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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Morning ladies

Hope everybody is doing well and the MS isn't getting the better of you LOL! I can say that because I dont' have any LOL - fingers crossed it stays that way!

Well, Im off to the doctor this morning for confirmation! Hopefully I can get my bloods done today too! Im going to try to convince the doc that I need a scan before 12 weeks LOL - dont like my chances though!

TAN - when we were planning our first I decided that I would go private and joined my hubby's fund. Turned out I got pregnant too quickly LOL and bubs was born before the 12 month waiting period. I ended up going public and was extremely happy with the service I recieved. I ended up having to have a ceasar as DS was breech and I could not fault the hospital or the staff (well, most of them anyway LOL). I am going public again this time! In the end the decision is yours - if you think you'll feel more comfortable going private and seeing the same Doc/OB throughout your pregnancy then thats what you should do!

Good luck making the decision!

Have a great day ladies.


Morning Ladies!!

Rachel – I’m so sorry for your loss huny, I hope you will be ok xx

Tan – I’ve had friends who have gone both public and private, both with mixed responses. We’ve made a decision to go private and have been in for almost 2 years now (we had been TTC for 15months!!) As Bec said, its totally an individual decision and only you and your partner can make that decision. I suggest speaking with a couple of centres maybe and see who you feel comfortable with.

Hey Becka – I’ll also say well bloody done on the list!!

Danni – I’ve been having a couple of bottles of Ginger Beer during the day. And when I do have anything to eat, like lunch or dinner, I have one then too. It seems to settle the tummy a bit to keep things down at least!

I’ve decided that my boobs are now aliens! They hurt at the strangest times – like sitting down in a seat!! And they’re definitely changing shape too. I know this is probably one of those TMI things, but I know we’ve all got two different boobs. Well one sits higher and perkier than the other and is almost a cup smaller. But I’ve noticed that their definitely more fuller! Spewin that DH has gone back to work for 6 weeks, he’d be loving the look of them right now!!
And my moods! OMG I’m like a caged animal! I’m soooo snappy and I can’t seem to stop it! Maybe I’M the alien now!! Hahahahaha

I hope you all have a great day today

Hi Ladies,

Can I please join. I am due on 4th December but will be having c/s in NOvember. This is my 4th.

So sorry to here about your loss Rachel. Hun I have been there and it is not nice.

Does anyone else feel dizzy.

Take Care


Welcome hopefully4 and congrats on your pregnancy smile

I am also dizzy, was more so the last 2 weeks, but still am and also have a ringing in my ears which is really strange. I find I am eating all the time to keep the dizzy, sick feeling at bay, but as soon as I've stopped eating, it returns. So it's an endless cycle! Haha.

Trying very hard to stay away from Maccas, pies and chips which I've been consuming like there is no tomorrow. Might explain why I have been feeling slightly better the last 2 days???

HI everyone I hope you are all doing well and the ms stays away, havent had any yet so hoping that it stays away, have managed to end up with a cold instead though so hopefully that doesnt last too long.
I has my dating scan this morning, got to the tiniest little flutter on the screen, bubs little heart beat @ 153 beats( got told that was good??)!! Certainly helps to put my mind at ease after seeing that, not much else to report since early days go back at 12-13 weeks for nuchal fold scan.
We will be going public as well, went private with ds and public with dd the only difference we found was our actual doctor delivered not whoever was on at the time. I think a lot of it would depend where you live.
Hope everyone has a great day.

Hi ladies hope everyone is feeling well today.

Rachel sorry to hear about your loss hope you feel better soon.

Still no MS, it is hard to feel truly pregnant until nothing stays down. With DD2 I couldn't even touch maccas or any other burger joint foods they were just the worst and to this day I still rearly eat the stuff. Mind you DD2 would eat it every day if she could! With DD1 I found Kool mints were the best thing for MS (just don't eat the whole packet at once).

Hi there ladies.

Sorry again to hear about your loss Rachael. Hope you're doing OK.

Well I've realised I'm COMPLETELY paranoid and have taken 4 tests and have another 3 in the medicine cabinet!!

I've had LOTS of dizziness (also have a wicked cold!)and lots of mood swings - but it doesn't help that we had a MAJOR and STRESSFUL event to organise last weekend and we haven't told anyone our news yet. One of the other girls was being a b!tch about me "not doing as much as she was!" (meanwhile I'm not one of those pregnant women who sit back and use pregnancy as an excuse - was shifting tables and chairs with the rest of them!).

I just wanted to explode at her and tell her to back the hell off - then she slept all the next day while I cleaned up!!!! GRRRRRR

When we tell them I'm going to make her feel REALLLLLLY bad!

Got my bloods done yesterday and got a referral for a dating scan. Is there any use for this scan if you know when you fell?

After Noon All,

Wow that list just keeps growing fantastic work. Getting back to the MS awwwwwwwwww I have to say Tonee I have tryed even drinking the ginger beer have stocked up on it but it still doesn't help. Hopefully the doc can give me a script or something its worse than a hangover at least they go, not like this, this was not self inflicted, well not on my part anyway lol.
And understand the mood swings, it goes with the teritory MS = Bear that feels crap.
Anyway another thing was just wondering what state everyone is in. Be nice to know which state has been the naughtiest lol.
I'm from South Australia about a two and half hour drive from Adelaide.

Hope you all have a good day
Cheers Danni
[Edited on 26/03/2009]

Hi all! Wow it's big group we've got now!

Well the MS hit hard here for a couple of weeks, but so far this week have been feeling pretty good! Fingers crossed it stays away for good.

Got a scan tomorrow afternoon, just to confirm dates and make sure everything is where it should be! Am excited, and nervous at the same time.

Hope everyone is feeling ok!

Oh and I'm in Victoria!
[Edited on 26/03/2009]

Hi Everyone,

Danni I would suggest having some minties handy for MS , I eat them when out and about they really do help but try not too eat too many.

I have a question too about the dating scan, I won't be seeing my ob until I am 10 weeks so not until mid april and I was wondering about the dating scan, is it personal choice that everyone is getting a scan earlier or is it because of your ob.
Just a tiny bit confused as with DS1 my first ultrasound wasn't until 12 weeks.

MS is hard today but I managed to fit in a 10min aerobic workout which kind of helped, I know it sounds funny and strange but it must of pumped the blood around my body to make me feel better.

Hope everyone is going well.


Hey Kris

My OB told me that he didn't want to see me til I was 10 weeks too and that I'll be having a dating scan then.
As this is my first I've really got no idea what I'm doing, so I'm just going along with it all!!

Yeah I'm not real sure what this dating scan is, when pregy with #4 didn't even know I was preggy and missed scan for skin folds down syndrome etc, only had the one about half way. I spose its where you live too. Here we don't have too many options. See doc on Friday for bloods then go from there.

Hope all goes well for everyone.

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