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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Nesting - I just can't stop. All the cupboards are cleaned. THe baby clothes are washed and ironed and put away and the nursery is done. I just need to clean the oven and the windows and I am done.

Lizze and Meggsy - Take Care of your selves. IT must be pretty scary. Lizzee do they know why you bled?

We took dh out for brekky yesterday for fathers day and he took dd1 and ds1 to watch Collingwood loose to St Kilda. He was not happy but I was over the moon. He gave it to me bad on Sat night as I go for Carlton. Fingers crossed Collingwood get done on Sat night. OUt in straight sets. Too good.

I am having a pregnancy massage (myopothy) tomorrow night. Can't wait. Has anyone else had one before.

Take Care Ladies


Hi I'm new to this forum and I'm currently heading for 24/11 with my 2nd bub.

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Posted by: Pack horse
Hi I'm new to this forum and I'm currently heading for 24/11 with my 2nd bub.

welcome i am due 14th nov, having my next appointment this thusday so ill get my glucose results then but i didnt have any problems with my last girl, mind you that was 7 years ago so you never know but i feel fine.
i think i wake up just that little bit bigger every morning and it is harder to get around and do things then it use to be lol
anyways hope everyone one is doing well.
Hi all,

Lizze and Megsy - hope everything is okay and your bubs stay put for a while longer.
Am looking forward to my midwife appt tomorrow as have not been feeling the best the last couple of days. I have been having quite bad pains for a few days now, struggling to walk sometimes. It prob just muscles stretching but better to be safe than sorry, I just never had them that bad with DD.

Well 10wks to go now, not long really - except everyone keeps telling me I look as though Im ready to pop now. I think this little fella is going to be a big bub.


Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good fathers day.
Megsy and Lizze try to keep your legs together for another few weeks LOL. And take care and do as you are told. LOL

I have to hold on for another 6 weeks max then I can have them. So my Midwife told me to keep my legs shut till then LOL. She was having fun giving me an U/S yesterday, she loves it when I come in she likes looking at the twins to see what they are doing. He is head down but I still have to have a c-section.

I'm not sleeping well so the dr gave me a script for some tablets to help, so will give them a go probably tonight up every hour walking the floor and I'm not even in labour!!!

Well hope you are all well and take care ladies.
Welome pack horse.

3 more weeks of work.
Danni XXX

Just thought I'd give another quick up date.
They thought that I might have a blood clot behind the placenta so had another ultrasound today (been told its a girl this time going to have to wait and see) but they can't find anything behind it so I'm still feeling crampy and I've been told that if I get worse or bleed again then straight to hossy. My midwife has said that they may admit me for observation anyway, she'll be ringing at 9 tonight. Finger's crossed I won't be going in not a good time, but then when is. The joys, thank goodness there wont be anymore babies for us!

Hey everyone,

It has been so long since I have been on here that each time I pop in I get too busy reading and dont post lol

Danni - bugger about the GD, hope you are able to keep your levels at the 7 or under, I am on insulin 3 times a day at the moment and still cant keep them down lol, had to grab lunch on the run today and the only bread they had was white so had no choice and hey presto reading 2 hours later was 14.2 - damn it lol I just know I am going to hear about that tomorrow from my D.E lol

My feet are HUGE now and so sore lol - I have decided that I will work for another 3 weeks and then do a bit of a wind down for a month but that looks like it will be fairly unlikely with another warning last week of expect a mid October bub if he stays put till then lol

I hope everyone is doing okay and that all the bubba's are staying put for a bit longer

Take care all

Leigha x

Leigha''s little men smile

Hi Mums!

Well on the home stretch now - only 10 weeks to go, 3 left of work and 2 more haircuts (ha ha!!).

Lizze and Meggsy - Hope you guys can hold in there for a little longer and all goes well with your bubs

I have to make an appointment with the hospital for the admissions stuff - going to the City tomorrow so might drop in and see if they can squeeze me in (or give me the forms to send back anyway!)

Feeling rather guilty that I haven't bought much for bub. Picking up a double pram off a friend tomorrow, have 6 sleeveless romper suits, 1 dress and 2 sets of pink towel/face washers. REALLY want to concentrate on bed linen tomorrow but am finding it hard going pink after blue - I love the boys bright colours; not a huge fan of pastel pink and fairies!!

I've been getting really tight feelings, like contractions but without the pain, making my heart palpitate and getting short of breath - is this Braxton Hicks? Been waddling a little too which is embarassing!

Should be getting new floor coverings beginning of next month (Hooray!) so the house will no longer have carpet in the dining room!!!!!!

Hope you all keep safe and (try) to get some sleep!

Morning ladies.

I hope everyone is feeling well today!

LizzE and Megs - please take it easy! Those bubs need to cook for just a bit longer! I hope everything goes well.

I get a few braxton hicks but nothing major. I find its more when I'm lifting DS or carrying the groceries etc.

Going on from another thread - who are you all planning on having in the labour room with you? I only plan on having DH with me. Having anybody else would drive me insane. DS was a c/s (although planned I went into labour early so I had to have the c/s in the middle of the night). I called my mum and dad when we got to the hospital and they came up and waited with me and DH until I went into surgery. They were obviously there when I got out of recovery but nobody else was called until the next morning. My mum will be here to look after DS so the plan is that she will be the only one that knows when I go into labour. Nobody else will be told anything until after bubs has arrived and we've had some time to settle in. It could be long wait because I want a VBAC I have to be at the hospital from the first sign of a contraction LOL!!!

Well, I just splurged and bought a pair of "Hot Milk" maternity pyjamas. I wanted something really nice for hospital and afterwards. With DS I only had normal jammies and it made feeding really hard. Maternity stuff is so expensive but I thought 'what the hell'. I can always try to sell them later.

I have my next midwives appt next Tuesday and then Im booked in for my VBAC info session at the hospital next Thursday.

Well, must go get ready for work. Im starting late today because I couldn't get DS into childcare until lunch time. The little turd has recently decided that 5am is a good time to start the day. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to get him to stay in bed longer? We've tried putting him back in continually and tried letting him cry but he just doesnt' get it. I need to nip this habit in the bud before baby arrives.

Sorry for the long post - I haven't been on for a while so I must have felt the need to catch up LOL!

Have a good day.


Hi Everyone,

Well we are getting to the home run now and I can't wait, I'm past all the bouncing on my bladder. I tryed the tablets the dr gave me for sleeping NO LUCK!!! Up all night again walking the floor. I think I might go to the natropath and see what I can get.
Other then that I am well. My sugar level was at 3.9 fasting this morning so thats made me happy. Hope I can keep it up, it sux when you have to think twice about if your allowed to eat something like a cream bun or a choccy bar. At least I can say I hopefully won't put on any more weight. LOL.

Any way Ladies take care
Danni XXX

Morning.. i hope everyones bubs hold on to at least November, if not hope they have a healthy arrival..
I'm waking a few times of a night with a full bladder.
And my day usually starts round 6ish so half way through the day i get tired..
Saturday i had a afternoon nap with Ds and woke up at 5:45pm. Dp had our baked tea ready, so i'm very lucky...
I have bout 9 weeks to go and very excited.. alls packed for hospital...
Take Care Ladies...

Hi Girls

Meggs and Lizze - I hope that things settle down and your bubs dont come too early.

Danni - thats great that you had good reading today hopefully they continue.

Bec - Not sure what you can do about your little man waking so early! What a killer when you have to work full time at the moment. As for the whole labour thing it will just be my DH and I in the delivery suite. Last time I was also booked in for a c-section first thing in the morning and Mum suggested that our parents come up at lunch time so that we had the whole morning with just us and our bub. We phoned them after my c-section so they knew all was ok though. This time we will do the same whether i end up having another C-section or VBAC.

I had my diabetes test on saturday and back to see my OB on monday. Ive been sleeping really well so making the most of it - last time at 32 weeks it was all over sleep wise.

Just wondering if any of you who have had breech babies have noticed if this bub is starting to do the same thing? My DS got stuck in the same spot from 28 weeks and Ive noticed that this little one is starting to favor that side too (Im 29 weeks tomorrow).

take care everyone x

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