tate! sorry u didn't get your vbac
though sad hope your recoverying well
EKKI - hopefully your not going to have to wait to much longer, unless youve had bub already! ****labour dust to you****
i hope all you mummys are taking care of yourselves, recovering well and getting lots of well deserved rest when you can! grin
kayleigh is doing well, we just got back from MHN, and she's putting on weight nicely so thats good.
be back on soon when i can lol
luv catie xo

[Edited on 03/12/2009]

Hello ladies

congrats to all you latest new mums on your little bundles of joy!! How exciting, and great names. Love the birth stories too! All the bubs sound like they're doing great too!

Isla is 2 weeks old already - gone so fast. She sleeps so well, 5-6 hours during the night and up to 4 at a time during the day! Has gotten the hang of feeding and is picking up weight - neafrly back up to her birth weight - only 65 grams to go. Yay! She's so placid too! What's everyone else's babies doing in terms of sleep?

Labour dust to anyone still waiting and hoping all you mums are getting enough sleep! Have a great weekend (hope it's warm where you are - here in Wellington today it's freezing - crazy to think it's officially the start of summer! I've got the heater on in the lounge!!

Roxy x

Hi Everyone

Big congrats to everyone on their new arrivals! Hope that you are all going well.

Bec - sorry to hear that you didnt get to have a vbac but it sounds like you definitely gave it your best go so you should be proud of yourself!

Catie - great minds think alike wink

Zoe is going very well she is still sleeping and feeding pretty much 4 hourly. She is so settled and I cant believe how different she is to Drew who never slept night or day and screamed all the time because of colic and reflux. She is doing really well gaining weight so far about 300grams per week, which is the same as Drew was. Probably going to end up with another little chubby bubby. My hubby goes back to work on monday after 3 weeks off so will be by myself for 4 days lucky i have family close by. Been so nice having him home though.

Roxy - you should come to Perth it's 37 today!!

Hi everyone congrats on all the new arrivals!

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of my beautiful baby boy Levi Hugh born 26th Nov at 7:57 pm weighing 3.44 kg and 50 cm long he is the most precious thing I've ever seen I'm very proud and absolutely love being a mummy!!
Hello lovely fellow mummy's!
It's been ages since I was on but just wanted to let you all know we had a beautiful little boy Tom James arrive on the 16th of Nov at 7:45am (a few days early!)
He is a healthy little bubba, weighed 3.875kg and 53cm
He has taken to the breastfeeding like duck to water! I'm so pleased and is eating every 3 hours during the day and sleeping through most nights, we have been blessed thus far!
I will catch up on all the posts now.
I hope all is well and very happy for you all like it is in our household smile
good morning fellow mummy's,
just a quick post before i go and take the kids to school. Jorji is doing really well as of last thursday she weighed 5300gms so she is growing very well. everything is going wonderfully, she sleeps from about 8.30pm until 2.30am most nights so i am getting plenty of sleep but then she likes to wake up and about 5.30 and will not settle afterwards but i really can't complain. we have both got colds but she is still feeding well and putting on weight so the child health nurse isn't concerned. hope everyone is organised for christmas, i definately am noe, the christmas tree only got put up yesterday afternoon and i must admit the kids did a great job, i only have to reorganise a couple of the decorations.
anyway it's time to take the kids to school, 3 more days then they have 6 weeks off. what fun.
Take care, sandie
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