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Due in January 2010 Lock Rss

hey everyone, I just got a BFP and it would mean i will be due sometime around 5th January.
I am 25, DH is 27 and our first bub a boy will be two in July.
Hey Lozwatts,
Cogratulations hun!
I did a pregnancy test this morning and got a very faint BFP, I think I'm due around the 3rd January.
Me and DH are not getting to excited just yet, but it's kinda hard not too, i've had 2 miscarriages over the past 12 months, so crossing all fingers and toes and everything possible that this one sticks.
This was our first cycle of TTC again, I can't believe we fell so quick this time, i'm so happy about that.
I remember you from TTC threads in the past, have you been TTC for a while?
So i'm Kristen, i'm 28and DH is 26.

Hi girls,

My name is Nicki, i'm 25 and DH is 28. We have 2 DS's Aidan 2yrs 7 months and Tristan 13 months.

I done 2 preg tests on monday on was BFN and the other was BFP. So i done another yesterday morning second line came up but i thought it was an evap line then when DH got home i done the other one and it was BFP, so i raced done and got First Response tests done one and BFP. I then tested this morning just to be sure and BFP!!! I am sooo excited and scared all at once.Yes it is #3 but still feels like #1. This was only the second month trying, so surprised it happened so quick!!!

I am due on the 1st of jan!!!

Fingers crossed for sticky babies!!!

It will be great to chat to you girls!!!

Nicki xxxx

[Edited on 22/04/2009]

Hi Girls a big congratulations to you all. Lozwatts I remember you from the TTC threads.
Happy pregnacy to all. smile

HI everyone, Nicki i was the same, i did one test yesterday but it wasn't ver long after had had a bottle of water, it was negative. Then i did another later in the night when i hadn't had anything to drink in a couple of hours and there was a faint line but definately there i dodn't need to turn it around in the light or anyting like that lol smile Plus i ahowed my husband without telling him anything and he said oh my gosh there is a second line here have you seen it? " he he so that was the ultimate test because he is blind smile.

Thanks Dancaz i remember you too, how are you going?
Hi ladies,

Congrats on your BFPs!!! I cant believe you are due in Jan 2010, scary!!!

It's great to see you get your BFP, Loz!!

And Krissy, you too, I remember when you braced me with your presence for a short time when I first started the due July 09 thread!! I hope this one is a sticky one!!!

Anyway, you are starting to freak me out, I cant believe there is a due Jan thread already and I have 10wks to go.....

Cangrats Ladies.
Can I join you lovely ladies gasp)

I just did a First Response HPT like 1 hour ago, hehe, and I got a strong BFP. I am 4 days early !!!

Approx due date is 5th January 2010.

We have 3 gorgeous boys, 12yrs, 2.7yrs & 19mths.

I had a m/c in Feb 2009 so I am very nervous but ever so excited !!

Kathy x x

Hi Ladies
Just wanted to wish you all the best! I remember many of you from the TTC threads last year in aug, Sept. Good Luck with it all and lots of sticky dust to everyone!

hey boy-central yay i'm sooo happy for you, i have seen you on here lots and i think we were in some TTC threads last year.

UPDATE i just did another test faint BFP in the middle of the day and i had just had lunch and lots of water whoo hoo smile
Woohoo lozwatts!

My line is as clear as day, definite BFP - Amazing !!

Thats so awesome, I really am amazed that i'm preg as we have only done the deed onece in the last three weeks as i have been away on a holiday and it was the day before i was expecting AF to arrive so actually i'm in shock smile
Also i have been on antibiotics for a tube infection for over a month, obviously i cleared the problem and made me ovulate late. I can't wait to go to my doc tors tommorrow to get a follow up for the infection and ask them to confirm my preg tests he he smile
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