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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi all,
Kris, I can really relate to the insomnia. I fall asleep not too bad, but have been waking at 3:30/4am every morning for the last three weeks. Don't know why, just wake then can't get back to sleep till about 5am. Feel really run down because of it. My bellybean pillow has been good though, makes me more comfortable at night.
Glucose test this week. I guess I'm not too worried either way as if I do have diabetes, it will force me to eat better. I've been pretty bad, no weird cravings but just eating a lot and a fair bit of junk too. Anyone had any weird cravings?
Bit of lower back pain too which I've had for a while, especially if I sit in an uncomfortable chair for too long.
Lots of kicking going on, even started through the day, rather than just evenings which is really comforting nice.


Hi all

Kris - I can TOTALLY relate to not sleeping. I've been up late doing paperwork (a couple of 11pm nights) and then can't get to sleep until after 1am. Then at 2-3am - PING - I'm wide awake and can't get comfortable. I'll snooze for bits until DS wakes at around 6:30. Worse thing is I sometimes wake up almost laying on my belly then sit there poking and prodding baby to see if its still moving. I can't win!

Had the Glucose test today and have NO IDEA why people whinge - it was totally fine! Tasted and looked like flat lemonade and wasn't too sweet or thick. Maybe I got lucky with the type of drink I was given.

So now off to the Dr on Thursday but won't see him again until early October when it'll be only SIX WEEKS to go. Starting to get nervous now....

HI Everyone,

Well I have had a busy day. DH has his mad monday today. End of footy season, so I dropped him at the pub after playgroup. Then I get home and get a phonecall from the school dd1 fell off the monkey bars and has a huge bump and bruise on her head. So collected her from school, took her to the drs and arranged for someone to pick up ds from school. DD1 has a mild concussion do I have to monitor her closely.

Well I still fell like crap, back to throwing up 5 times a day.

Washed all my baby clothes, now I just have to iron them and pack my bags. I am ready just in case I have a bleed. Fingers Crossed it doesn't happen.

I am going to sleep ok but waking through the night and can't get back.

I have my glucose test on Monday and I HATE it.

Sorry for the novel


Jane- I know how you feel I'm back on the maxolon, sick every morning.
Had my glucose test done, and it came back high so I have to redo a glucose tolerence test, grrrr I had to do it with DS#3 now I have to do it again.
Apart from that its all good here......... DH has finally seen the light with his DD some of her friends have been telling me what she has been calling me..... and DH is on to her about it and said to her she is digging her own grave.... He has also heard she wants him to buy her a car and then she will move back with her mum, so he said I'm not buying you a car just so you can take off with it and live with your mum. She even admitted she was here to see what she could get out of him.(BUT her mum told her to see what she could get) LMAO I'm finally getting heard!!!!!
Take care ladies
Danni XXX

hi ladies, just thought i would let you all know how things are going. had my checkup last night and everything is going really well. i'm measuring 1cm bigger then what i really am which hopefully means that she will come early. my glucose and all my bloods are really good so i go back in three weeks for another checkup. hope you are all doing well, this qld heat has really hit me and i've started swelling but nothing too bad. i'll give you another update in three weeks after my next checkup.
Hi all,

Well had my midwife appt today and my iron levels are really low, and my glucose test come back quite high so am going to have to have another one soon. Other than that bubs is a good size and really active. Started to go through our birth plan too which includes me having a water birth hopefully. Is anyone having anyone other than there partner at the birth? I had my mum and sister and DF at my DD birth, but this time Im thinking just my DF. Not sure yet.

Man no wonder my glucose is up, ive just sat here and ate nearly a whole cake of chocolate! My bad!!

Hi Girls

Just a quick email, we moved house on friday and so glad it's over. Way too much to do while pregnant! Im at Mum's for a few nights while my DH is painting - the colours in the house are shocking!

Danni - im glad to hear things are working out for you with your step daughter!

Meals84 - Last time just had my DH there at the birth of our son. Since i had to have a c-section and was booked in frist thing in the morning we told our parents (well mum actually suggested it) that they could come up at lunch time so we could have a few hours with our new bub.

We will do the same this time regardless of whether i end up with another c-section or VBAC.

take care
well everyone one seem to be doing well and their lives are full on with moving house, baby rooms,new cars and baby names and tests and check ups.

Is anyone else getting really bad cramps in there legs. im in so much pain at night and first things in the morning my legs are just going rock hard and takes ages to get the cramps out, always in tears.

Is anyone else have a C-Section on Friday 13th November????????

Hope all is well and healthy.

Hi All,

Aleigh, I am also getting bad cramps in my calves at night, and in the morning they are very stiff and sore. They reckon calcium supplements can help, but I can't see any difference.

Also having very veyr bad heartburn, almost constantly. I have been eating Rennie or Tums like they are lollies!!!

I had my glucose test yesterday and the drink was not too bad, although coupled with the heartburn it did make me feel mildly queasy for about 1/2 hour while I was waiting. Has anybody else noticed they were a bit scourey the next day? It's just that I can't think of anything else that may have caused it.

I have packed my hospital bag and DD's "hospital" bag, on advice of the midwife, who does not seem to think I will go full-term (DD was 3 weeks early and very quick labour), so that is one more thing off the list.

Now I have to...

Finish setting up DD's new bed (hurry up Dad!!!!)
Buy a mattress for the new bed
wash new baby's clothes
pay off my pram/carseat etc off layby.

feeling like I am running out of time... AAARRGGGHHH.

Hope you are all well.

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Hi all,

Haven't updated here for ages! All is going well, had glucose test today - wasn't as bad as what I seemed to remember with DD. Although did struggle right at the end. Must have had a different one to some of you - mine was green and tasted like really sweet green cordial. Have felt totally off colour for the rest of the day though - did the grocery shopping after it and nearly passed out at the supermarket. Hoping thats not a sign of GD.

Am also having leg cramps through the night - it's driving me nuts! Between that, DD coming into our bed through the night and hubby's snoring, I'm not getting a huge amount of sleep!

Have washed all bubs clothes, and got some packed away in the suitcase, haven't packed my stuff yet as I'm wearing it still - so that will wait until much closer. Still have to wash all the bedding yet.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the countdown!

I'm off this morning to do my glucose test so midwife can have the results for nxt tuesday for our nxt appointment and scan. Might do my groceries beforehand though lol. Oh I hate needles....

Hey ladies

Hope everyone is feeling good today!

Havent had a chance to catch up on posts but will do personals later.

I've been feeling pretty ordinary since Monday. I've had some pretty bad tummy cramps and just been feeling off. Im starting to feel a little better today but this is my first week back at work full time (yes, Im sneaking in a bit of Huggies time during work hours LOL).

I must be silly - I've got 9 weeks of work left and I choose to come back full time smile

Have a good day ladies.


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