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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi all,

Well not a great week here also, we have all had a cold/cough. Im over mine but DD still has it so hasnt been sleeping the best lately, so neither have I.
Well I have finally started getting organised, well sort of. I have started to clear out our spare bedroom and its ready to paint, so hopefully DD will be ready to go in there in a couple of weeks. Shes in our room at the moment, has been since birth, so theres no way Im having 2 in there when bubs comes. I just hope she takes to it easy!
My sister found out shes having a boy too yesterday, so its going to be pretty cool us both having boys so close together. Except for the whole name drama. (Me wanting Phoenix, she wants Felix.)
Man I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, third trimester already. We'll all have bubs in our arms before we know it.

Hope everyone has a good week,

Amelia xxx
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[Edited on 12/08/2009]

hi all
i've been reading alot of your posts and was waiting to enter this group at the right time but thought i'd probley have the baby before i get the guts to do it. it's good to know people are going through the same stuff as me. sorry to be joining this so late in pregnancy but i have only just joined huggies babyclub. anyways heres some stuff bout me i'm 26 weeks preggos with my third baby (a girl we are naming her charlotte peta)i also have a 5yr old DD and a 3yr old DS. i'll be having a c-section on the 9th of nov as my previous were c-sections and breech. i have lots to write but because i'm new to this group i wont bombard you with to much stuff.

Hi Everyone,

Danni, hope you feel better soon from the Swine flu, DH is sure that we had this back in June as we where sick for 4 weeks so make sure you take the Tamiflu it's just not worth not taking it as I nearly ended up in hospital as I wasn't prescribed it.

Leah, my DD also has a stomach bug and i am really hoping I don't catch it, must be alot going around lately,

Well I haven't posted since last week, had my GD test the other day as well as Ob appointment, I never heard back from my OB so I am pretty sure i don't have GD (thank god.) Unfortunatley bub has moved into the breech position so who know's if he is going to move back to the right position for labour, but I probably will be having a C-section and it will have to be on the Friday the 13th, not really wanting my baby boy to be born on that day but that's the only day my Ob does c-sections, he said I would otherwise need to look at having him at 38 and half weeks and baby wouldn't really be ready so I guess Friday the 13th it will be.

Poor DD was violently ill on Tuesday night after her day in daycare, she kept being sick so had to take her to the emergency department in the hospital, couldn't make her stop vomiting until they gave her a tablet, not sure how we should handle this next time, any ideas???? might have to see if the chemist sells something over the counter to stop you being sick as she just can't seem to stop without the anit nausea tablet, I think her tiny body just went into a spasm where she couldn't stop being sick.

Anyhow she is sleeping now and so I would love my daughter back happy and full of energy for her 2nd birthday on Sunday but we may have to postpone oh well what can you do

anyhow hope everyone else is having a better week than me


Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all for the well wishes, I seriously would not wish this on anyone. This is killing me.
It has actually stopped DH from smoking so I spose thats a good thing.
The only problem taking this tamiflu is it makes me sick so I am taking my maxalon as well so I'm not sick when I at least take the tamiflu.
Had a friend at my local playgroup bring us a casserole and a fruit cake she made, such a lovely gesture, I didn't realise how good a friends they were until they find out your sick and bring you stuff for the rest of the family. She asked me if there was anything I needed day or night to give her a ring and she would bring it to me. Considering I have a sister who lives near by about 15km away 10 minutes down the road and I havn't even spoken to her. Just makes me realise how good it is to have friends around.

Sounds like your all organised Jane, wish I was. Dani I know where your coming from with DH and to those who don't know how you will cope with number two or three you will TRUST ME..... Your house may not be the taj-ma-hal (spell) but rome wasn't built in a day either. So in other words the washing ironing and everything else including DH dinner can wait, if DH is that hungry tell him you'll go back to work and he can be full time dad, i'm sure he will do anything you ask after that.
Take care all
Danni XXX

Hello all

Congratulations to the all that need to be congratulate.
Well wishes for all those not in feeling great.

Oh.. it rhymes...


Not happy because:-
1. Heart pumping a million miles p/hr
2. Even when I'm trying to sleep. Specially when I try to change position.
3. Too much position changing felt sorry for DH.
4. 300 meters walk to the carpark seems like 3 miles run.
5. Have scoliosis, back have extra pain.
6. Does not look like mum coming to stay with me for the birth because dad just recently had a tiny stroke again. Felt guilty if mum comes on her own and dad stay on his own. He doesn't feel comfortable flying for 5 hrs.

1. Bought more clothes for bub.
2. Bought Fisher Price crib thingy with remote control.
3. Bought nappy disposal bin.
4. Almost 3 more weeks before finish work.

Hmnn... need more happy things to make things as equal as possible....



hi everyone, it's been a while i know but between work, the other two kids and planning my engagement party things have been pretty flat out. i just have one quick question, does anyone else have pain low down in their pelvis or top of vagina, i know that it's not the nicest thing to talk about but everything i do hurts and at my weekly hydrotherapy class my physio told me it looks like baby is head down already and that's why i'm getting the pain. i'm thinking that it's a bit early and am now starting to panic as i have 13 weeks to go.
any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
Sandie - I cant be of much help, but I get sharp stabbing pains every now and then in my lower pelvis, but not all the time or anything. I just assumed they were just pregnancy pains.
Whens your next checkup with midwife etc, I would ask them.


A couple of weeks ago I had menstrual type cramping right down below which lasted for quite some hours during the night.
I had the symptoms checked out for pre-term labour as my Ob wanted me to, I had another ultrasound taken as well as my cervix and it determined that the baby's head was down low, they never knew why I had the cramping but it wasn't pre-term labour.
I think my cramping was because of the baby's head being low down near my cervix and irrating it but noone can tell you that.
Since then I haven't had any cramping but the baby has now moved to the breech position... what can one do

I would recommend contacting your ob or midwife or even the delivery suite as it definitley gave me peace of mind.


thanks heaps, i see my midwife next week so will talk to her and see what she has to say about it. hope everything has been going well with everyone else, it's hard to imagine that we will all soon be holding our babies. the time has gone so fast.
Hi all.
Just thought I'd drop in, life seems to be getting busier all the time, and I want it to be slowing down! Trying to convince DP to take a week off work now to get little things done before bubs arrives, he's reluctant. I'm currently seeing my midwife every 2 weeks, nxt growth check is on Tues, fingers crossed, I don't feel any bigger than 2 weeks ago. Nesting instinct has kicked in well and truly, showers are so sparkly at the moment.
Hope everyone is going along nicely

All of the sudden.... I'm 7 months pregnant...

Time flies....

Tell me about it, I have ticker on my desktop and when I looked at it yesterday and realized I'm now in month 7 I couldn't believe it. And only 90 days to go. It's a shock.

But then again I can't wait for bub to get here then I'll be able to walk. My hips really hate me, I can't move in bed and every step is painful, and it's extremely bad when I get out of bed. Hoping the doc can give some advice on what to do so it isn't so painful.

Anyways hope everyone is well, take care

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