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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

hi ladies,

Its been awhile since i have written. i have a question 4 you all. has anyone experianced any pain or have they lost there appetite completly. as for me i have lost 4 kilos since finding out and im really not hungry. i have been eating but feel really sick afterwards. am i weird or is this normal. i must sound bloddy nuts.

im a first time mum and am very worried that something is wrong.... pls help would be godd
Hey Tan

Yeah I've been off food too, but I just put it down to a version of ms. That's why I eat crackers during the day. Its something in my belly at least. Don't force yourself to eat a full meal, maybe just graze on stuff instead.
And no you don't sound bloody nuts!
I'm also a first time mum, but I'm trying not to over analyse every little thing, like I did while TTC for 15 months! Its hard not to tho, but I'm just kinda going with the flow. What really worried me at first was the cramping I'd been getting since I found out 3 weeks ago. But I convinced myself it was just everything adjusting to the change and since there was no spotting, it must be ok. I've since read and noticed that it only occurs when I'm leaning over, like at my desk at work, and if I lean back, it goes!!
Remember, if you are EVER concerned, ring your OB or GP, that's what they're there for - to answer our questions and to ease the minds of first time mums!

hey ladies..

well im still not feeling very pregnant.. waiting for the mw to call me this week to arrange a time to meet and so we can organize a dating scan..
havent been eating much, everytime i look at food i cant stand the thought of eating although i am hungry! weird..
hubby out for a run at the mo so just chillin on the couch watching chick trash.. love it!!

hope everyone is doing good! xo

Hi Everyone

My name is Emily and just found out I am pregnant with number 3. We already have 2 beautiful girls who are 4 and 2. I am due around 17th of Nov going by my dates. Hope to get to know you all better.
Hi ladies

I also wanted to join your 'November Gang'. DH and I just found out yesterday that we are expecting #2. A bit of a nice suprise as this was our first month TCC. It also happened the first month with DS. **Note to self - Never stop taking birth control when not wanting to get pregnant LOL!**

Havent' even made a Docs appointment yet, but going by my dates I should be due around 28 November so I'll probably hang around in here and the December thread - just to cover my bases LOL.

A bit about me ... ME 31, DH 30, DS 15 months! Hoping for a pink bundle this time but I really dont care. If this one could be half as good as DS i'll be happy!

I haven't read through the other posts but will when I have time. I'd like to get to know all of you other preggy ladies!!

Talk soon.


Hi Ladies smile

Hi Bec, Welcome to November mummies, Congratulations on your BFP!

MS is still charging on full steam ahead here, blah...
Getting excited about my dating scan on the 31st, I have my first hospital appt at 13 weeks which has shocked me, with my other 3 it took until I was around 20+ weeks to get a first appt, not complaining of course! lol grin

My 4 year ols shocked me the other day while we were shopping, she picked up a little jumpsuit and asked "can we buy this for our baby mummy?".. I asked her what baby, Skye is to big for that.. and the cheeky little bugger said "No, for the baby in your tummy!!" I almost fell over! lol.. She has picked up more than I thought lol!

Any way, better go, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend smile

Hi ladies,

Can I please join your thread. I found out Saturday that i'm pregnant with number 2. I have a DS who is 3 on Wednesday and am due on the 27th November I think. I'm so excited. Having my blood done this afternoon after work. I have been TTC for about 12 months and this was my 2nd cycle of taking Clomid.

Kym thats so cute about Skye..

Hello again

How is everyone feeling? For me, there's just no getting past this MS. It's all day! I have started taking 'Travel Calm' which might be helping a little bit, I'm not sure.

I am a bit worried, I've been having some light brown spotting since yesterday. I'm not sure if it's normal or not....feeling a bit anxious about it....

Hi, when I was pregnant with my DS i had spotting a few times in the first 12 weeks. I was on the pill and not TTC so I never suspected a thing until the dreaded MS came then i went to the Dr and he said the spotting is normal. I know you must be anxious and maybe call your Dr just to check with him.

Hi Everyone,

Callums mummy, Maybe give your doc a call and see if they can arrange a scan for you to ease your mind if you are worried. I hope everything turns out just fine

Wow there's alot of us due November!! I'm feeling pretty good so far havent had m/s yet, just a little tired, but I can handle that!
Sorry cant remember who asked, but I had a tiny bit of spotting with DD. It worried me too but my midwife said it can be quite common in the first trimester.

Hi Nov Mums!!!
due 6th nov
My name is meg and im 21 my fiance and i have been planing to have a baby since last year but only started trying in jan and feb, at 4 weeks, i found out i was pregs with my first!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

its so exciting!! im new to all this so i cant wait to hear what everyone else is feeling talk to you all soon

Meggsy xoxo smile

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