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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know that my partner and I are going to start to try for another one! Are we crazy? We'll have 2 under 2! Hope everything is going great for you all!

Nicole and Ashton xx

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Hi ladies,

I used to be on this thread when i was preggers was Hayden who was born on Valentines, i dont know if any of u member me, Im Jenna/Jen. Live in nz.

Hayden has grown up to be a helathly bubbly baby who suprizes me everyday.
he is a big boy he was 9 pound 9 at birth, and now weighs 11 kilos at 8 and half months old. He is roughly 74 cms high too.

We just found out we are having another one, due 18 June and we are excited. The kids will be roughly 16 months apart, i sure will have my hands full.

Nice to catch up with everyone, for those who member me.


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Hi girls...

Mel - You poor thing...I hope you are feeling a bit more comfortable!!!! At least this will be it once you have healed.

Nic - so glad to hear the constipation sorted itself out for you....makes them very irritable too!

Liz - How did the job interview go?

Well - here's a quick round up...

Soph was slow to get onto solids...just wasn't interested...we are nearly at 3 meals a day but still only about 1 jar in that time. She much prefers finger foods. Eating a little vegemite sandwich at the minute.

She has been sitting unsupported since 5 months, rolls and commando crawls all over the place for about one month, and in the last two weeks rocks back and forth vigorously on her hands and knees....she so wants to get moving and follow her brother.

She talks non-stop - the mumum and dadas but everthing else all the time....lots of squawking like a parrot!

She loves playing peekaboo and love love loves music...she sits and plays music on drums, piano etc and dances away - moving and grooving - so funny!!

No teeth yet for Soph...

She still only sleeps for 3x20min naps a day and is still absolutely atrocious overnight!!! Usually up four or five times...

In September I finally got her into her own cot...but then she got sick and we have all been on antibiotics and she is back in bed with me....cheeky girl...when we are all well again I will fight the fight again!!

She is in size 0 clothes all round...

Hope you are all well!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Hope 2010 has been wonderful for you and that you have a fantastic 2011!!!

All the best, Melissa xoxo

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl - Liliana!

Hope you are all having a fantastic month with your little ones and their birthdays!

I cannot believe it was a year ago I was in labour, just waiting now for the OB to break my waters. How time how flown!


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