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Any Young MuMs...Having A First Baby...Welcome TO cHAt... Lock Rss

Hey all

Im Vanessa

Im from Perth (WA) , I am having my first baby due bewteen the 16-18th aug 2006... Im so scared now, that times coming closer, anyone with any advice at all, im really willing to listen, im going to be a single mum, i found out i was pregnant when i was 16 , and i am now 17... I dont want the father to hav anything to do with the baby, its really a long story ... he lives with druggies, he drinks to much... and i dont want my baby around that stuff, and i know he would put anything before the baby, and see it as a pay check... Im really scared he is going to try and do something to see the baby...
Is there such thing as like security custody... like u take the baby somewhere , where there security so they cant take off with them... i know his family they are like that...

Well i really hope to hear from people



Hey Vanessa,
My names Natalie i'm 18 i'm from Auckland, NZ. This is my first baby and very excited. I'm still with the father who is wrapped we've only been together for 5months which isn't long but this felt so right to have a baby with love all around it all ready. It sounds like to me your in a sticky situation here. You do have rights to custody of your baby you can apply for them if the father finds out. You really should ring your local lawyer or an advice bureau (if you have one in Oz) but i really do think the father does have a right to know if he has a child i mean i don't know your situation but also by the sounds of it you are also right by you not telling him because i wouldn't want my child in that sort of situation as well. And as for his family they don't have the right to anything if he's over 18. If he isn't and he refuses to pay child support if you tell him, the law is he's parents have to pay until he's 18 then he has to pay or he gets in very big trouble! which he should. But i would love to hear more from you and see how things are turning out for you smile and i hope i've helped you out a little too.
hey vanessa,
im sarah, im 17 and due on th 16th May, relax and enjoy your free time while u got some is what i've been told. lol. my friend (who had a baby in Feb) is 17 also, and she said she misses her belly, i quite honestly miss been able to see my feet when i stand up. lol. fair enuf not wanting him around, well you'd have full custody of him so legally he cant take bubz from you i wouldnt think. i got no idea tho.
Hi Vanessa
I'm from WA as well - up north though. I'm 27 and this is my first baby and I don't think it matters how old you are, we're all scared in some way!
I hope you have support from Parents or Friends to help you through it and to deal with your ex for you as well.

Northwest of WA, Jack born 06/10/2006

hey all u expectant mummies !

My name is Lucy, i am expecting my first baby on July 26th. i found out on my last ultrasound that i am having a baby girl! smile i am 16 but i will be 17 when my bub arrives!

i am getting really excited and nervous as it gets closer to the birth. i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 10 weeks and it was a massive shock but i think despite my young age i am ready to be a mum!

i would love to hear about other mums experiences and how they are feeling about their pregnancy and birth .

_ Vanessa_ there is ways that you can protect your baby from the father if u feel he will be putting it in danger. you should speak to your midwife and they should be able to tell you your options or contact docs.
Hi Vanessa,

Im from Perth too. Im 20yrs old, due in June.

This is my email address -

Email me anytime you would like to chat.


riks ~ 7mth bub, ella rose. w.a

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