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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I've finally started solids with Ashton last Monday, been quite interesting since he doesn't quite like the farex by itself so I've pureed fruit to go with it. Just loves it, yay! I'm slowly getting the dermatitus/eczema/psoriasis under control, it does help when I get it every now and then. I'm so glad that I had the ointments ready too!

Ashton seems to have more awake time now, and am enjoying the time I have with him, not really wanting to go back to work just yet, but know I'll eventually have too in September. Nooooo....

Mum2Willie - I'm glad that you were helped by a nurse, at least you won't feel like your going insane as much. How's Soph?

Liz - You amaze me with how quickly you're able to go school and back to work after Charli was born. And yes my boobs are still growing, and leaking still.....anyone having troubles with leaky nipples? How is Charli?

Mel2407 - That's terrific that Liliana is still going strong with BF. I've tried Ashton on bottles and he doesn't seem interested but when he gets a bowl or cup he tries to replicate what we do and try and drink out of them. Very cute!!!!!! How's Liliana?

Tracey-lee82 - That's quite funny with Maddi, I too try not let Ashton watch tv, but it just makes too much noise.....How's Maddi?

Speak to you all soon

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hey nic
what did you use on ashtons ezcema? Harriet had it quite badly and i was creaming her up every nappy change...since i have started putting less clothes on her tho it has started to ease up..coupled with the moisterisng.
am wondering if heat has a facter in hers?!?!?

had my first full shift last night and am buggered!!!! only reason i did the scholling so early after harri was born is so i can get into paid work have to work 100hrs for free as a course requirement so am hoping to do them as quick as i can...boobs are holding up ok but i expreass a bottle as soon as i walk in the door!!!!

harri doenst do lying on her back soon as i put her down she flips over to tummy and trys to get up on her kness..when she sings out during the night for a feed she is even on her tummy. last nught she was on tummy sideways wth legs hanging out the side!!!

hope all is well and babies are going greayt!!!

Hi all,

Liz - I use Condy's Crystals for the bathtime and I use Col Tar (not sure of spelling) for after bath and when he wakes next day for a change of clothes. I only moisturise the back as he seems not to have any rashes or redness there. Am still waiting for Ashton to roll again, he gets on his side and then rolls back, but he's had a very sleepy day today, so am wondering what he'll be up to in the next few days....


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okay so I'm playing around with the huggies website. I notice I have my first friend - Thanks Carnim! So now I've added you all to my friends list ... but what now? What does it exactly mean lol?

Hi ladies,

Man what a couple of weeks, Ashton is slowly teething, we can see them, just waiting on the cutting part. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get him to sleep through again? I thought it was not having enough solids, but it seems to be him wanting hugs (doesn't help that I've got a cold and have been coughing at night (probably been what's waking him up)). Please help

Also he's been trying to sit up (little crunches) oh so cute, actually took a video of him doing it.


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Hi ladies,

Man what a couple of weeks, Ashton is slowly teething, we can see them, just waiting on the cutting part. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get him to sleep through again? I thought it was not having enough solids, but it seems to be him wanting hugs (doesn't help that I've got a cold and have been coughing at night (probably been what's waking him up)). Please help

Also he's been trying to sit up (little crunches) oh so cute, actually took a video of him doing it.


AWWWWWWWWWWWW trhat si so cute!!!!!!!

harriet sat up the other day with a little prodding from me but at the mo is trying so hard to crawl!!!!!!

No idea about teeth we are having same problem here!!!! grrrrr
Also have finished all my hours and schooling!!!!!! am very excited and nervous about my job interview tomorrow!!!!!!
its been a while ladies hope all is weell!!!!!

better go have said teething baby screaming.....

Also have finished all my hours and schooling!!!!!! am very excited and nervous about my job interview tomorrow!!!!!!

Hope everything went well with your job interview, it's always nerve racking for trying out a new position. Congrats on finishing your studies.

Ashton had his 6 months jabs today, my goodness what a trooper, cried out for at least 20 secs and then just looked around as if there wasn't a care in the world. (probably not as bad as the teeth coming through) Finally over the flu, yes ladies the flu, that's what was keeping Ashton up. damn... anyways will be able to go to the mother's club tomorrow, that'll be good. Always good for Ashton. went to my nanna's 80th birthday on the weekend, and he was so good, no fussing just enjoying the out and about time with family.

Hope all is well, and will give you an update soon....cheers

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Hi girls!!! Been away a while - just trying to keep things simple as possible (not adding extras) so as to keep stressfree to deal with PND - seems to be working.

Sophie has been very unsettled - sleeping terribly at night - but it is not teeth here...not a sign of them at all! I put it down to a developmental leap and unsettled tummy with solids (having trouble with poo). Yesterday Sophie did a massive poo and also really mastered the rolling back and front and pushing herself around on the ground to move to toys - and her night was much improved - still up for feeds around ten or eleven, then three in morning - but much better than every two hours. She still has not mastered sitting without toppling over but she is really focused on moving! Sitting no fun to her. Babies are so different. My DS sat the week he turned 5 mths and was happy with that for months!!! Whereas, Soph is just desperate to move and it is frustrating her no end at the moment but now she has the idea and getting tiny commando crawls in so it won't be long for her I don't think. Sitting however, has gone on the backburner for her!!!

We are up to one full solids meal a day and then sometimes lunch too - she has the hang of it now - but is only having about two tablespoons of food. Her interest wanes quickly!! She loves apples, not so keen on pears but will eat them. She also loves pumpkin. We have only tried apple, pear, pumpkin, potato and corn so far. Rice cereal seems to upset her tummy too ... badly constipated my DS so when Soph was unsettled the night after it thought it can go in the bin!!

Soph is moving into size 0 clothes now - what a big girl!!! She has rolls of fat too - so cute!!

Liz - Congrats on finishing your studies (got through it so quickly)!!! How did the interview go??? Gr8 idea re the playpen!

Nic - How is the excema going? I think the sleep struggles at this age is a developmental leap - 4 and 6 months are key time for this!! Brave Ashton re needles. Soph isn't having hers til 6.5mths as she had her 4mth ones late due to her vomitting bug.

Hi ladies,

Been so tired lately, must be that Ashton is going through a stage. Have to try and get his sleep pattern happening again. Love to not wake up so many times at night (down at 6.30pm, feed and down at 7.15pm, feed and down at 11.00pm, feed and down at 4am, feed and down at 6.30am). I thought the reason would be everytime his brother was over (once every fortnight) and he made a noise, I would run in and try to settle him. Naughty mum!

Have got him on solids, been on since 5 weeks ago, only just started him getting some soft stools regularly. Pears are great!! Give him Farex with bm, pear/apple and boiled water cooled down and vege at night. Eczema is getting under control, not as bad as what it was, just hoping he doesn't get it when he's older, like I did and not being able to get it diagnosed correctly.

Because of Ashton's solid intake and constipation, he hasn't put on a remarkable amount of weight. Am going into birth clinic on Monday to find out what else can be done.

Ashton has finally found his feet, very cute! Still trying to sit up, but only crunches, hehe. He's also getting very frustrated that he can't move yet, which is great! Great that he can't move on my

I'm glad your back Mum2Willie, hope everything stays simple for you and your little ones.

Speak to you all soon....

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Quick reply Nic - my DS had terrible constipation when solids introduced.

These things I could not give him - farex, rice cereal, sweet potato, potato and banana. No good. He didn't have them until he was about 18mths!!!

Prune juice works very well...I went to my GP about DS and she said after 7 days give 5ml, next day 10ml and next day 15ml and he always went.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Mum2Willie, I tried without the cereal and potato, and we had bliss. If only my boobs would catch up for his night time feeds!

Is everyone OK?

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Hi Ladies, how is it all going???

Can't believe Liliana is 7 months old!!! She just wore her first 00 dress yesterday! Apart from that, still in 000 but Bonds suits are a bit tight so must drag out the 00 ones!

She's talking away heaps, so cute! Says adadadada and I say amamamama back and she just grins away lol!

having 1 - 2 solid feeds a day, depends how the day goes! Loves heinz Strawberry and Banana custard and the baby yoghurt. Just made up my first batch of baby food for her, been slack! Already had it ready to go in the freezer with DD1 and 2 but not this time lol! Too busy (lazy maybe? lol). Just stewed apples and added oates, then mashed it up.

teeth are still moving around, some days there is a big lump on her gums and then its gone. So she's gnawing on everything and teething gels are our friend!

Actually pushed her around in the stroller the other day instead of the huge pram and was pleased she went so well. Everyone was smiling to see this little baby in a stroller haha.

And how am I going? Well, had a little procedure in August. My aunty calls it a repair job after a natural birth. Basically a 'recut and refashion' due to the stitches and scar tissue when I tore. Very self conscious about it now.... and also have to see a surgeon as still have the anal fissure, though not as painful as it was but seriously... its been 7 months! Bit fed up with it. Must say, that and having 3 young children, one of whom sleeps in our bed, has put a real dampener on our relationship. Its like poor DH comes last in the chain. How are you ladies going juggling it all, if you don't mind answering?

I'm still bf Liliana, which is great. But when I found out I was having my procedure we gave her a bottle to see how she'd go and she guzzled it all up. So she had taken 3 bottles before the big day but on the day she refused to have it and has done so ever since! She also refused to eat solids, poor DH was thinking of ringing my cousin who is bf her bubs and saying HELP! I found out on the day I was meant to stay in a few nights, not a few hours like I thought, but luckily they let me go home with painkillers. Though they did say Liliana could board with me in the maternity ward but still. So her refusing a bottle makes it a bit harder cos can't just leave her with someone and go out on a date night etc. I did manage to go to the movies with my sister with my mom looking after her about 2 weeks ago. Just made sure she had a feed right before I left and was gone 2.5 hours. So if we kept it short and sweet maybe she'd be okay. And surely as she gets older it'll be easier cos she can just be fed solids right?

Okay, gotta get crackin. Still wearing my pj's and was meant to be going to the sunday market. And haven't done dishes but they'll still be weaiting when I get back! have a good one!

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