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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi all,

Had a scare with bubs last week - started bleeding and having cramps... eventually got into see the ob, he did a scan and found the heart beating away strongly... he thinks I have an inflammed uterus, which caused the bleeding and cramps. I have to take it easy for a few weeks. Went back again today, and baby is still going well, haven't had anymore bleeding (thank goodness) but still having light cramping. But at this stage all seems well.

So after all that, we didn't end up getting the NT scan done, so have to wait until 19 weeks to see the little peanut again! Booked in for it today, will be counting down the days until the 22nd of June!!

Have started talking names now, think we've almost decided on boys names, but still up in the air about girls names. I think it's a boy anyway! And I think (fingers crossed) that my MS has almost finished!! Although every time I think that, it comes back hard... but hopefully, it's done!!

[Edited on 12/05/2009]

Hi girls

Liz - glad to hear that everything is ok. And although the 22nd June seems like a while to wait, I reckon it'll go really fast!

Diana, I am starting to look in baby shops a lot now, and also on Trademe for baby clothes, and I want to buy a double buggy too.....pretty soon I'm going to go crazy with shopping! Not sure what the DH will think of it!

I have my NT scan this arvy at 4 - can't wait. But feeling anxious about it (I've always been a worrier anyway!)

Hi, yessy we had our book in with the Dr at the hossy, he said i was 13+2 not 12weeks like my Dr thought so bub is now due a few days early on my Sis,cousin and nephews birthday.."wow" 15th November.. but its up to lil bub when they pop out.. So we will wait and see...
5 weeks we have our 18week scan, and can't wait to see bub and find out if bub is blue or pink...and to hear a lil heart beat..
The Dr yessy didn't even bother checking for a heart beat, i was so dissapointed cause i was looking forward to it for weeks.
He had a feel of me tummy,checked my weight and asked some Q's..
Take Care Ladies, and Sarah hope everything works out for you and your family...

Hi everyone, hope your m/s is slowing down.

Sarah- How was your visit to your DH? How have you been holding up?
Liz- Im glad everything is fine now, it must of been pretty scary. I am struggling to think of boys names. Ive got a few girls names - I found they were really easy to think up. Oh well I'll just have to wait for the 19 wk U/S to find out what we're having.
Callums Mummy- I hope your scan goes well today, not long to go now.
Nothing really has happened with me, just waiting on my 16 wk scan to make sure everything is fine. I have been eating alot though and feel quite chunky, and my fitness regime hasn't started yet, I'll try doing something this arvo, its hard cos its so cold at the moment.

Take care

Hi all,

MS is really slowing down YAY. Starting to feel flutters now so it's getting really exciting.

Bought a couple of little outfits the other day the price was way to good to pass them up, Unisex colours of cause. Mum has bought me a new pram and found me a new cot mattress at a really good price. I've also bought a cradle mattress for the cradle that i had when i was a bub. Will most likely start buying more and more things, have been keeping an eye on prices and working it all out with the budget. Can't wait to find out if its pink or blue though then i'll most likely buy heaps.

Twilightfan - I noticed we are due date buddies. which is my SIL b'day. mum told me to go on the 8th which is her b'day and DH told me to hold out till the 23rd which is his dad's b'day. I laughed and told them to deal with what happens.

both my other two kids were over the due date so there's a good chance this one will too.

I also bought a doppler on ebay so the kids can hear the heartbeat whenever they want, they can't wait for it to get here and neither can DH and I. lol.

Good to hear that so many scans are going really well. And good luck to ones still to come.


Hi all,

I've had my scan and I am very happy and relieved. Sonographer said everything was looking normal and at low risk. And baby was growing well. I measured a bit further along, she told me 13 weeks 1 day which is 4 days further than my previous dates, but she said not to change the EDD cause it isn't much of a change. So that's cool...

Am definitely feeling little flutters, or should I say 'flicks' quite low down, I am 99% certain it's baby moving! It's so cool. Feeling a bit better now too, I am so glad MS is almost gone for good.

Even though I was told to keep my original EDD of 21 Nov I just couldn't help changing my ticker anyway! tongue

Hi everyone,

I went and saw Dh yesterday I spent the whole day with him and then was straight back up there again today just for a few hours. he has to stay in hospital till Monday then he will be reviewed and they will decide if he needs to stay longer or can come home. They started him on anty deppressants last night I really hope they work for him and he shows some improvement and can come home soon. Its horrible leaving him there and he hates it but he is an involuntary patient and has no say in the matter...which I'm actualy happy about because at least he is getting the help he needs. I'll be going up everyday to see him which is a pain but I would want him to do the same for me and I can't stand the thought of him being alone. I was lucky enough to talk to a great social worker who has managed to get some of my bills paid she has also organised petrol vouches and a $300 voucher for grocery's which has been the biggest help ever...we are so lucky to live in a country like this there is so much help and support when your really in need.

Is anyone showing yet. I'm a slim build and thought my bump wasn't even noticeable to other people yet until my little brother last night goes hey you gees your really looking he has decided thats my

Its great to hear everyones scans seam to be going well.

HI Everyone,

I am back in the land of the living. My obs gave me medication that has actually worked. My gp prescribed maxalon but did nothing. This one cost $68 for 8 days. I know omfg but you know I have not been sick or felt like being sick all day today. I still feel a little nauseated but I can deal with that and I get to claim it back on my health insurance so yah for me. I am starting to get a sore throat though. I always end up with tonsilitis (sp?) only when I am pregnant go figure and dd1 was home with gastro today and dh had it yesterday. I told to harden the **** up a I have felt like that for 7 weeks. Typical male coment was you have gotten use to it. No you never get used to throwing up 10-15 times a day.

Anyway I am going to get my munchies ready for bed.

Have a great night


Sarah I am so glad everything is working out. Hang in there babe

Hi ladies. Sorry - have been away for a week and then busy with work. Haven't had a chance to catch up yet on the posts but will do later.

Well, I had my 12 week NT scan this morning. Was a bit p!ssed off because the screen meant for me to look at was too dark and I couldn't see anything. When I told the lady she just said "yeah, I know" so I spent most of the time craning my neck trying to see her screen. Heartrate was at 150bpm and bubs measured 5.74cm.
When I asked if the measurements for the NT looked alright and she said "well, it all depends on the blood tests". Of course she had me panicing then so I came home and compared todays measurements with DS's. They are more than double what DS's measurements were so me being a "googler" did some research. Now I've freaked myself out because todays measurements are on the 'larger' side. I rang DH to talk to him about it but he is a stupid stupid man and just made me feel like I was being a lunatic. So I sat here and cried into my keyboard LOL! Then he just sends me this text message saying "Please dont be upset. Everything will be fine. I love you very much" which of course just made me cry again LOL.

I know im over analyising everything and I'll just have to wait for the blood tests but these hormones just get the better of me LOL!

Other than that, DS is not sleeping well, I have had a head cold for 2 weeks now and Im sooooo tired I could sleep for 24 hours straight i think....

Sorry for the massive post and vent, but I knew you ladies would understand. Men are just TWATS!!!

Hope everyone else is doing fine.

Im off to meet some friends for lunch. Chat soon.


Sarah Im so glad to hear that your dh is getting the help you need and they have been really supportive and helping you out, I hope this is the start of a very good future for your family.
Bec I had my scan on monday bubs measured 7cm and had a heart rate of 171bpm. I asked about the nuchal measurement and she said they cant compare it til they have the bloods as it just doesnt go on the measurement alone, the lady was really nice but yeah said they both need to be compared before a result can be given and all the do is measure the thickness then it gets compared to age history etc and she said it gets sent away so will take about a week before we can phone the docs for results. I picked up my scans on tuesday and on the written report it had the nuchal measurement of 1.4mm so im not sure how good/bad that is but needs to be compared to age (31 in aug) and other details.
Yes men can be twats and have no idea the emotional rollercoaster we are on!!


Try not to stress I am sure everything will be fine, Men will never understand what it is like when we are experiencing pregnacy and I think the first 3 months are the worst as you aren't showing and they can't seem to understand what is wrong, I think I told my DH a million times I am feeling sick, tired etc.. but sometimes he completely forgot and kept saying what's wrong with you. I also think the ultrasound people need to be alot more understanding when doing the scans they seem cold and unfriendly alot of the times from my experience.
One question though how come you didn't have your blood test results when you had your NT scan, I thought you where meant to ahve the blood test a week in advance and then do the NT scan and the blood results get sent to the ultrasound place. Just interested that's all as that's what happens here in sydney.

Well yesterday and this morning I have been feeling nausea again I was thanking my lucky stars last week that MS had gone away well boo hoo it has returned why I ask oh well.
I have told everyone on my facebook now about baby 2 so I pray nothing happens.

Apart from that it is a lovely day here today in sydney and I can't wait to go outside and read my book while DD sleeps.

Hope everyone else is feeling better


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