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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Aleigh, Looks like I too will be having a C-section on Friday the 13th November, that's when I will be 39 weeks and the ob says we either induce that week or he can do a c-section but he only does them on fridays, I wanted another day a bit supersitius I know but he said he only does c-sections on fridays and I can't do it any other time, oh well nothing I can do about it unless i decide to go natural and risk the big baby factor.

Bec, Wow you have gone back to work fulltime, are you going to stop for a while when you have the baby? I miss working in a way but for me it was more for the social scene.

Well I am over my gastro bug and feeling back to normal and at 28 weeks this time round to my last pregency I am feeling great, no swelling as yet and no ezema on my face like my last pregency, I am really hoping that pre-claymsia stays away...

Alot of you sound super organised, all we have done is clean out babies room, we are yet to put DD in a big bed, I think I will do that in September and then we can set up the cot,, haven't packed my labour bag, don't see the rush just yet and last time I took way too much stuff, this time I will be taken the bare minimum.

I can't believe we are nearing the 30week mark this pregency is going way to quickly that's for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week


Hi Everyone,

Well I am officially down to double digits. Yah.

Have my glucose test and see my obs on Monday, I will then get another referal for a scan and hopefullt the placenta has moved.

Just a bit of a gloat. My dd2 slpt all night in her big girls bed last night. I feel like she is to little iykwim.

Have washed all the babys clothes now I just need to iron them. I have no energy.

My dd1 was born on Friday 13th December 2002 and she was the best baby. She slept through from night 1 so it might be a lucky number. I don't know when I will be having mine. It depends on what the next scan says.

Bec - Befor I had my other 3 I worked fulltime until 3 weeks before I had them. I only got tired when I stopped work. It makes the time go faster.

Anyway ladies


Hi everyone,

Jane - I see you have a low placenta aswell? Anybody else? I will be going for a scan at 32 weeks to see if mine has moved. I'm not overly worried, I'm sure it will move up.

Been having braxton hicks contractions recently (also had them at around 22 weeks but only for a couple of days). I've been timing them tonight and I have had 4 in half in hour. Is that normal? They're pretty uncomfortable but not sore so that's good.

Going for my glucose test tomorrow. Yay. Not. Can't believe we are almost at the 30 week mark either, it's flying by isn't it? Have a good weekend everyone smile

Hi Everyone,
Hope your all feeling ok. I had my glucose tolerence test again today, had to sit there for two hours how boring..... I had the green drink (75 mg) compaired to the clear one (50 mg) this time and grrrrrrr it was sweeter and stronger than last time. The inside of my arms look like a junkie ..... LOL they are soooooooo bruised its not funny. DH said I wouldn't be a good junkie cos I can't hide the bruises and jab marks. Fingers crossed it comes back ok this time.
DSD got her P's today and DH paid for all of it!!!!! NOT HAPPY, I said I'm not putting fuel in the car for her, I told him she could have at least paid for her licence. But she had some stupid excuse she left her purse in the car.......... She has a job, earns her own money and still has her hand out for more...... She makes me froth at the mouth.
Anyway apart from that I have had so much trouble sleeping, heart burn and intergestion, and DH snoring and me throwing up I don't know whats worse. LOL I'm so over being preggy. But the plus is I only have 4 weeks after tomorrow of work left. It will work out I have about 3 to 5 weeks off before they come, thats if they don't come early......
Take care ladies the count down is on................
Sorry about the winge. I do it every time......
Danni XXX

Hi Ladies, just a quick email from me today. I had the glucose test on Wednesday and had the icky green drink. I much prefer the clear one as I dont really like lime, but got through it. Wont find out results until OB appt in two weeks.
I had an Ultrasound yesterday and its still a boy so I can relax and start buying more blue things as I kept thinking they could be wrong but at this stage it would prob be nearly impossible. He's all fine all the scans Ive had since after the 12 wk one haven't had any problems so hopefully bub will be fine when he's born.
Not much planned for this weekend. DH parents are coming down tomorrow, not sure what we're doing so will let them organise something as Im tired and have catchup housework to do.

Have a good weekend everyone

Hi all, hope I'm doing this right.... I'm due nov 24 with #4
I have ds 5, dd turning 3 in 8 days and ds turning 2 nov youngest was a 30 weeker and my dd was a 35 weeker so I have scans every 4 weeks to check my cervix next one on Thursday.....I am having another girl so am very blessed to have two pigeon pairs lol, me and husband are having a trial seperation and I've just started councelling yesterday so very excited.......I have put on about 3kg so far but started about 5-6 kg overweight this pregnancy...will be doing my gd test on Thursday after my scan.....

Sorry I haven't read all the pages will try get to know you all as I go....
Hope everyones well
OOooooOOOo number 30 is coming soon.. weeee.... i want to put up a picture of the nursery uphere.. have no idea how..

We're getting awfully close to the bottom of the 1st page so I thought that I'd post.
Bloody nurse who took my blood on Thursday left a beauty of a bruise. He lost the vein halfway through taking the blood and was moving the needle around a fair bit. Wanted to smack him.
DS1 has his second last soccer game today yay, I can't wait for it to be over, but then the cricket season starts, all too much!
Hope everyone is well.

Hey Everyone,

So happy today we just brought our new Phil and Ted and also a new babybjorn lots of $$$ where spent but it's worth it, DD is such a handful at the shops now that if I don't have her strapped into a pram she runs off, screams and rolls around on the shopping centre fall, glad I didn't purchase one of those child restraint back packs as all she would do is roll on the floor she wouldn't get up and walk. I guess it's what is called being a 2 year old but she has become alot of hard work for the last month or so, I know we will have challenges when baby 2 arrives but hey I think everyone does at first until number 1 adjusts.

So I actually feel like we have made some progress,,, now for hubby to build the bed and put DD in the bed,,, that shall be fun,, maybe we will try that next weekend.

Can't believe we are nearing the big 30 week mark, I so hope the baby doesn't come early I am so not that organised this time round than I was last time round.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend


My Glucose/blood tests results all good..
Bubs heart beat is strong, and growing..
I'm 56kgs now. 10 weeks to go.. YAY..
My lil ones are so excited and asking how long till their lil brother comes home..
Heart burn is heaps bad now, of a night when i go to bed.. i should get my self some heartburn tablets.
Also of a morning, when i get out of bed i get the cramps in my calf muscle if i over stretch when i wake up.. and geez does it hurt, pain lasts for 2 days...

Also my milk is getting ready.. i have started to leak again...
So excited not long to go...
Take Care..

Hi everyone,
Well I have had my glucose test done again and I have high sugar so I have GD. I have to go and see a diabetic nurse so I can get a sugar tester to bring home, I have to prick my finger 4 times a day, ouch............
I spose in a way at least I shouldn't put on any more weight and I might be able to cut out the crap in my diet, not that I have much at the moment.
Sal - You might want to try Rennie tablets for the heartburn, only a few $$$ from the supermarket and have calcium in them too.
I'm the same..... starting to leak. I was told I could start expressing from about week 36, to get a supply going in the freezer but then It might bring on labour too. Not that I would care, there is sooooo much pressure down there and no room for my belly to grow its so tight.
Anyway best of luck ladies..... Lets see who comes on there dates and who goes over....
I have about 8 weeks to go before me c-section
[Edited on 31/08/2009]

Hey ladies

A quick update from me ... Im at work and big brother is probably watching LOL!

All going well with the pregnancy. I had a bit of a tummy bug last week but feeling good now. Im getting very large - so many people commenting on how I 'musn't have long now'. I just laugh and say 'still 3 months'.
I hate being at the end of November. I read all of your posts and you make me jealous being so far ahead of me LOL!

Ive started leaking a little bit too. Nothing like I did with DS though. With him I started leaking at around 22 weeks and had to wear breastpads all day. I only get a few drops here and there so far!

Danni - what a bummer about the GD. Stay healthy!!

Droland - I know what you mean about the pram. I got my P&T delivered a few months ago and I still haven't given in and used it yet. I don't want DS to trash it before the new bub arrives LOL! Im so keen to pull it out though.

Anyway, best go do something productive.


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