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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Aarrggghhh why can't I get this damn ticker to work!!!!

Never mind - got it!!1
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How are we all. Welcome and congrates to the new mum's. I havent had any leaking from my boobs neither. But my mood and hormones are terriable. i had such a big windge on the weekend... I went up to see my parents for easter too. They know about my pregnancy and my father is so happy he was rubbing my tummy it was so funny..


hello all nov mummies

i have those blakmore morning sickness pills, to be honest they dont help =(

quick question
has anyone had any spotting? i have. its only a small amount like when i wipe after a wee its on the loo paper. It looks like the start of my period, very very very light and a brown colour.
Ive heard its normal to have a bit of spotting, especially in the first three months as it can be the embryo nestling into the walls of the uterus. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this

sorry for the in depth post =P


Hey girls

I'm trying to motivate myself to mow the lawn today, it really needs doing and no one else will do it! I can't wait till I can use my bump as an excuse to pay someone to do it!!
Well I've already done a few loads of washing and washed the dog too. I've got a couple more days to do the lawn and wash the car!!!!

Lex - I had a bit of spotting too on Wednesday, except mine was a bit redder, almost a bit milky too. But there was no pain or cramps with it, so I convinced myself it was ok. And it has not occured again.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend
Hi girls

Welcome to all the newbies..

blondelizzard - I haven't really leaked again since but it was such a minute amount, so really not sure what it was, perhaps I'll ask my GP...I remember leaking colostrum the first pregnancy but not this early! At about 30 weeks. I also have a little bump!! A family friend noticed it straight away. I keep telling them it's me giving into my cravings but they insist the shape of my tummy says it's a definite baby bump. Didn't know you could show that early but maybe in 2nd pregnancies you can....

lex - I have also had spotting on 2 occasions since falling pregant. Just like you described. I was worried but afer googling it I saw most pregnancy websites say spotting in early pregnancy is quite normal and nothing to be worried about smile.

Tan - I had a period of about a week where I could not go near red meat, but that has since passed and I can eat it now no problem. But for a while it was horrible even looking at it.

My M/S seems to be dwindling a bit, anyone else starting to feel slightly better??
[Edited on 10/04/2009]

Morning Ladies,

I had a bit of a scare yesterday. I found 1 spot of brown blood on my undies. Nothing when I wiped and nothing since. I am going for scan on Friday but thought I might change it just to check but everything is closed for the long weekend. I threw up again this mornig and feel yuck so that is a good sign. I got to spend yesterday afternoon in bed as dh wanted me to take precautions. Anyway of to do some Easter shoping

Take Care

Jane I am sure if you google this on most websites they do say that a slight bit of spotting is quite normal it's when you have cramping and spotting together that you should seek help.
I haven't had spotting but yesterday had cramping which had me worried it was only slight and we where at the easter show at the time so was concerned but when I got home I looked up cramping and it can mean the Uterous is stretching which I thinkg it had to be as it went away and hasn't come back since.
I don't know about everyone else but I am exhausted these days so tired I have to have a nap around midday otherwise I can't cope, I know with my first pregancy fatigue was never an issue so not sure why this one has made me so very very tired, I still have MS but have started take blackmores morning sickness relief tablets, they work sometimes and not always but it's better than nothing.
Anyhow hope everyone else is having a nice Easter break, DH and I are off to the movies tonight to see Duplcity I can't wait while my Mum looks after DD what a treat!


hi all nov mummies

thought i would give you a update. ms was good today i had a really good sleep last night which i think helps sooooo much i havent been sleeping well this last week just really emotions are really bad at the moment finding it really hard to control them (sorry DF) i really think i have a small bump now i know it isnt just bloating cos it doesnt go away and it feels different now then before.

i got a great big scare the other afternoon when i had brown spotting i just cryed i thought that was it but after i got onto google and what you have all been saying it seems pretty normal THANK GOD!!!

Anyway i hope your all doing well talk soon


<a href=

Well had a scan on Wednesday and YES! there is a baby in there! Had hubby and my little 2 year old with me so that was nice - even though he doesn't understand apart from knowing that "baby in mummy belly". Since I don't feel any different (apart from sore boobs which I didn't have last time) it was a relief to see.

Have my initial appointment with OB on Thursday and mum is going with me as we own our own business and hubby can't take another day off. She's already bought me a maternity shirt for Easter instead of chocolate!

Still no throwing up but have had lots of quick-passing nausea. Told immediate family and they're all excited which is lovely. Just waiting on the all clear regarding my chicken pox vaccination and possible side effects from the OB before I get too excited.

Now the fun starts - we have to remodel the house to FIT another baby in! Lucky our best mate is a builder hey!??

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thought it was time for an update from me.. grin

I have been so busyb the last week.. after so long we finally got a big house. smile our lease is a minimum of 2 years grin

so from a one bedroom crappy cabin to a 3 bedroom house with a BIG backyard. couldnt be more happy.
this baby brought us the luck, im sure of it.
I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and saw a beautiful heart beat! grin also confirmed my due date.. which i already had right, 28th November! grin
I have to get some more bloods done on Tuesday (when everything re-opens).
hope you all have a great Easter. xox

Happy Easter Everyone,

The kids woke up at 6.30am to see if Easter Bunny had been so chocolate all around at 6.30. It is going to be a very long day. We have lunch at my sisters then off to visit the inlaws. My morning sickness is getting worse certain smells now trigger it off.

Have a great day


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