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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I can't believe it's my turn to get to write in this section of the forum!! I too got a BFP about a week and a half ago. We have been trying for a long time aswell(2.5 years - I have PCOS).

I'm not sure of exactly how far along I am (I think about 6 weeks). I have an OB appointment in 2 weeks time for a scan.

Sam C
[Edited on 14/03/2009]

Sam C

Hi and welcome,

Congrates to all the other mums that are due this month.

Sam i also have pcos and was told i couldnt have kids. but my little miracle has happened touch would nothing goes wrong this time round...

ALSO... has anyone come up with baby names or is it to early for thinking that..

Hey again,
Congrats to some of the new people who have posted since mine - Kel_Will, you have the same due date as me so far, and you are sounding a lot like me too! My hubby and I stopped at a garage sale on Saturday and happened to buy a cot and change table for an absolute bargain. I'm hoping I haven't jinxed it by charging ahead and getting something like that so early!! smile
I have a question for you all - how is everyone feeling? Has anyone had any morning sickness, or should I call it all day sickness?! Reason I'm asking is I am having some days where I feel good, then some where I'm feeling really rotten. Today is one of those days. Just struggling to get excited about eating anything, tired and feeling like my uterus is expanding by the minute! lol.... I thought that morning sickness wasn't supposed to kick in til at least the 6th or 8th week, but I have heard that some people start to feel crook early. I didn't have any morning sickness with my first pregnancy so I'm a bit nervous about how bad I'm feeling already. Just a warning - I am a worrywart so I will stress about the smallest things!!!! wink
Any advice or similar stories are most welcome....
Hi Livviesmum, This is baby number 3 for me and with #1 I threw up all day everyday from week4 until almost 8months I lost almost 15kg. With #2 I felt sick off and on for about 4 months also from week4. This time I have been feeling sick from you guessed it week4, getting all the normal pains but tend to be worring alot more this time around. Don't know why. I think it is different for every pregnancy as well as for every person. My problem is heartburn it kicked in well before I even knew I was pregnant. I can handle everytthing else. If you know what I mean.

Hello ladies

My name is stevie-lee and my husband and I are expecting our first child I am currently sitting at 7 weeks and 5 days we are so excited

Congratulations to everyone also, hope everyone is doing fine.

Regards Stevie-lee Jade and Baby(s)"fingers crossed"

Hi everyone,

well after years of trying and a late miscarriage on Boxing Day (08), I have found out I am expecting again......I am trying not to get too excited, but I really can't help myself.
I have two boys aged 8 and 5 and a half. I don't really have any baby gear left and will need to start from scratch, which should be fun.

I have a scan booked for next Wednesday (25 March), just to make sure everything is going OK.

I look forward to listening to everybodies stories and to finding out what we all have.

hi everyone and congratulations on all the new bubs to be!!

I'm sarah 19 and DF is 27, we have a beautiful little 5 month old DD named mia smile

well im hoping to join this forum very soon, im having a bit of trouble with confirming my pregnancy. AF was due 8 days ago and there is no sign of her coming.. im usually quite healthy and regular and i do kind of feel as if i am pregnant.we have been TTC#2 for only a month so if it turns out im pregnant then i must be very fertile!

ive taken 5 HPT on different days at different times hoping to confirm my suspicions they all were neg so i also booked in for a BT and had that on last friday that was also neg.

im really confused and have been told that it can be wrong if you dont have a good amount of hormones in your blood.

well im making a docts app for tomorrow so hopefully theyll refer me for an ultrasound or something.

if anyone has any clue what could be going on some advice would be great!!

im getting some symptoms i think - im very tired at about midday/afternoon, im going to the toilet alot more and craving fluids. i feel a little queezy at times and get hungry often... hmm i dont know if its just me wanting it so bad....

well i hope that i will be able to join very soon! if i were then i would be due NOV 14th.

good luck with your pregnancies girls and i hope to be back!!!

xo sez
Hi Tonee

I have been keeping an eye on some of the threads, and when I saw your name pop up I was so excited for you.

We have been in a couple of threads together (TTC) back in 2008, and I still like to keep an eye on some of the girls to see how they are all going.

Again, I am absolutely stoked for you. Congratulations.

I only have 3 1/2 weeks to go, and getting a little nervous.

Cheers, Mez


I'd like to join in here too please??

I am pregnant with baby #3 due 12 November. My other two children (aged 2 and 3) are from IVF and we used the last of our embryos in April last year without success. Since then I joined the gym and ate healthier, lost 10 kg and started cycling by myself (i have PCOS as well). So, this baby is a miracle like a few others out there smile

Someone was asking about exercise. I was doing about 9 aerobic classes a week, the high energy ones, attack,combat, step etc. and spoke to my instructors adn apparently in the first trimester you can still go but should keep your heartrate below 140 in order to not overheat. After the first trimester you can do a bit more but just so long as you are comfortable. I am now only doing 5 classes a week, and doing the level 1 part of each class, not much jogging as my HR goes over 140 with that.

Michael (4), Samantha (3), Adam (newborn)

Hi girls smile

MS is in full swing here, I feel awful sad
Nothing to add other than that,
Hope you are all feeling better than I am

Its great to see so many have joined the Nov thread, I look forward to getting to know everyone better as we go through this journey together. Tomorrow Im off to the docs to have pregnancy confirmed and hopefully by the end of week will know that hcg levels are rising, atm bit concerned so will be enjoying being pregnant more so once I know that everything looks to be going well.
I had no morning sickness with my 2 previous pregnacies so will be interesting to see if it hits me this time, so far the only preg signs I have are the missed af, bloated tummy and peeing constantly!! lol
We have decided that we wont find out what we are having, we have been blessed with a boy and girl so are happy with whatever we have. Will have to buy all new things anyway as didnt keep any of our baby things as we thought 2 would be all until we decided that we would like to complete our family by one more!! LOL

Hello again Mommies

I had my scan last week. Apart from feeling like I have just swallowed a cow and the bees stinging my boobies plus feeling sick everytime I looked at pictures of food, smelling food, smelling meat.... I think I am confused. The scan result was a bit funny. The pregnancy sack can be seen but the lady reckons I'm about 5 weeks so we can see anything else apart from an 'egg-yolk'. So she congratulates me for my little black hole. But the amazing thing is, the egg actually comes from my left side of the tube - which i had it removed because of ectopic 2 yrs ago. How it happens.. I don't know... I am still confused now.

Does anyone ever heard anything like this before???

Getting abit scared as well...


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