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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

hi everyone, just got back from my ultrasound at the hospital and baby is weighing in at about 8lbs and i'm only 36 weeks going by my orignial due date. we will be seeing the dr tomorrow to see what he has to say about it and hopefully will be able to have this baby sooner rather than later. it's been a pretty boring day here because i have been cooped up inside because of all the dust. they need to change the slogan for qld to beautiful one day, dusty the next because that's how it's been lately. dust or raining, not that i am complaining about the rain, my tank is getting some much needed water in it.
will let you all know how things go tomorrow after the doctor.
Take care, sandie
Hi Girls

Sounds like things are definietly starting to happen with babies getting into position etc! I still have another week for my OB appointment so just taking it easy and enjoying not being back at work. The weather has been nice and sunny over here in Perth and looks set to continue so making the most of it.

Sandie - Im interested to see what your Dr says tomorrow, wow 8lbs already.

Diana - thats awful about your health cover! can they refund you back any of the pregnancy management fee - the really big bill?? where will you go to now?

Im not going to have the swine flu vaccine. Asked my Ob and he was of the opinion that it's starting to settle down over here now and it was my choice if i wanted to or not. I had the normal flu needle months ago and stayed away from playgroup etc with my DS last term and managed to avoid catching the flu or cold this season. Not bad too considering before I started my maternity leave I was teaching 5-6 year olds 3 days a week, and both my sister and brother in law ended up with swine flu. Mind you my sister and her boyfriend are going over to the US and Mexico for 3weeks and arrive back a few weeks before bubs is due so will be steering clear of them for a bit when they get back.

Was wondering if anyone has used cloth nappies? been looking at the baby beehinds and peapods websites. any feedback or other good brands?

take care everyone and look forward to reading how everyone is going


Hi All

Just got back from my antenatal appointment at Dr's. I am 34 weeks tomorrow and am measuring 38 weeks. Doc says it's all baby too. Not looking forward to labour now.. hopefully this bub comes early too, DD was born at 37 weeks, so that would be good.

Shan, I used cloth with my first till she was about 6 months old, after that I went back to work and she was in disposables at night, so it was just easier to use disposables full-time.
I used the old terry squares, and some MCNs that I got off ebay, no particular brand. The MCNs were good, but took a long time to dry, so try to get a brand with a removable liner so that washing/drying is easier. Also, the more adjustments you can make to size, the better. I will be using them again with this one, at least until I go back to work again. I also used white vinegar instead of napisan, as they reckon the nappy soaker is not too good for the fabric over the long-term. Hope this helps.

All organised here, just need to wash some windows and curtains once the dust storms are gone, as they are all a bit grotty and you can smell the dust when you open the windows. Another windy, dusty day due tomorrow, so not going to bother about that just yet though.

Labour dust to those who want it. Belly rubs to all.


Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Posted by: bubbytarz
i love laying on the couch and feeling the bubs legs and body, its amazing just how easy it is to feel what part is what now, and its fun when u see a foot, knee or elbow slide accross ur side smile

i want to meet our bub but on the other hand im going to miss the squirming smile

PS Tara, that is the bit I missed after I had DD. Don't get me wrong, I loved to have the baby there, but I really missed my belly.

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

hi all, so have seen the dr and he managed to scare the crap out of me but also put me at ease if that makes any sense. baby is going to be huge probably around 4.5kgs which is approx 10lbs. i'm 36 weeks going by original due date but am now measuring at 40 weeks, so between monday and today have managed to grow another 2 weeks and all the measurments on the ultrasound are up around 39 to 40 weeks. have to have the big diabetes blood test tomorrow and see if there is a reason for having such a big baby or if i just have the perfect pelvis to push out these huge things. i can tell you know that there is no way what so ever that i am going to have another one. he doesn't want to induce me before the due date because it can cause more problems then it would fix but if i do have diabetes then thats a whole different story and we'll cross that bridge when/if we come to it. other than that i am really good and so is bub so i can't really complain, but i will anyway. hope everyone else is doing well and i can't wait to see who holds their baby first.
sorry about the long post, sandie
Hi all,

Sandie - I hope you dont have diabetes, god knowing I was going to have a 10lb baby would scare the hell out of me. "Sorry". You would think they would induce you early knowing how big bubs is. But as long as they are healthy. Im measuring a couple of weeks ahead but im not that bothered as everytime I get checked out by a different midwife they all say something different.
Mallecat - Goodluck to you too, you never know you might go early if you did with your last. Well thats what Im hoping for as my DD was 8 days early.

Amelia xxx
[Edited on 15/10/2009]

Wow count down is really on now.

Saw a OB for the 1st time yesterday. He says everything is looking good at this stage, reckons bubs will be between 7-8lb. My smallest has been 7lb 11oz, and biggest was 8lb 4oz so I'm quite happy, that's if bubs stays in there, he says I'm having a girl as well....we'll just wait and see. Still hope I come at 37 wks again, just so I don't have the birthdays a day apart. Never been over touch wood.
Just in reagrds to the raspberry leaf stuff, I didn't take it with my 1st or 3rd, and thier labours were 8 & 9hrs, took it with my 2nd and he was 4 hrs, I'm back to taking it again.
Getting a horrible cold now, all 3 kids have it so not unexpected

Hope everyone is doing well

PS Blonde Lizzard I've sent u a private msg in regards to meeting up have u got it yet?

Sadie, my cousin was told she was having a big baby had numerous scans etc and when her little one was born was only 7lb something, it really freaked her out, its not something you want to hear. Hopefully they are wrong and bubs isnt big.
Um cant remember who was saying about private cover (sorry) but we went private with our first, still had to pay for doc etc only the hospital stay was covered, went private had private room my actual doctor delivered our son only difference we find different from private to public is whoever doc is on duty delivers rather than own doctor.
Update from me bubs is doing well head down in the right position, heatrate good and blood pressure fine, no idea of size of bubs as havent had a scan since 2o weeks. One downer is strep b tests came back positive so need to have antibiotics during labour. Back to docs in 2 weeks for another check.
I have started taking epo and raspberry tablets, previous labours have been 14 and 12 hours long so anything to have it shortened.
Only 31 days to go!!!
Take care and have a good weekend everyone

Posted by: LizzE

PS Blonde Lizzard I've sent u a private msg in regards to meeting up have u got it yet?

No haven't got a msg? Might have to send it again!

All going well with us, saw ob on Tues, am measuring spot on for dates and bub is still head down but not in pelvis yet. Guess it's not coming early after all.

Am getting to be a bit over it all - have tried to enjoy it as I know we're not having any more, but am really looking forward to getting my body back just for me! And can't wait to be able to sleep on me belly again!!

So have finally got hubby to agree on a girls name, so names are all sorted. think i'm pretty much organised - clothes washed, sheets washed, just have to organise bubs room properly but won't do that till after it's born (will be in bassinette in our room for a while, and my dad and step-mum are coming to stay with us for a few days after the birth, so need the spare bed up until after they go.... sucks cos I want to do it now!!)

About the cloth nappies, I'm using cloth for this bub - used disposables with DD cos I never knew cloth existed. There are sooo many brands that you can get now, I've got a stash of probably 10 different brands, just to see what works best for us. Can't wait for bubs to get here so I can see them on!!!

Yay! Its Friday! Only 2 weeks of work left.

A friend of mine had her baby on Wednesday afternoon (2 weeks early) and i went to see them today. She had a baby girl, 6pd 4oz and they called her Zoe. She now has 2 girls. She is sooooo tiny. You forget just how small they are. Im so jealous. I still have to wait 6 weeks to see my little bug!!

Not much else happening. Just keeping my fingers crossed that bub stays head down. I have a feeling it may be laying transverse at the moment so I'm spending as much time as I can leaning forward and laying on my fitball. I have a scan in 2 weeks so I guess I'll find out then.

With DS I was told at a scan at around 38 weeks that he was already around 8pd. He was born at 40 +2 and he was 7pd 12oz. Scans aren't really accurate in measuring size so try not to worry too much!

I tried to book in for a pregnancy massage today for next Thursday (I have the day off) and they're booked out. Damn it - I might ring around and see if I can get in somewhere else. My shoulders and neck are really giving me grief and a massage would be lovely smile

Have a fabulous weekend ladies.


Hi All,

So 15 days left today for me, but ready for it to come any time now. I am sure I will miss the bump, but also looking forward to sleeping on my tummy and being able to get around a bit more easily smile Also after 2 weeks on Maternity Leave, I know I could not be a Lady of Leisure. I like my job too much and I need the distraction. I cant believe I am saying that, but it is true.

Sadie - I also heard that the size that they tell you from the scans can be way out, so try not to stress too much. Although I totally understand that it is not nice to have that thought put in your head. Hope all comes back clear with the test.

Shan - I was looking at using cloth nappies, but have decided to go with Moltex biodegradable nappies instead. Has anybody else used these before? Would love to hear some feedback... They are a little bit more expensive, but my employer covers nappies for the first year, so luckily I do not have to pay for them.

Diana - sorry to hear about the blunder with your Private Health Insurance. It is awful that you have to change everything to go Public now. In saying that, I am going through the Public system and it really has been great to date. I am also on full Private Cover, and dont even really know how I ended up going public - so also trying to figure why I am paying so much for Private Cover....

Well, hope all you lovely ladies have a great weekend. Not long now until we meet our little ones. Try put your feet

Hey Everyone,

Well I hope everyone is having a good weekend, mines ok except that DD keeps getting up at 540am and waking us up, things seem to have gone from good to worse today so many issues eg invited to a wedding in December and the bride and groom don't want any kids or even a 5 week year old baby to attend, I guess it's there wedding I wasn't going to take DD just the 5 week year old as they are hard to leave if you know what i mean, I think I am quite hormonal at the moment I keep crying over really stupid things and I know I am driving hubby crazy!!! Anyone else like this?????

I had my Ultrasound to deteremine the size of the baby yesterday and he is already 2.86kgs at 35 weeks, apparently he is above average in size and if he keeps on this way in 5 weeks time he will be just under 4kgs, not as big as DD but still big. I did ask how accurate the scan was and it can be off 500grams so really he may or may not get that big. At this stage they can't tell you the head circumference either for 5 weeks time only that his head is suprising small 31cm where as DD's was 38cm. I think I will go the c-section as there is too man ifs and buts and I don't want to risk having a big baby again naturally and hamorraging. Hang in there sadie I know what you are going through.

enough from me try to get as much rest as possible and take care


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