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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Congrats to all of you due in Nov, I too have just found out preggy with #5 yes that right #5. Due around 7th No 2009.
Don't know how I'm gonna cope but eh I'll get there whats another 1 gonna change, just less sleep, been feeling like **** so I knew something wasn't right. Hoping all goes well for all of you and will be happy to hear how things are going.
At the moment have ds 16, ds 13, ds 4 (today) and ds 20 months so I'll be sooooooooooo happy if I could get some pink into the house. DH hopes for my sake its pink, but as long as its healthy i'll be fine.

Hey All,

Im only very new to this all, this is my first pregnancy. I am 7 weeks pregnant today and I am very excited.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, and hope for guidence during the way.



Hi Danni21

I am also expecting #5 die around the 4th of NOV. We have DD17, DD15, DD11, DD18 months the girls would like a brother but I wont hold my breath as long as it healthy that's all that matters.

Hope everyone is well
Hi Wigglepuss,
I am really hoping you have a boy, My poor mum has 8 grand sons from all of her kids so it would be really nice for her to be able to buy some pink for once.
Thank goodness I already have a 7 seater Territory but with my older getting his licence he'll be more than happy to stay out of the way.

I'm going to find out what I am having as well, have done for the last two at least it gave me a chance to get over the fact I wasn't having pink but I have my fingers crossed for everyone who hopes they can have what they like if only there was a 100% way of choosing what you could have. Fingers crossed for all of you who are expecting in Nov 2009.
Good luck and hope to hear if anyone finds out what they are having. DH says he will finally get the chop after this. I said I didn't care if I had another boy he just wasn't coming near me until he had it done after I have the baby.

All the best to you all.

Hello ladies,

Stevie-lee here, in now 8 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy and the nausea has hit (BIG TIME) the lounge has been my best friend after work. how is everyone else feeling??

As i am a first time mum, is it too early to start buying small things ??? like clothing and non perishable items such as baby oils bath stuff ect??? or should i wait for my ultrasound due to go for it in 3 - 4 weeks??


Lots of Hugs

Stevie-lee hubby and baby.
[Image Removed]

Hi ladies,

Well I think i am now 7 weeks. I've got my scan next thursday to get a proper date!

My friend phoned me this afternoon to tell me that she's 13 weeks pregnant. I sooooooooooo badly wanted to tell her that im pregnant too, but my DH and I have decided to keep it to immediate family until after I hit the 13 week mark. I don't want to jinx myself as i'm already at a 50% chance of miscarriage - I have PCOS.

Morning sickness only seems to come early in the morning and just before i go to bed. It's the tiredness that's really getting to me now.

Has anyone started buying Maternity bras yet?? My boobs have pretty much gone from a full B to a D, but im not sure whether to go shopping or hold off to buy a bra incase i keep getting bigger.

Sam C

Sam C

Hi Ladies. I'm new to the forum and due with #2 on November the 8th. I have a son who was born on the 2nd November 2006! So I'm a bit nervous about bubs being born on his birthday!
DF wants a girl but I want a boy.. I guess we'll either know soon or will know when he/she is born and I'd be happy with either as long as it's healthy!
I have no morning sickness yet. Just tired and have to eat more often otherwise my tummy feels weird. I hope to undo my pants buttons at work today! It's digging in when I sit down.
I havent been to the doctors yet as just found out yesterday. We conceived first month of trying! How lucky were we? We'll be heading off for an early scan soon just so I can get dates pin pointed as I have irregular cycles and ovulation dates!

Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forum and due with #1 on about the 14th November. I still can't believe I'm pregnant, we've be trying for a while & I haven't really had any symptoms...thankfully. I've been to the doctor & it's confirmed! I'm booked in for my dating u/s on the 14th April, so I can't wait for that! Hoping you are all going well.

Hey Everyone,

Question about Folic acid,
How much is everyone taking, I have a book that says 400mcg plus food with folic acid in it, however today I rang my Ob to check as there is alot of talk at the moment about Elevit and other products etc... and he told me to take at least 500mcg and if possible to start taking Elevit which has 800mcg.
What is everyone else taking?, I was just taking a multi vitamin that had folic acid in it and now I am told to take more, very confused as I only took 400mcg with my last pregnancy and my daughter is fine.

hi, i'm pregnant with baby number 3. it's been a while between pregnancies with my daughter being born in 2002 and son in 2003. my fiancee hasn't got any kids and we decided to go again. i lost a baby in november last year but took a few months off trying to get pregnant and when we started trying again it happened on the 2nd month so it's all happening. it feels totally different this time i've had morning sickness since i found out 2 weeks ago and feel pretty lousy but went to mu GP yesterday and he gave me magic tablets that have helped enormously with my morning sickness. hope to get heaps of advice over the next 9 months.
Hi Congrats to you. I am due in late nov.

Jazzy,QLD,Boy4,Girl 1

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