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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi All,

It has been absolutely ages since I have posted, but I read all your posts just about every day on my email.

So much has been happening lately and I just feel like I am going to run out of time to get everything done.

DD turned one three weeks ago and we had a party for her. It was a massive day for me and I felt really let down by the end of it as the two friends who I thought would help me out, spent the whole day gas-bagging in the yard and did not even offer to carry anything down the stairs for me. If it was their party, I would have helped out as much as I could, but it was basically left to me (and Mum, who was looking after Maddy) to run up and down the stairs all day. I never even got to sit down till well after 6pm. The other kids ran riot and even though I wanted them all outside, (I went to the toy library and hired a heap of outdoor play stuff), they TRASHED my loungeroom and their mothers didn't even clean up after them. I was not very impressed, and was in so much pain the next day I could barely even walk. Needless to say, I have told hubby that we are NEVER having another party, as they are just no fun for me.

I have partially organised DD's new room. I have to wait for my Dad to come and set up the bed, as I don't know how to put it together. It is a full sized single bed, but with a change table that sits on one end, and rails that go around, so it can be a cot, then a toddler bed, then a single. It also has a trundle underneath so that when she gets older, she can have friends over to stay. Best of all... it was FREE. Gotta love my Dad, he sanded it down and lacquered it and it looks as good as new.

Other than that, I am not very organised. I am going to Big W in the next town over on Thursday when I have my hospital booking appointment, as they are having a sale on car seats and I want to layby some other things, as well as gather up my supplies for the hospital bag. Still paying off the double pram, and I need to buy a new mattress for the bed... STILL HEAPS TO DO....

Hope everyone is well, and those of you who have has the flu, swine or otherwise, are on the mend.


Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Hi all

Its amazing what you forget between pregnancies - went to the city the other day for appointments with DH and DS and had to sit with a balled-up fist behind my right ribs because of the pain I get, stretching from my spine across to my belly. Must have a short ligament or something on that side. Didn't think it happened this quick with DS though.

Had a WONDERFUL weekend - got my eternity ring (thanks hubby) and he and my best friend threw a surprise 30th birthday dinner at my fav restaurant! Made a D!head out of myself by bursting into tears when I saw (had NO idea) everyone there! Was so lovely.

Just wondering how much weight everyone is putting on? At my appointment last week (26 weeks) I'd but on 4kg - put on 10kg with DS. I can feel the weight piling on at the moment. Asked OB about getting tested for high cholesterol (because of mum's heart condition) but he said that pregnant women usually test high and not to worry until bub is born. One less thing to not worry about for another few weeks anyway.

Well, off to a tropical island to visit my sister who is an Events Coordinator at a 5 star resort (she's 25!!!) this weekend so all you lovely ladies in the cold south of the country - will send a bit of sunshine from the Beach (mwahh haa haaaaa she laughs evily).

Take care!!

My obs is referring me to another doctor because she doesn't know what to do with my head... and was also refered to cardiologist to check if my heart is okay or not because i get palpalatioenogheoiuhfowe.. however u spell it... heart skip a beat thing...


Hi ladies,

wow time is certainly flying, some of us are into our 7th month now. I can't believe I am in Week 26. It's flying by! Scary but exciting.

Kel_Will - your question about weight gain - Well! I have put on 8kgs so far!!!! And this is despite going to the gym and walking every day! I hope that's not an excessive amount, or I am going to cry!

Stomach is really big now, here's a pic taken last week:

25 weeks


Can totally relate to having birthday parties and no one helps out even when they know your heavily pregnant, I remember DD's first birthday we had quite a few friends and family etc.. this time round for her second birthday we only had family members only, it was still alot of work and stress, I guess I went to the big effort of making the Elmo cake which all worked out in the end which I was happy with but even family members are pretty slack in helping you clean up, my brother is a big one for eating and then leaving, can't wait for him to have kids then he may have some understanding,,, we usually also host xmas at our place with 20 plus people, this year I have said I am not doing it, it's way too much work with a newborn so not sure what is going to happen there but I am def not having it at our place, maybe it would be different if I knew people would help clean up but that aren't the case.. oh well enough going on.

DD's party was good on sunday and we had the perfect winter weather 26degrees it felt like summer and we had a nice BBQ, only problem was my dad feel ill with gastro and couldn't come which we where all disappointed in, unfortunatley DD gave it to him not sure how as he only came over to drop in some food and left, I guess gastro must be airborne as he was really sick had to have a dr come over and give him an injection to stop being sick.. I feel really guilty about it but what can you do,, DH and I still (touch wood) don't have it but you never know...

Apart from that baby is so active at night from 1am till 4am that I don't get much sleep so I am a walking zombie at the moment.

Hope everyone else is going well


Hi all.
Had yet another check and bubs is still growing, so at this stage it looks like we will be making it to 28 weeks, yay. I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks, to check. I met the midwife who'll be delivering our baby ~ hopefully she's fantastic, I like her alot. Bubs is breech not too worried still plenty of time so I can relax with the hospital bag for a week, will finish packing nxt weekend.
DD who's 20 months, yesterday decided she no longer wants to sleep in her cot, so we've made the move into her toddler bed. she slept 11 hrs straight in it last night, I thought she mite fall out or something but she was fine. She's indicating she hates her nappies esp when wet/dirty so looks like we'll be toilet training asap as well.
Feeling quite relieved, hope everyone is doing well

HI Everyone

Lizz Congrats. 28 weeks is good then 30 weeks etc.

My DD sleep 2.5 hours in her new big bed today. Have nearly finished doing the cupboards. Last week I was sooooooooo sick. Had really bad flu. I have never felt so bad, also it bought back my morning sickness so now I am vomiting again.

Have a great night


Hi all,

Kel_Will - I have put on 8 kgs so far, man I've piled it on lately considering I had only put on about 1 kg at the 20wk mark.

Sandie - I think I jinxed myself the other day when I said I get pelvic pains but not very often, because ever since then I have had the worse pains down there. Its been a few days now so I cant wait to have my midwife appt nxt tues to make sure everythings okay. Im sure it is and its just my muscles stretching but damn it hurts!!

Everyone sounds like they are having there glucose tests. I have mine tomorrow, I actually dont think the drink is that bad, I just hate having to wait around for an hour.

Well not much else to report here, bubs is starting to get really active, especially around lunchtime/afternoon. I dont seem to feel him move at night well not enough to wake me up anyways, which is good.


Morning ladies

Its been a little while since I posted.
Not too much going on here! I have another midwives appointment tomorrow which of course Im excited about. I'll also be having
my glucose test on Friday.

To those ladies that have only put on 8kgs so far - I wouldn't be concerned at all. I have put on 12kgs (and thats 5kg less than I was at this stage with DS). For some reason I just seem to pile on the weight during pregnancy sad

Feeling bubs move heaps now which I love. DS has had a few good kicks too. We have "Bug Rubs" in the morning - we spoon in bed with my belly to DH's back and he gets a few good kicks. I tell him its Bug telling him to get out of bed LOL!

We still haven't decided on a boys name and I really must get on to that. Bubs will be here before we know it and I really don't want to have a nameless baby LOL!

I have started to clean out the room that baby will go into but nesting soooo hasn't started for me and I just cant get motivated to do it. I go back to work full time next week in my new job so I'll only have weekends to get organised!!

Anyway ladies, hope everyone is feeling good.

Give your bellies a rub for me!


Just posting to say WOOOHOOO! My ticker has just ticked over and Im now in double digits! Only 99 days to go - but who's counting LOL???

Congratulations to all November mummies!!!! We have made it this far...

During this pregnancy.. I just can't see the point when people tell me to 'enjoy' the ride or pregenancy. It makes me feels like saying something and do something to that person.. hehehehehe

Anyway.. So far i have gained...err....hmnn.

before pregnancy = 72kgs
Currently = 83.5


Hi Everyone,

I can't believe how time has flown! I am 29 1/2 weeks now which seems quite close to the end for me!! I have put on 9kg (was 57kg at the start of preg - now 66kg) and I love my bump! I do find I misjudge how big the bump is when I try and get around things sometimes though:)

We are totally not organised for the baby's arrival yet. The only thing we have so far are some pressies which my sister brought us - she is so excited bout being an Aunty for the first time.My other sister has organised a Baby Shower for mid Sept, which is very sweet. I have never been to a Baby Shower before.. so not even sure what they are all about, but sounds like fun!

I have 6 and a half weeks of work left, and I am starting the count down, as am certainly feelingl a bit more tired lately. I also had my Glucose Test last week and I didn't mind the drink either. It definately got harder to drink as it got nearer to the end, but it wasn't sooooo bad.

Baby has been moving heaps. My hubby says it moves a lot at night, but I just sleep through it. During the day I love feeling it though. The other morning when I woke up, I had a little arm pushing across my belly, that I could see the shape of it. It made me laugh so much:)

Anyway's I love reading everyone stories, and it is great to hear other girls are going through the same motions... keep smiling girls and rub those bellys!

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