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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hey Everyone

Hope everyone is well with there new bundles of joy

Quick update Jayden is doing well, he has put on over 400grams in one weight and loves is milk alot.
He is sleeping most of the night and I only have to get up once now which is nice, hope it stays that way. Only one issue with him is that he doesn't settle late avo to about 830pm at night so awake for about 4-5 hours, it's hard but I have my mum helping with DD's dinner every day from 5pm as I can't do it for her as Jayden is really overtired by this stage. Anyone else finding that there baby isn't settling late avo?

Oh well has anyone started a november 2009 thread for new babies.


Hi All
hope that you are all going well. We are doing well, just survived my first 4 days with DS back away at work. went really well actually so that's a relief.

there is a november 09 thread for our babies in the baby section. hope to see some of you in there soon
hello!! hehehe i just posted on the othere thread too lol i got lost in the forums and couldn't find the thread ***baby brain*** lmfao so its on BABY section, in WHEN WAS YOUR BABY BORN grin
Kayleigh is an absolute dream! i'm so happy that my first baby is a good baby! otherwise i might be too scared to ever try for another one day lol still contemplating whethere that will happen though, obvisously not right now, but after the labour i had.... hhhmmm we'll see smile
EKKI - have you had your baby yet?!
I hope you are all doing fantasticly!
luv to all
catie xoxo
[Edited on 14/12/2009]

Hi Ladies,

So sorry for the late reply...
Hi Catie, thanks for checking up on me smile

Congrats Mcmun and all the other ladies who have given birth in the meantime!!

I am pleased to announce the birth of my gorgous baby girl born on Wednesday the 2nd of Dec! She was 2 days o.due..but thats fine..
I got my VBAC too!
Ill post more about this in the Labour VBAC section...

WE are doing fine.


Ekki, NSW, Baby Boy 20/4/05

Hi Mummies smile

Congrats to everyone- have only just had time to read through all the announcements and birth stories- what amazing women! Am loving reading what everyone has had and all the gorgeous names too smile

Sebastian is doing really well- little piglet is feeding heaps and has more than doubled in weight since birth. Am glad too cos people have finally stopped commenting on how skinny he is. Am so proud of his teeny double chin as well smile

His big brother just adores him but is still working out what "gentle hugs" means. But its busy with two under 2 and toilet training and the rest. But so much fun am loving it even more with my two boys.

Hope everyone is getting some little bits of sleep. Wishing everyone a very merry christmas and a peaceful and fun new year smile

x x sal

Hi Everyone

Just thought i'd pop in and see how you are all doing?

Zoe is going well, still cant believe how different it is to have a pretty settled baby, so nice to have one who actually sleeps especially with a 2 year old. she's still doing 3-4 hours at night but thats ok, as long as i get some sleep that's all that matters.

take care
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