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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

hey limmerbean... we are due on the same day! so exciting.
the only thing i feel is the very very very sore boobs too... although i have did have a glimpse of the morning sickness this morning. To me that is a welcome sign though as i was very sick with my first, then not sick at all with the twins i miscarried... so in my mind sickness means healthy bub!
Hi ladies!

I'm Liz, am married to Anthony and am pg with baby number 2 - have a DD named Tannah who turns 2 next week!

I'm so excited to be pregnant again! Haven't seen the doc yet as can't get in until Thurs next week, but I've worked out I should be due around 17th November. Feels very different to Tannah's pregnancy - her's was so easy, no morning sickness, cramps or anything, but this time I have cramping, almost all day nausea and I can't stop burping!! Maybe it's a boy?? I am a bit worried about the cramping though - is it normal to have cramps?
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KMC I am so sorry to hear about your loss, I can understand what you are going through as I suffered my first miscarraige in Feb *hugs*
Liz we have the same due date I should be due around the 17th Nov Got docs appointment on Tuesday and will be getting bloods taken so should know levels wed. I had mild cramping around the time af was due but its gone now, mild cramping is totally normal especially around when af would normally be due.
Atm I am finding it hard to get excited mainly cause of miscarriage, am scared that it will happen again and wont feel at ease until I know levels are rising and see if get a scan done.

so like question... i started of with a couple of mild cramps in the middle and now they sometimes come just to the left.. is that normal??

Hi all,

I also have little cramps i guess its a normal thing. well i hope so anyway. im due on the 2nd of november. i was spotting on and off.

i dont have another ultrasound until im 18 weeks and i have a blood test next week i hope all goes well.

my partner and i lost our first baby in sept o7 and we have tried ever since. except we decided to stop trying and fell preggers. im alittle nervous due to wat happened previously but over joyed at the same time.

KMC very sorry to hear of your loss

My pumpkins78 I am also due close to your EDD 18th November, this is baby no 2 for us, I already have a 18th month year old girl.
I am excited to have a baby in November as my birthday is on the 25th november it would be nice to have one of our childs birthdays close to mine. DS1 was born August 2007 which was nice but hard to get up in the middle of the night in winter to breastfeed as it was really cold, dark and wet. Hoping november will be alot more warmer and we have daylight saving as well.
Well I am off to melbourne tomorrow for my good friend's wedding, really not sure if I should tell her as I am only nearly 5 weeks preggers if she asks I won't lie but I don't think I will this soon.
Too bad I can't have a nice drink but having a baby in the end is all worth it.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Hi All,

Joined this site not to long ago. But I will be joining you bub is due on 17th November. This is number 3 for my hubby and I. Miss L almost 6 and Master J almost 4, are just as excited about this bub as hubby and me. Worrying heaps thou having little twinges and the odd pain every now and then. I know its all normal and it happens, it's just i've read so many other forums and alot of women have had miscarriages so it is playin in the back of my mind. Trying to keep my mind busy and not thinking about it.
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Hi gals,
Congrats to all on your pregnancy - thought I'd join in the fun!
I joined up to this forum not long after my falling pregnant with #1. My DD is 22 months and we are now expecting our second bub. We only started TTC in February and what do you know - seems I also have a hubby with supersperm!! lol..... It took 2 tests for me to believe I actually had a BFP, couldn't believe it happened so quickly. I've estimated the due date to be around 20th November, but will have to get that confirmed...
I've also been feeling quite ill in the mornings but hungry at the same time - how do you handle that one??!! I'm absolutely starving by lunchtime and could eat all afternoon. Makes it hard to hide it at work as I'm just constantly going to the loo all day! Like trina_sheree, I'm trying not to think about it too much but I'm having twinges and aches occasionally and you do worry, I guess.
Haven't told anyone yet, hoping no one will guess until it's safe to say something. Am feeling quite terrified at the thought of having a toddler and a little baby but hey, everyone does it and everyone survives it!!
Take care of yourselves and stay healthy smile
Hi Ladies smile

Hope everyone is doing ok, Congrats to all our new BFP's grin

Got my blood test results the other day, Our little Belly bean is growing along nicely according to my hormone levels lol smile I cant wait till my scan! lol!

My blood test also showed that my liver function is down, I'm a bit worried about that, I am now on super strict NO FAT diet.. worse NO chocolate at all sad

I have had my brother down visiting, It has been wonderful, my kids (especially little S) Just adore him. We went to Toronga Zoo yesterday.

MS is getting worse but I have found rather than morning sickness, I'm ok when I first get up but as the day wears on I get more and more nauseous..

take care all!
I told my sister today while she was at work and she was so excited she started to cry...very sweet...
have been burping all day long and have the worst indigestion.. thanks baby bean..
its so amazing what having a baby makes your body do!!!

hope your all doing well.


Posted by: limmerbean
I told my sister today while she was at work and she was so excited she started to cry...very sweet...
have been burping all day long and have the worst indigestion.. thanks baby bean..

That is so nice that your sis is excited for you grin

And going off Limmerbeans name for her little bub I wondered what other names people are calling theirs?

This time round ours is the Belly Bean smile
Hi all

So obviously I've just found out I was pregnant, hence joining the forum. By my calculations I'm due 20th November. DS is currently almost 22 months old - born 1st June 2007.

We won't be telling anyone until around 8- 10 weeks again (I was 8 weeks when we told everyone about DS) and I REALLY hope I'm not jinxing anything by posting this half a day after finding out. I've never had a miscarriage so I'm scared about it - I think more so this time because you realise how much can go wrong.

Good luck to all the mum's on this forum - especially the first timers! Enjoy every minute of it - when that labour pain starts it seems like 9 months isn't long enough!!!!

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