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Any mum's due soon from Perth WA? Lock Rss

I am from S.O.R. in Perth WA.
Looking to make new friends and chat with any new mums or mum's to be from Perth.
Please email me


Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)


I'm also from SOR Perth and having my first baby. Due around 22nd October. So i'm around 11 weeks now... I had a miscarriage at the end of last year so hoping this one makes it.
Is this your first baby too?
Hey iM vanessa

Im about 20weeks now.. due on the 17th aug... im 17 yr old... live in rockingham...



hi emma,
how are 20 years old when is your baby due. my lil baby isa due in july. dunno what im having cant wait!! im from thornlie


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