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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone, Im Amelia and my EDD is 15th November. We have a 7.5mth old DD Madison already. It took us bout 18mths of TTC her so we are still in a bit of shock that this one has happened so fast.

Congratulations to you all.

Hi Droland,

When I went to my GP last week I told him I was taking Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold. He said that was fine & I didn't need anything else. Its 250mcg per capsule & you take two per day. Not really sure if this helps I've been reading alot about it too. Who really knows??

Hi Ladies smile

This pregnancy I'm taking Elevit, The other 3 I have taken Fabfol, I guess I just like that extra piece of mind that I'm getting all those other vitamins etc as well..

Hope everyone is doing well, We have been talking babies to our kids but havent told them yet, I will wait till around 14 weeks to tell them, Dont want to break their little hearts if something awful was to happen.. They are excited about the possibility of having another brother or sister one day in the future smile Cant wait till I can tell them.

Still feeling awful here, I really hope it eases up before may.. I have a wedding that I'm photographing then and I'd hate to be feeling how I am now then.. agghhh! lol

Take care all
Posted by: droland
Hey Everyone,

Question about Folic acid,
How much is everyone taking, I have a book that says 400mcg plus food with folic acid in it, however today I rang my Ob to check as there is alot of talk at the moment about Elevit and other products etc... and he told me to take at least 500mcg and if possible to start taking Elevit which has 800mcg.
What is everyone else taking?, I was just taking a multi vitamin that had folic acid in it and now I am told to take more, very confused as I only took 400mcg with my last pregnancy and my daughter is fine.

I took elevit with both my previous pregnancies and had no problems, I am taking it again and will continue to do so until bubs is born, Elevit is one of the best on the market, but there are so many other pregnancy vitamins out there it can get confusing as to what to take. I just take elevit and no other vitamins at all. Most doc will just ask you if your taking folic acid.
Great to see so many in due Nov wink
I have discovered already my pants are getting abit tight and boobs feel bigger too, no morning sickness yet so fingers crossed it stays away, have been lucky enough previously to not have it.

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd join you guys - it's a bit early but oh well!! I am mum to a 20 month-old, newly married (just got hitched last Saturday! It was a beautiful wedding) and found out a week before it that we are expecting baby #2. Very excited!

I'm feeling very lousy, dizzy, tired and constantly feel like I've just come off a rollercoaster after eating and drinking! Well that's the best way I can describe it. Or being on a swaying boat with a hangover.

Rang up the nurse and got my blood test results yesterday, hcG levels are currently at 4191, so hopefully that's good. The nurse gave me the biggest fright though, at first she told me my results showed no pregnancy!!! I was absolutely shocked and asked her to check again as I'd done 5 HPTs!!! She had another look, said 'Yep, non-pregnant'. I was not having a bar of it, although I was really upset. Then she said 'Hang on a minute, then corrected herself with the right result which was 'further down the page'. She said it was really hard to read. But I told her she scared the **** out of me! She was very hormones are starting to go crazy already!!

Will be great to get to know all of you! Hope you are all feeling ok too! Anybody else absolutely famished all the time? I feel sick but I just find myself eating and eating to keep the nausea at bay!!

Hi everyone,

Wow there is so many of us due in November its so exciting!!
I've been meaning to get on and tell all I got my blood test results on Monday and I'm definitely pregnant and 100% healthy also I was looking at my callender wrong and my EDD isn't the 22nd its the 21st November....I know it doesn't make much difference as Baby bean will come when ready but its really exciting to feel even one day closer. Symtoms so far - I have really saw boobs I've had to start wearing a bra to bed as they are so heavy they are already dd I hope they dont get bigger. I have had no MS but every now and then feel a little sick but it passes quickly I'm also very tired but find it hard to sleep. Well tomorrow is the beginning of week 6 I really hope I dont get MS before my wedding (5th April) Also I've bacome really forgetful and have gone off maccas chips...anyone else have any wierd symptoms?
Hey sezz13,

I have developed the sore boobs also, but they are quite at the stage that you were saying. I have had terrible morning sickness, all day every day. This is my first, and a suprise, so i had no idea what to expect.

I am constantly tired, no matter how much i sleep, and as my partner and i only last week moved into our new house, i have been exhausted.

A weird symptom i have noticed is that i always seem to have a dry mouth. I wake up during the night and literally have to pull my mouth apart, its weird and i have only noticed it since i have been pregnant. i am the secretary for a specialist doctor and i asked him what was causing it and he was unsure.

Another weird thing is i can now not stand toothpaste, everything i brush my teeth i vomit, i am not liking that at all.

I am just over 7 weeks, and I am kinda hoping some of these symptoms get better.



After considering that I really should follow the Ob's advice i have started taking Elevit as from today, I guess it has alot of folic acid in it and other vitamins that my multi vitamin didn't so have decided to swap.


With my first pregency I dry threnched everytime I brushed my teeth from week 7, I am nearly 6 weeks and I am really hoping this time round I don't get any bad MS like I did last time, brushing the teeth was the worst and that is what tend to set my MS off. So far I haven't had much MS really and the only real symptom I have is dizzyness and tirdness which I didn't have last time.

Good evening ladies,

Well where do I start, been reading all of your comments and gee I'm glad Im not the only one with the sore boobs and the ms, even though it is my 5th, it really doesn't get any better.
My folic that I take is 500mcg, don't really know what the dosage should be, I had to go and buy some ginger tablets for travel sickness as well as ms but they ain't doing a thing. Been heeving all day every day try to eat and just feel like crap. Hope you all stay safe and rest over the weekend.
Cheers Danni

Congratulations to everyone!! I to have just found out that im expecting another baby im due 23rd by my dates but im going to have a dating ultrasound to check dates as sometimes i can be all over the place. This is my 4th child, but my first with my new partner, We are both very excited and cant wait!!... Been very tired already but havent had much morning sickness so far but with all other pregnancy's i got it from 8 weeks right through.....

Baby No:4 Due 23rd November 2009

Hi Ladies,

I'm due 24th November. i already have two lil ones and a step son. my youngest is 6.5 months and my daughter is 21months. Hubby's looking at joining the navy so i will pretty much have to do it on my own if he gets in. anyway hope to get to know you all better.

XXXX Becka, Allysa and LYndon

Morning Ladies!

Well hasn't our little group grown!!

Its been a few days since I've posted. DH went back to work on Wednesday sad. Not sure whether I told you but he's a Marine Engineer on a ship and does 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. I know its gonna be pretty damn hard when Lil Bub comes along. I've got 2 friends whose husbands work away and I know they struggle quite a bit. But I can't force DH to get a job closer - he earns pretty good money for working 6 months of the year and I support his choice. He used to work up the mines and I only seen him for a day and a half on a weekend and most of that was spent sleeping! Thankfully I have my mum who lives about 5 mins away and I know she'll be my rock. My dad did the same job for 20 years so she knows exactly what I'll be going thru.
So Becka, it looks like you and I will have something else in common. What stage is he currently at with applying?

My ms has been a bit irregular. I've gone from wanting to vomit at the thought of any food to just surviving on crackers and water during the days. Brekky and dinner still seem to be fine.
But the boobs are soooooooo tender! Even just the act of sitting in a seat gets them aching! But a friend told me that the more symptoms I have, it means that all my hormones are working and its a great sign!!

Well my first OB app is in 3 weeks. I'll be having a dating scan then too so I've asked mum if she would like to come with me. She's super excited! You'd think that this was her first grandchild not her fifth! But the two boys are from my step-brother and the two girls are from my brother who we'll just call Mr Immature Toss of the Century. (Mum didn't even get to see his first born till she was 6 months old) But with me, she'll experience everything a Nanny should experience!!

Hey has anyone started with the name selection? We've actually had ours picked for years!! Well we have been married a while. Our baby is due 9 days before our 4th wedding anniversary!!
Anyways we've got Myah for a girl and Lincoln for a boy - I just love Linc!!

I hope you are all well and enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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