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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hey lovely November Mummas and bumps

As far as the weight things go, I haven't put on as much as I did with DD YET! I say yet!! I've put on about 6kgs, not too bad with only 11ish weeks to go. Guess the bub has a lot of growing to do too tho. Have been eating crap tho and can def notive more celulite creeping around sad NOT cool!! I put on a fair bit of weight with DD so hoping to keep it down this time, but we'll see. Can always lose it after, not worth stressing about as long as everyone is healthy smile smile

It's sooo exciting how close we're all getting to the end. I have lots of tummy pics on my facebook but would have no idea how to post them up here!? Is anyone else on Facebook??

Baby showers are lots of fun smile Good excuse for a catch up and baby talk really, but there are some fun games and stuff you can play!

We got rid of DD's dummy yesterday, WOOHOO!!!! She's 2 at the end of Sept so we were hoping to have it gone by xmas, but decided to try. It was so much easier than I thought it would be and I am so proud of her for not wanting or asking for it.. Fingers crossed she doesn't change her mind!!! Lol!!

Hope everyone is still cruising along. Have to agree, the movements are amazing aren't they!? I also can see limbs flying around under my tummy, esp in the bath. DD is loving it! She puts her bath toys on my tummy and tells me to 'watch my baby moving, it kicks' hehe! Kids are so cute!

Agree with you Pippa, it's nice hearing everyone elses stories, awesome to be able to share the journey!!

Til next time smile

Megan x

Ahhhh bugga.
Went to install dickie seat into our car and it requires us to modify the car too much plus I don't want the boys sitting in the reverse position so going to buy another one. Anyway that's my gripe for the week. Going to do my glucose test next week. Off to the dentist tomorrow eekkk I think they're worse than being in labour. Having a tooth taken out and one repaired that chipped rather badly earlier in the week.


Hi hope all are well.
MKLK03 thankx we get our glucose results at my next checkup which is Tuesday 25th. So yay get to hear bubs heart beat again..
The kids and i got over our bug by the next day we were all good..

12 Weeks to go .. EDD: 10th Nov.. So excited..
I'm weighing now 56kgs.The same weight i was with the other 3 at this many weeks..Funny that...
my first born was 8 pound 10
2nd born 7 pound 12
3rd born 8 pound 12.

Cant wait to meet number 4...
Take CarexLeah

Hi Everyone
Well had another scan today and all is well and they are both growing rapidly!!! Reconfirmed I am having one of each, thank GOD! All this pink I have bought will get some use. I have another scan in 4 weeks time, and see the gyno but he said he was really happy with everything.
I was really worried after being so sick last week.
DH is being a real PRICK with his DD, always sides with her and pisses me off I have had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just assumes she can have friends stay over every weekend, for god sake she even had friends over when I was sick, she has no idea I can't wait until she leaves LESS BULL HIT for me to put up with.
Sorry about the gripe but she has no bloodly idea THIS is my house not Hers.
Anyway take care.
Danni XXX

Hi Girls

hope you are going well. we are moving house tomorrow so ive been busy packing these past few weeks. at least i will move into the new house and not have to worry about doing a spring clean!

i havent checked my weight for about 6 weeks now. i saw my Ob today and told him that a lot of ppl have commented how big i am! I think its also to do with this being baby number 2 so my stomach muscles are already stretched and im only 5ft 2 so not much room in there - which he also said. anyway when he measured me it came up 29-30cms and tomorrow i'll be 26weeks! not to worried though, he has said this baby will be bigger than my first and second time around im enjoying having a bigger tummy earlier on - being pregnant is such a special time!

anyway take care and hopefully i'll be back online soon after the move

Shan smile
Hi ladies,

Shan - good luck with the house move, hopefully it's all smooth sailing.

LizzE - was it hard getting your daughter into a bed? We are going to be doing the transition from cot to bed in the next month or so for DS. Hoping it goes well!

Jane - sorry to hear the morning sickness has returned, that sucks. If it's any consolation, my reflux and heartburn have come back and it's just horrible lying down to go to sleep - nearly impossible!

Danni21 - exciting about the scan, one of each is going to be so cool! Pity to hear about the hassles with your step daughter though, it mustn't be nice to have that unwanted stress.

I am going to ring up and book for my glucose test for next week. I am really suffering with leg cramps (mostly sciatic nerve pain) and now am getting a sore lower back on top of that (and the aforementioned reflux/heartburn). WAH! Trying to keep up with walking to alleviate some of the pain in my legs, I think it's helping a little bit.

I have to go for a scan when I'm 32 weeks for a low-lying placenta. Can't remember if I've already asked this, but does anybody else have a low placenta?

Other than that I'm very excited with the speed of this pregnancy - tomorrow I will offically be in my 3rd trimster! Woohoo!

Hey ladies

Hope everyone is feeling good.

I’ve got 5 minutes peace - DS is asleep in his big bed. He’s been so good and it was such an easy transition!

We have finally organised to have some concreting done in our backyard (considering DH works for a concrete company you wouldn’t have thought it would take 12 months LOL) and of course today is absolutely p!ssing down with rain. It got laid but of course now it looks all dimply because of the big fat rain drops that have landed on it. Of course when we decide to do something that we break the drought LOL!

LizzE – I hope everything went well at the dentist. Im not bothered by dentists at all – Im very used to them. I have a major genetic disorder that means I didn’t get all of my second teeth. I have just finished paying $25K to get implants in my bottom jaw and I planned on having the top done straight away but got pregnant instead. That means after having this bub I’ll be back in the dentist chair again forking over crap loads of cash LOL!

Danni – I can imagine the relief that will wash over your face when your DSD has gone LOL! It must be hard having a blended family?

Shan – Good luck with the move – I can’t even motivate myself to clean out our spare room, let alone pack a whole house LOL!

I had my midwives appt yesterday and all seems to be going along nicely. At this stage bub is head down (yay, lets hope it stays that way and I get my VBAC) Im measuring 27cm and bubbys heartrate was 152bpm. I did my glucose load test this morning. If I don’t hear back from them before next Tuesday then I can assume everything is fine. Good thing considering Im sitting here munching on some yummy milo slice LOL!

Take care everyone.



I just realised that everyone was talking about baby positioning.. does the baby positioning important at this stage?? I thought babies still doing some summersault at this stage. I really didn't take much notice when the obs said about the baby being head up and legs are down there, she didn't seem to be worried. She only said it's okay they still move around alot this time. I wasn't really thinking about it until today when everyone talking about the positioning of the baby... mmm.. oh well.. going to another scan on the 1st... so lets hope everything is okay including my heart...

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone


Callums Mummy ~ about the bed issue, she did it on her own. I've been stressing about it for awhile. We had it set up in her room for ages, and asked her which bed she wanted to sleep in, and it was always the cot. She played on the bed every now and again with my 5 yo boy. Then last Monday she wanted the bed and we haven't looked back since. Only downfall is she can get up and yesterday we couldn't get her to have a day sleep, but was in bed at 630pm. The cot is still in there I can't be bothered taking it out but it has become a bit of a storage unit and has dorothy the dinosaur clothes in it that magically appear LOL.
Good luck with the transition and I sympathize with your pains. I've got them all too, and get into a warm bath nightly much to my kids delight. Thank goodness this is our last bub!

Hey Everyone,

Well what a week I have had, after about 8 days of not getting gastro from DD, I ended up getting a dose of it, it completly wiped me out for about 3 days, pretty nasty but hey what can you do, I kinda of thought that I would get it because of my immunity and being pregnant.

Lucky I was well enought to take DD along to another 2year old party yesterday the weather was great and she had a ball.

Can I ask if anyone else is suffering from really bad sleep insomnia?
I thought it was because I had been sick and sleeping through the day was the reason I wasn't sleeping well the last few nights but last night I went to bed around 1030pm and lay awake until about 3am, I got up to use the bathroom, walk around the house and even felt the need to have a snack LOL but in the end nothing worked, I eventually fell asleep I reckon around 4am and then awoken to a noisy DD at 630am, I know there isn't alot you can do about it but was wondering if anyone else does anything for this, having a toddler to look after fulltime is not fun when you haven't had any sleep the night before.

Oh well have to get ready for DD's swimming lesson today that shall be fun without sleep LOL


Hi all,

Kris - I dont seem to have that problem with not sleeping so cant help sorry. The only time I cant sleep is when I have heartburn, which hasnt been to bad yet.

Well finally done a bit of shopping last week, there were quite a few sales on so I have bought at least half of my clothes that I needed for bubs. There are so many cute boys stuff out, I might do some more this week and get it out of the way, thats if the bank balance allows it!!!

Have a midwife appt tomorrow so hopefully the results from the glucose test are back and everythings ok.

Hope you all have a good week.


Hi Ladies,
I haven't been on for a while as DH, DD and myself went over to W.A to visit my family and especially my sister who had a baby boy. He's two weeks old when we arrived there. The problem was that day we arrived I started to get fluuey and was really stuffed up by that night. So annoyed, so I had a quick two second hold of my new nephew then I gave him back and couldnt hold him again as i didnt want to pass on my cold. I have had this rotten thing now for a week and a half and it doesnt seem to be getting any better. My sinus's, throat, teeth and head all ache and its awful. So the whole time I was away I was sick, then I had Thurs and fri of work and now Im back at work and slowly dying. I have alot of work to catch up on as Im in a Supervisory role while my supervisor is away, so we are a bit short staffed, which is why im trying to catch up on work. But I think if im the same tomorrow, i might go get checked out again to make sure im still alright. As last week went to doctors and they said that i can take panadol and try and have hot showers and get the gunk out of my nose. Yeah not much else they can do. Great.

I have put on 11kg so far. eek!! Im glad im in the last trimester as last time i didnt put much weight on during this time so hopefully it will be the same. Also Im not starving all the time either so that should help lower my eating.

Im going to do the glucose test this week. I didnt mind the drink either, last time i was worried as i was told that you feel really sick after drinking it. But it just tasted like lemonade. Hopefully it will be the same drink this time.

Twice now ive been to the OB and both times i have forgotten to ask for a letter stating i am fit to work upto 38weeks. I cannot believe I have forgotten both times. Instead of waiting til my next appt I just called him up and asked if he could just fax it to me, so I can put my leave in at work. My brain is definately in Pregnancy mode as I seem to forget little important things. oh well. Havent forgotten anything major at work yet so thats good.

My DH has found out today that he has to go to Newcastle for a course tomorrow. So he's leaving this afternoon. So it will be a busy night getting DD to bed. I do most of it anyway but DH still does somethings like he may cook or he may do the bottles for the next day, so it will be challenging as DD has a awful cough so she hasnt been sleeping that well.

Anyway Im hoping this flu goes away as it is so draining and makes the pregnancy pains worse. I am definately not enjoying being pregnant this time. But Im still really excited as it has gone really fast and soon will have our new bub.

Hope everyone is getting over their flu / gastro. And will let you know how my Glucose test goes.

Take care,

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