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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Danni21- thanx for that, I guess 7.1 aint that bad then. I guess I just need to change my diet a tad, and then I'll be all good.


Hi Girls

Hope that you are all going well. I have my diabetes test on saturday and am a bit worried about the results. Last time i had it with my DS i was 0.1 off the cut off for having it. My Ob just said to watch what i eat etc. I saw him a few weeks ago and at 26 weeks instead of measuring about 26cm this one was at 29-30cm, apparently if you GD you are more likely to have bigger babies. On the other hand though I am only 5ft 2inches and my DS would have stretched all my stomach muscles from my 1st pregnancy. Will have to wait and see, didnt mind the test so much just the blood tests i dont like. Until i was pregnant i had managed to never have had a blood test. dont have it out of my arm, cant handle the thought of it so i have it out my hand. Luckily i have someone who's really good at taking it although she has commented several times how good the veins on my arms are. Yuck just the thought of all this is making me feel like passing out!

anyway will chat with you all soon smile
Dani, sorry to hear about the diabetes, but from what I hear it's not all too bad inregards to the food, my friend also has GD and still eats cake, chocolate etc.. just not all at once.

Well I haven't had a great morning, DH and I had a fight over a business trip he is taking 3 weeks out from the birth, maybe I am overacting because of the pregnancy etc... but he has to go to melbourne overnight at the beginning of November, just really worried if the baby comes 3 weeks early and he is not here what the hell am I am going to do. DH just says relax it won't come that early but how does he know.

Sometimes i think men just honestly don't think!!! I seem to get upset real easily now days, DD is showing the signs of a cold and i am just about over that as I know i will get it,, what can you do.

Oh well enough of my gripe for the day, I will get over it.

Apart from that baby going well, getting strong braxton hicks lately which I have to say are a bit painful at times but apart from that good.

Hope everyone else is going well, I have my 30 week appointment next tuesday with the ob so hope I don't have any high blood pressure.

Have a good day


Kris - Thanks I know its not too bad its just if I can't control it with what I eat then I'm in trouble. I had a slice of choccy cake the other night and my reading was higher. So I can't have it too often but I was told I still need some added sugar to my diet. I spose its really a healthy way of eating.
I had brekky today, a small bowl of just right and ten minutes later up she came, but then I'm told to eat all meals and not to skip any but how can I when they just keep coming up. LOL
I know how you must be feeling with getting closer to your date and DH has to go away, Maybe if you stress about it too much you'll have high blood pressure and you'll have to deliver earlier, not a nice thought but its a win win for you and DH LOL. I keep telling mine he better be close if something happens sooner. Everyone keeps saying I'm small for having twins, But I don't feel small. But my bellybutton hasn't popped yet so, hopefully it won't.
I have three more weeks of work left after Friday.
I still havn't gone into nesting stage, I leave everything till the last minute, I have the twins bags packed for hospital mine is nearly finished then its a matter of grabbing 3 bags (suitcases) and heading to hospital.
Anyway take care and hope you are all well.

Hi girls....

This is my first full week of staying home until the rest of the pregnancy... omg i am so bored. Do cleaning here and there.. cooking but don't really want to cook too much as I don't want DH to gain more weight than he already does.

Now I just wish I got friends who is in the same boat living closer by so we can go out to the marina and get some ice cream..

take care all


Oh Danni... it looks like we are expecting on the same day smile)))

Hello Hello,

Had my midwife appt today, all things are go for bub, meaning that all the boxes are ticked and all the forms are signed. She also told me that my sugar was 6.3 so I am very pleased. I have been lucky that bub hasn't found my ribs or anything, but neither did my other two kids so I must be really lucky. Not alot else to tell, all is good, besides the heartburn.

Take care Trina

Hi everyone,

Just had a question - is anybody else getting strong and frequent Braxton Hicks? I seem to be getting them a lot lately, and as many as 4 in half in hour! Just wondering if that is normal.....

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy Father's Day. We'll be going out for a pancake breakfast with friends from our ante-natal group. They have a little girl 3 weeks older than Callum and the 2 are firm buddies. smile

Callums Mummy, I have had a few braxton hicks every now and then but not as many as 4 in half and hour, I usually lie down and rest if I can when I do get them maybe try that.

Well I hit the big 30 Week tomorrow and am looking at 9 weeks left scary thought!!! I haven't been able to do much with the babies room until we move DD into the bed and the cot into the babies room. We have delayed moving DD into her bed as we are going to head off to Nelson bay for 3 days in two weeks time and we don't really want her to be in a bed without railings so have decided to wait until we return.

Anyone else wake up from a deep sleep with really bad leg cramps. I remember getting them last pregnancy but not as bad and you forget what the pain is like. I basically woke up last night screaming in angony and hubby thought it was the baby,, DD then also woke as I couldn't contain my scream for the pain, it was worst than a contraction I have to say.

I have my ob app tomorrow and hoping all is well, hope everyone else enjoyed there fathers Day yesterday.


Afternoon all, we were slipping down the page so thought i better post since its been a while. I hope all the dads had a great fathers day yesterday.
I had a 3d scan done last weekend and it was awesome, it was amazing seeing our little bubs on the screen, got a cd of all the pictures, dvd of the scan and about 15 printed photos. Only 10 weeks to go til we find out whether its pink or blue but im thinking blue!!
Have started doing the nursery, have put the cot together and curtains are up. Going with elmo theme just waiting for some stikarounds for the walls and make the cot up.
5 weeks of work left so cant wait taking 13 off then back at work but only doing 10 hrs a week will be good for dad and bubs and gets me out of the house for a break!!
Think thats about all thats happening on this end, doc appointment on wed.
Hope everyone is well
mel x

Just a quick one from me spent part of last night in hospital they thought I was in labour, TMI but blood clots involved etc, been told to slow right down very hard to do with 3 other kids, on bed rest for a few days they wanted to keep me in longer, but I don't sleep well in there, so I've come home. waiting for some results and the midwife to call me.Other 1/2 doing well LOL not easy stepping in.
Better get back to bed.

hi nov mummys

wow i havent posted for a long time i have just read through most of the post that i have missed hope everyone is feeling better that wasnt feeling well

callums mummy... i too am having alot of contractions !!!

i will actually let you in on whats been going on with me

starting at about 28 weeks lost my mucus plug
then i swelled up like a ballon
went to hosp they dismissed anything i was concerned about arrrr!
saw my ob 3 days later he did a internal and my cervix is really soft (no more sex)
contractions started 3 days later 30 mins apart for 4 hours then just stopped (i was to ring dr when they were 5 mins apart)
then started to get brown discharge
saw doc day later cervix wasnt dilating but put me on tabs to stop me from going into labour or settel the contractions down
then .... yes then!!! i started leaking some sort of fluid clear but with a sweet smell (sorry tmi)
back to drs he said he dosent think it was my waters but he isnt sure
so now im on a week to week basis with doc and we are jsut taking in day by day
so yes thats wats been going on with me lol

ill try and keep you more updated so its not so long next time

take care

meggsy smile

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