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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

hey ladies,

lots of new mums have joined us which is exciting to see!!

last night had the most unbearable tooth ache I was in tears then started to feel like i was going to throw up and had some small cramps so i knew i needed to calm down but couldnt sleep then when i did i woke up at 3am and got back to sleep like an hour later and then had to get up for work...argh!!
felt crappy all day and to top it off i have started to have moments of queezyness...the worst was when a guy came into work with some really strong aftershave on and i had to step away from him, he looked at me kinda like 'ahh hello are you going to serve me'..

so this wasnt even a major day so i dont know how im going to get through 9 months of this!! my husband thinks im weak!!

hope everyone else is feeling better than me..


Hey Girls

yep ms has kicked in for me too, I think. driving to work I felt queasy, then until about 12.30 even the thought of food I felt as if I could projectile across the room!! But I didn't!

I confirmed my OB app for 10 weeks, I'll be having a dating scan too. I'm going to take my mum with me as DH flies out to go back to work Wednesday oh well. Nothing I can do about it!

I'm starting to get a little tight in my pants too! And I've only just been able to get back into the buggers!! Good excuse to put the comfy ones on tho!

I hope you're all well
Yayyyyyyy to all the nov mums, congrads to u all!!! Im 6 weeks in and my DS is 10 months, looking forward to all the sleepless nights again!!
Hi Mums to Be,
Great to hear from everyone and find out what is happening with your pregnancies and how you are feeling. I feel better knowing that some of you have been feeling crook from about 4 weeks onwards, it is normal then! lol... Someone mentioned sore boobs, ohhhh that is sooo bad.... I'd forgotten about how painful it is! Well, that and the unsettled stomach in the mornings. No throwing up yet, touch wood!!
I'm off to the doc on Friday to do the blood test stuff and have it all confirmed. My doc will laugh when she sees me, I only mentioned to her 2 weeks ago that we were TTC... Seems it happened a bit quicker than we thought!! smile
Take care ladies, and keep writing as it is great hearing from everyone.
Hi ladies
congratulations Tonee its wonderful news
This am I also got a positive result with a HPT but this is number 4 my eldest is 13 (last week ) then 11 and 17mth (he needed a playmate).
Thankfully I've loved being pregnant and the more kids in the home the better.
Due 16th by my calculations look forward to hearing the progress

Hi Everyone,

I am 5 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy is very different to the last one. I pretty much feel light-headed and dizzy on most days and the days I don't feel light-headed I have slight nausea. For some of you that do have MS are you experiencing MS everyday or every second day, at the moment I am only experiencing MS every second day, would love to know other people's views.
I am really trying to do exercise with this pregnancy as I didn't with the last and had nasty pre-clamysia which I hope I don't get with this pregnancy, although the dizzyness and ms is making the exercise hard at times.
Hope everyone else is having an ok time at this stage with there pregnancys.

hello, I think I might be joining the November club as I had two positive HPT's - This will be bundle of joy number 2 (my DD is 7.5 months) - I have to be induced at 37 weeks due to History of Obstetric Cholestasis which is why Im sure Ill have a november baby. Nov 21 if my calculations are correct!! I won't get too excited though, I had a MC at 8 weeks last I will try to contain the news to immediate family (and strangers on the internet lol) until it's a bit safer to do so. Oh, and I got 100% on my citizenship test today too-- a good day for tests smile

Congrats to you all- I wish for you safe and trouble-free pregnancies.

Tonee- a special congrats to you ,I see you've been trying for 15 months!! wow- you must've nearly fallen over when you got a positive test. Good luck- in Nov you are going to fall soooooo in love! It's awesome.


[Edited on 17/03/2009]
Hi everyone

Welcome and congrats to our new mummies smile

MS this time round is way worse than it was with my other 3, with them I'd feel off in the morning or off at night, This one I am vomiting all day sad Feel so blah sad

My eldest has dancing tonight so afterwards we go to my inlaws for dinner, should be interesting trying to keep the secret when I cant keep anything down shouldnt it lol.

hi tonee,
congratulations!!! you must be over the moon smile
I just found out i'm preg as well with baby no1 but it happened first go that was a nice suprise!
im due 20th nov, im 21 and got married 7 months ago everything is moving so fast.
i dont really feel pregnant though no sore boobs or morning sickness i keep taking preg tests its costing me a fortune lol
i guess im just paranoid.

kind regards rachael smile


hi Rachel,

i know exactly how you feel i'm 21 with my first, im due 20th nov and dont know any1 around my age that i can relate with, most of my friends are single and out partying lol
It would be nice to have someone to talk to apart from hubby and parents smile

i hope ur going well, im feeling pretty much no real signs of pregnancy yet but im told its cause im still early days

kind regards Rachael


Congrats all the new ones - especially those, who like me, have been trying for years.
I am 6 weeks tomorrow... off to the docs today to get it all confirmed and blood tests done.
I am very anxious at the moment because other than sore boobs I realy don't have any symptoms... which scares me. When I was pregnant with the twins that I lost (15 months ago) I continued to say 'if I didn't know I was pregnant I wouldn't know' - and thats exactly how I feel this time round.
Trying to think positive.
Anyway hope everyone else is going well.
Hi Rachael!

Everyone i know is single and partying too! Im not missing that at all, but there is no one left to really hang out with and talk to...especially about having a baby!
When did you get married? I have been living with my boyfriend for 15 months, hopefully we will get engaged someday.
My parents are still in shock about me being pregnant, as they would prefer I was married before having is full of surprises tho

I have no symptoms either, almost feel like nothings seeing my Obstetrician today so looking forward to that!

Rachel xo
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