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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I had my gd test today. Good that is horrible. I have felt like crap all day because of it and then the lady couldn't find a vein so I have holes in both arms. I then had to go for my anti d injection, so I am somewhat of a pin cushion today. I came home and did my housework so now tomorrow I just need to vac and mop.

I have not leaked yet.

Dan - Sorry to hear about gd. Will they give you a special diet

I have nearly finished the bubs room. Lily is now a fully fledged big girl. She has not slept in her cot for a week. The nesting bug has hit me with a vegence. DH went to watch footy last night (twighlight game) and I scrubbed down the stove. I was so tired but just could not stop. All bubs clothes have been washed and ironed as well as most of wraps and bedding. I just need to pack my bag.

Go back to obs in 4 weeks and then get referral for scan. Fingers Crossed it has moved.

Anyway sorry for novel

Take Care


Jane - At the moment I have to see a diabetic educator and get this blood tester, test that for a week or so 4 times a day record it and then go from there to see if I can control it by what I eat, if not I may have to take a tablet. The diabetic nurse will probably give me a sugar free diet. But I'm already watching what I eat cos with it comes the risk of High Blood pressure, but my Gyno told me I would be a higher risk of everything with twins.
I just hope I can at least last another 6 weeks then I can have them here.
[Edited on 31/08/2009]

Hi everyone,
Everyone's having or had their glucose tests done by the sounds of things. I had mine last Thursday. I was expecting one needle at the start, drink, then another test, so was pleasantly surprised when I only had to have the one needle at the end. I guess I'd describe the drink at slightly flat very, very sweet lime lemonade. Not too bad but it did make me squint a bit and got a bit bored sitting in the clinic for the hour, I was expecting I could go do the food shopping! Got results today and all ok so far. I was a bit amazed as Diabetes is in my family and I have been craving a lot of bad and sugary foods.
Can't wait for our little man to be born. Still have 11 weeks to go and even though I haven't had any major issues, can't really say I'm in love with being pregnant.
Anyone made any plans for a baby shower yet. Thinking of having mine about 4 weeks b4 due date.
Keep well everyone.


Hey girls

Danni - sorry to hear about the GD and having to prick yourself all day sad Can't be fun.

Leasey - don't think I'll worry about the whole baby shower thing this time around. Had one with DD, but am thinking I'll give it a miss this time!! With DD I had it a month before I was due which was perfect. They're good fun smile

Well no leaking here either! Everythings going really well. Feel great still but agree with the heartburn complaints, can't wait til bubba drops so it eases. Every night around 9ish it kicks in and I have to take something to get to sleep sad Oh well, as you all say - not long to go! Can't believe in just over two month we'll have another one smile smile I'm starting to get really excited now..

Bec - how is the full time work going? Hope you're coping ok with it. Your bump sounds lovely smile Mine is still slowly growing but still wearing the same clothes, with minor adjustments here and there!

With button closing pants/jeans I've found the best thing is a hair tie around the button, thru the button hole and then back over the button. Ha, if that makes any sense at all!!!!? Did this with DD as well and found that I only had to wear trackies or maternity pants for the last month. Saved some $$$!!

Kris - good luck with moving your little one, hopefully it's a smooth transition for all smile

Heavenlymummy - WELCOME! Sorry, I missed your post before! Hope you're feeling well and the pregnancy is going along smoothly.

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone.. BAD pregnancy brain!! Very busy lately and going away Wednesday for 10 days on a little holiday before we have another little one to consume time and funds smile

Hope everyones still feeling well and happy.. I can't believe it's September tomorrow, lovely spring weather. Yay for that!! And then only two months until NOV! Woohoo smile

Have a great week all, will report when I get back from holidays. Take care, Megan.

Hi Ladies and their ever-expanding bumps!

Well like most of you I had the Glucose test and pfft nothin' to it! I did get the clear drink (a friend got the lime one and said it was horrible) and only ONE needle - YAY!!!!

Results came back good but will still test with my Dad's test kit (he's diabetic) occasionally.

I keep getting the Dr to check the sex each time I go - he said I can throw away the receipts of the clothes shopping I've done smile

Only 5 weeks of work left (thank god) and then 6 weeks till bub after that. We've got the office painted (well when I say we I mean ME) and now just have to shift stuff down there to have the nursery back. Lucky Dad's on holidays for a few weeks - can't rely on hubby lately. He thinks we still have heaps of time.

I think I've over done it today - helped spread top soil out over the lawn to get some grass growing after all the building work, plus cleaned some walls on the weekend. Combined with having to CHASE DS every time I go up town is driving me bonkers. Am thinking of buying a friends double pram - one in front of the other so that trips up town by myself aren't that stressful.

Hope you're all feeling well and sleeping as much as you can. I go to bed alright but wake up constantly. No leaking for me yet but I think it's not that far away - they're looking rather full at the moment!

Take care

Double post - stuipd error report!!
[Edited on 31/08/2009]

Hi all,

I had my glucose test today, wasn't so bad, I do remember the drink, just flat lemonade to me.

The only thing that made me laugh was that everytime I have bloods done they can never find my veins, so when I giggled that he couldn't find one I had to explain to him why I laughed. But he found one in my other arm fairly quickly, normally they have to go to my wrist to get a vein, and they all say that I would make a terrible junkie, LOL.

Next doc appt is next Thursday so I'll get the results then.

Haven't started to leak which I'm happy about I only leaked early with DD(my first bub) so hopefully it's the same this time.

I've been keeping up to date with everyone, but there are so many of us now it's hard to do personal replies, so I'll finish by saying that I hope everyone is doing well, and we all have a good last few weeks.


Hi everyone, i joined a while ago but have not been on for a while. looking to chat with few people that are in the same bout as me smile
i am 29 weeks along now (due 14th nov) with my 2nd child, but its been a while as my other child is 7 years old girl.
i am having a boy this time and have a funny feeling i may go early this time, i dont know why i just think it. i was a week over due with my girl.
anyways hello again everyone
Hi Everyone
Saw the diabetic educator today,had to test myself was 12.5 nearly fell off the chair, can be caused by soap residue on your hands etc. So I was releived. Have had to test myself, after tea and its sitting at 7.0 which is good. If I can do this by controlling what I eat then I should be ok.JHave all these pages of info on what I should eat and what I shouldn't whats good and whats bad, I can even have a choccy biccy if I want just have to watch what I have with it. Just 8 more weeks to hopefully put up with this.
Take care

Danni21 - What was your initial result score from your first glucose test? Cos mine was 7.1 and my midwife has said that is quite high, is that or not?

Thanx Amelia

My glucose result eas 6.7 I was told as long as long as it was under 8. something you are ok.
Had a ultrasound yesterday, looks like we're having another boy, though they weren't exactly sure the guy couldn't see any testes. Not sure how I feel I suppose in some ways I was hoping for a girl mainly so DD will have someone, but I'm close to my brother so that's not really a issue. It also means I'll have to re buy all baby clothes, I only have girl ones LOL. At least now we can concentrate on names, Lincoln is the front runner at this stage. Oh bubs is growing fine as well yay will make it at least another four weeks before something might be done.
Hope everyone is well

Hi Amelia
my initial test i'm not sure on my glucose tolerance test was 4.6 fasting after the first hour of the drink went to 9.5 then two hour test was 8. something which was too high hence now i have sore fingers every day. lol. I have to try to stay between 5.0 and 7.0 all day everyday. I have to seriously watch what I eat other wise if I can't manage it I will have to go to Adelaide to deliver cos of it and also probby have to have insulin. I see the doctor Mon so will ask afew more ???

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