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Bubs Due In December Lock Rss

Hi Everybody,

I thought I would start a December thread. I am due on 4th December with my 4th. I am 37 and DH43 DD6 DS5 and DD 13months. Please if anybody recognises me please keep it here as we do not want anyone to know until 14 weeks. Looking Forward to spending the next 8 months with you


Hi Jane

I thought Id come and join you ... it looks a bit lonely in here at the moment. Hopefully all of the lovely ladies left in the TTC March thread will be over to chat soon LOL!

Going by my dates Im due on 28 November so Im stalking both the November and December threads. DS was 2 days over his due date so who knows when this one will decide to come!

Hope your feeling good!


Hi girls, thought I would come and join you from the ttc march thread.

Well I am just pregnant going by websites I am due the 6th of december, still haven't made a dr's appointment yet but will do it soon to have blood test to confirm.

I ahve absolutely no symptoms of being pregnant except a 2 positive hpt, so heres hoping this little one will stick.

Better go and get my oldest ready for school, have a great day girls.


Hi Ladies,

Welcome and congrats. I am having really bad sleep insomnia from 2.00am until 4.00am. It is so annoying as I am sooooooootired but can't sleep. My dh answer is to sleep during the day. That is ok if my dd 13months will let me.

Have a great day

Good MOrning All,

How is everyone today. I am starting to feel a bit funny, different smells. It is all becoming familiar again. THe start of morning sickness. It is a beautiful day today in Melbourne so we are going out to enjoy it. Have a great day


Morning Jane,

Well feeling a bit yuck here too, yesterday I was dizzy all day and not much better today.

Enjoy your day out, I just got back from a walk, let ailey have a little walk so it was fun as he wanted to stp to look at everything.

Hope you have a good weekend and take carexxxx

Hi ladies!
Well I am new to this site, but my 2 +ve hpt show Im (hopefully!) in the right place! My first so pretty excited, but also terrified!! Hoping to get a doc appointment early next week, bu using the online clculator it looks like Im due 5th December smile
Hi ladies

Hope everybodys Saturday is going well. We've just had DH's parents over for a bit of a visit and a play with Mackai. We still held on to our secret LOL! Im a bit funny too and I want to tell my parents first!

Felix - welcome and congratulations. I know what you mean about terrifying and exciting. I've just discovered that those feelings dont change even when its your second (or third, fourth or fifth Im sure)!! All be the best for a healthy and safe pregnancy!

Still no symptoms here. No feeling sick, no weeing a lot, no funny tastes, no cravings and Im not even eating heaps which I was doing with Mackai! I have to wait until Monday to get my blood results because they wouldn't give them to me over the phone!

Well, we're off to get dirty, greasy pizza for dinner! Yummmmmmmm

Have a great night ladies!


Hi Ladies, do you mind if I join in. I confirmed my BFP with another test today (AF finally due but I have been testing for a few days). All going well and Bubba should be due on the 7 Dec.

I am really excited to be having another bub - a little brother or sister for my little man (almost 2). I have been really nauseous for the past week and a half, very tired and mild cramping. I am hoping the morning sickness stays away for a bit longer (suffered with my first preg).

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone over the coming months and wishing you all healthy preggies.


Hi everyone, thanks for being so welcoming! I was quite nervous posting so thanks! smile
Any advice re what to do next would be much appreciated!! I know I need to go to doc to confirm, but when do I start thinking about midwife etc? Argh so much to learn!!!

Jane hope you managed to sleep better last night!

Vron congrats and hope you dont get too sick this time around!

Sarah smile
Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to sarah and vron, congrats on your bfp.

Sarah usaully when you go teh dr's they will give you referral letters and that, so basically just start from there and just enjoy the next few months.

Well just got home from watching hubby drag race and the boys were really good out there, but they are tired and cranky now. Still not really feeling pregnant yet af was due today and I tested again this morning still positive so I am hoping to get some other sign soon. I worry about miscarrying because I have done it before so just really hoping nothing happens this tme is our time again.

Anyway better go as Bailey is screaming his head off.

Take care everyonexxxx

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